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Author: Jack Early
ISBN13: 978-0770104146
Title: Razzamatazz
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Language: English
Category: Mystery
Publisher: Paperjacks (April 1, 1986)

Razzamatazz by Jack Early

1985) A novel by Jack Early (Sandra Scoppettone). Originally published under the pseudonym Jack Early, a murder mystery about a vengeful killer on a rampage includes bizarre killings, false accusations, and a motive that sets the hands of the clock back twenty-five years. Similar books by other authors. Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey ( Lauren Laurano, book 5) Sandra Scoppettone. Used availability for Sandra Scoppettone's Razzamatazz.

Sandra Scoppettone Razzamatazz. Looking BACK-25 years ago. At a regular meeting of the North Fork Clergy Association, a resolution was passed unanimously as follows: "The North Fork Clergy Association records its opposition on moral grounds to the adoption of the proposition legalizing bingo in the town of Seaville.

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Sandra Scoppettone as Jack Early - Razzamatazz (html)/content. opfSandra Scoppettone en Scoppettone, Sandra Razzamatazz (A Crime Novel) 2011-02-20T15:00:00+00:00 calibre (. 48) 2dc-0f325b898df3. Sandra Scoppettone as Jack Early - Razzamatazz (html)/images/calibre cover. jpg Sandra Scoppettone as Jack Early - Razzamatazz (html)/Razzamatazz (A Crime Novel). Sandra Scoppettone Writing as Jack Early

Author: Sandra Scoppettone. Looking Back-25 Years AGO3.

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Published 1989 by Headline in London. In library, Protected DAISY.

Reviews: 7
I just read this book on my Kindle in the last couple of days so, I'll be happy to review it while it's still fresh in my mind.

First of all, I read a lot of murder mysteries. It is my favorite genre to read. This one is a very good mystery with a series of murders occurring within a short span of time, starting right before the opening of the "season" at this summer resort area near NYC. Not only are the townsfolk worried about having a murderer in their midst, murder is bad for business. The Chief of Police isn't able to develop any relevant leads to solving the case and as the bodies pile up, he is given an investigator from the State Police, who seems to be more of a hindrance than a help. We also have a crime scene reporter who comes with baggage that makes it difficult for him to view a murder scene.

It's a good mystery. I must admit I was surprised at whodunit. There is a huge supporting cast of characters--way too big to keep track of. I kept having to back up to figure out who some of them were. I didn't like that. The author keeps interjecting newspaper clippings about the town 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago, etc. These were not necessary. The characters still talk about things that happened there in the past. She also hints at stuff about some of the principal characters but, takes seemingly forever to flesh out these folks. There is no explanation for the lack of evidence at all the crime scenes. How did the murderer get to and from the crime scenes? Who and how were the victims found? This info is glossed over and non-existent.

This book is also a romance, sort of. We have a lot of suspected affairs in a small town, of course. This book gives tantalizing hints about these. Then there's the "real" romance between our crime reporter (a widower) and the Unitarian minister (a widow). This relationship developed so quickly and without much cause. I'd rate it a half-hearted attempt at romance.
I really thought this book had potential, but it went in a different direction than I hoped. It was a pretty good mystery novel, which is what I purchased. But there was too much high-school type romance in it for me. "Does he like me? I like him. I hope he likes me. I shouldn't be having these feelings, but I can't help myself". I found myself fast-forwarding through those parts. The story was pretty good and kept me guessing. The characters were only so-so for me. All in all, if you like your mystery books with a heavy dose of romance, this is a good book for you. If not, I wouldn't recommend it. One note - another reviewer noted that the publication date didn't jibe with the cultural references of the book. I very much agree. It seemed like it was written years before the date on the book. Maybe that was intentional and, if so, kudos. But I'm not sure.
Colin Maguire is working for a newspaper in Seaville after the murder of
his wife and children had been murdered and he was fighting his demons
since their deaths. He is asked to help the deposed chief of police to find
solve some murders that have been taking place, but has too work without
the help of tthe local police force which is now run by Agent Schufeldt.
Maguire gets romantically involved with the lady preacher, Annie. With
plenty of suspects I did not know who was the murderer until the final
few chapters. I will be looking out for more of Scoppettone's stories.
Like an old John Deere tractor. Took awhile to warm up but when it did, it plowed through like a champ
Welcome back, Jack Early, Sandra Scoppettone, whatever name the story
of Colin Maguire is a real mystery with Sandra's sharp eye and skilled
story-telling. It's good to see these Early books back with Sandra's
name afixed at last! Vin Packer.
I totally enjoy reading a book (preferably a mystery or thriller) that takes place on the East Coast. This one was also fun to read. Will look for more by Scoppettone! I'm a fast reader so having a Kindle to pick these books from (on Amazon) is fantastic. No waiting! Reasonably priced.
I really enjoyed reading this book. Tight plotting, lots of suspense, lots of suspects and interesting characters, and you won't be sure "who done it" until almost the very end of the book. I'll definitely be looking for more from this author.
Great book! Interesting characters, great plot. I have read Scoppettone before, enjoyed her books.Am glad that I went with Razzamatazz. I'm sure everyone will like this book.