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Author: Elizabeth Lowell
ISBN13: 978-0061259302
Title: Innocent as Sin
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Language: English
Category: United States
Publisher: HarperLuxe (June 19, 2007)
Pages: 544

Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell

For Margaret and Roy. Yeah, sure, you betcha! Contents. Kayla stood close to Rand and watched a lone hummingbir. bout the Author. Other Books by Elizabeth Lowell.

Innocent as Sin. One day Kayla Shaw was an underpaid and under-appreciated private banker in Arizona. Kayla didn’t want to trust him, but had no real choice. No police would believe that she had been set up, that she was innocent. And no civilian alone could stand against the international criminal who wanted her dead. Even her own government was suspect. Rand trusted Kayla as much as he trusted anybody-not much-but what he really wanted was revenge for his brother’s death. Everything else came last. Then the man who had killed Rand’s brother sent a killer after Kayla Shaw.

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Innocent As Sin (2007). About book: I don't really know what to say, so maybe it's time for a story. I was with an old friend and her latest boyfriend who was wearing black jeans, black doc-martins (with purple laces) and a black t-shirt boldly emblazoned with the Japanese character for "woman". Making an effort at polite conversation while I nearly threw up the god awful flavored coffee I was served we got to discussing books and he mentioned he was reading Beowulf  .

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Innocent as Sin. 0 5 Author: Elizabeth Lowell Narrator: Carol Monda. Kayla Shaw is a smart and capable private banker in Arizona. Rand McCree is a haunted man painting landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, burning with a need for answers. They are two strangers with nothing in common-until their lives entwine. Everything changes for Kayla as she barely escapes a kidnapping attempt and finds herself accused of a shocking crime: the illegal laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars. Damned by lies and false "evidence," she is trapped. Since she can't turn to the police, who believe she's guilty as sin, she must place her life in Rand McCree's hands. Suspicious of one another, needing one another, they are two against the world as the violence of the past erupts in the present. And now innocence alone will not be enough to keep Kayla Shaw alive.

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Kayla Shaw is a private banker in Arizona—smart and capable but underpaid and underappreciated. Rand McCree is a haunted man painting landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, burning with the need for answers about the terrible event that shattered his world. They are two strangers with nothing in common . . . until their lives entwine—and explode.

Suspicious of each other, needing each other, they are two against the world—with unknown enemies on all sides and even the government itself suspect—as the violence of the past erupts in the present. And now innocence alone will not be enough to keep Kayla Shaw alive. . . .

Reviews: 7
Elizabeth Lowell's books are real "page turners." I find myself reading 100 pages at a time, without looking up. She really knows how to plot a political thriller with underlying sexual tension that gets resolved in romantic ways.
No one can beat Elizabeth Lowell in characterization , intensity , and straight up intelligence. Read her books and you always learn something new. Enjoyment twice over.????
Really enjoy Elizabeth Lowell and her writings. The St. Kilda Consulting series has great characters and story lines
Like all of the St.Kilda novels, the characters are well developed and the story plot is very believeable. I am especially pleased that the 'brains' is the outfit is a woman. Would love to meet the 'brawn' in all of these books. They sound not only competent at any task, but pretty fine as a male specimen. I always enjoy the St. Kilda novels and am eager to read any new one.
Great story well told. I will buy any book with Elizabeth Lowell's name on it.
Book 3 of the St. Kilda series was fabulous. Every book has been better than the last one. Highly recommend this series.
I have read this book several times and just bought it for my Kindle. The characters are believable and you want to know what happens next. St Kilda is an organization that goes places the government can't go and takes care of business. Anything Elizabeth Lowell writes is a winner.
It was as expected. Light reading.