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Author: Kristin Gore
ISBN13: 978-1401352196
Title: Sammy's Hill: A Novel
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Publisher: Miramax; First Edition edition (September 1, 2004)
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Sammy's Hill: A Novel by Kristin Gore

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Sammy is willing to forgive that, but less willing to forgive how much Aaron seems to adore this senator (doesn’t he realize that this senator is EVIL?! (and belongs to the wrong party)?). I didn’t realize until I was about half-way through the first book that Kristin Gore is the daughter of Al Gore. Knowing this made reading the books just a bit more funny to me – is the completely insane and power-hungry president she describes based on George Bush? What about the female senator running for President?

Sammy's Hill: A Novel. com advertisement, just refresh your browser to see the cover graphic. The following literary agent has represented this book for publication: Andrew Wylie, a literary agent with the Wylie Agency.

Kristin Gore was born in 1977 and graduated from Harvard, where she wrote for the Harvard Lampoon. She has written for several television shows, including Saturday Night Live and Futurama. Her previous novel, Sammy's Hill, will be a Columbia Pictures feature film. She is currently at work on the screenplay. She resides in Los Angeles.

Kristin Gore talked about her book Sammy’s Hill: A Novel, published by Talk Miramax Books. She spoke about the story of Sammy, a twenty-six year old health policy adviser to the senator from her home state of Ohio. Ms. Gore responded to audience questions.

A caffeine and cosmopolitan fuelled Sammy who's prone to flights of highly-imaginative fancy. A Sammy who's not above begging her Japanese Fighting Fish not to commit hara kiri. A Sammy who's just met Aaron Driver, a speechwriter who has one significant flaw: he works for her boss's biggest rival. None of this is anything to worry about.

Sammy's Hill, the debut novel of Kristin Gore - daughter of former Vice President Al Gore - has hit bookstore shelves. Hear Kristin Gore and NPR's Susan Stamberg. Kristin Gore's Novel 'Sammy's Hill' Debuts Sammy's Hill, the debut novel of Kristin Gore - daughter of former Vice President Al Gore - has hit bookstore shelves. Kristin Gore's Novel 'Sammy's Hill' Debuts.

But Sammy's also trying to run a national political campaign whilst battling against journalists, treachery and a tendency to sabotage herself-Praise for Sammy's Hill'Gore's narrator, 26-year-old healthcare analyst Samantha Joyce, is an utterly modern tumble of 's Washington an electric town full of Machiavellian schemers, principled idealists, backstabbing diplomats, determined romantics, and one. intuitive telemarketer. Newsweek'It shouldn't come as a great surprise that the first novel by Kristin Gore, daughter of Al Gore, is laugh-out-loud funny. San Francisco Chronicle.

Bottom Line Sammy’s Hill is a quirky political romantic comedy with fun characters and a timeless plotline. – Author Kristin Gore. About the Author Kristin Gore is an American author and screenwriter. She is the second daughter of Al and Tipper Gore. Gore has published three novels, Sammy’s Hill (2004), Sammy’s House (2007), and Sweet Jiminy (2011)

"The fact that I had managed to become a health-care analyst for a U.S. Senator at the age of twenty-six still surprised me, and I lived in fear that someone would realize how ridiculous it was to have given me this authority and fire me on the spot."

Idealistic, dedicated to her job, and a bit of a hypochondriac, Samantha Joyce has a very busy life. Working a seventy-hour week and mastering the details of the latest health-care reform bill, while making time to celebrate obscure but significant holidays such as the twenty-ninth anniversary of The Partridge Family series finale, leaves little time for romance. But then she meets Aaron Driver, the handsome speechwriter for a rival senator. Sammy falls for him hard, despite the fact that his ambitious boss is the emblem of everything she hates about congressional hardball. When you work on Capitol Hill, even dating becomes a political act.

Try as she might, Sammy isn't the sort of person who can keep from speaking her mind, no matter how much trouble it causes. Whether she's trying to thwart a filibuster, detox a constituent, or recover from mistakenly emailing a racy message to over two hundred of Capitol Hill's political elite, Sammy stays true to herself, foibles and all. And before she knows it, she finds herself at the heart of a romantic tangle, a major showdown over health care reform, and the highest-stakes contest of alla presidential election campaign.

Kristin Gore is a keen observer of politics with a sharp ear for comedy, and her first novel is a triumpha captivating, hilarious page-turner with a loveable heroine who will charm readers on both sides of the aisle.

Reviews: 7
For readers who have worked on the Hill, on a campaign, or in political communications/fundraising/lobbying/etc., Sammy's Hill takes places in a very recognizable, if slightly dated, Washington. It is clear (if you had any doubts, given her father) that Gore "gets" life inside the Beltway and on the campaign trail, in a way that would be hard for an outsider to capture. It was enjoyable to read about places where I've been and worked, and I certainly got some laughs from some of her observations about life here. Despite that fact that this was first published almost a decade ago (in 2004), much of it rings true today.

Samantha Joyce is dedicated, still idealistic young woman working for the Senator from her home state of Ohio. Like some of the young people that come to Washington to work insane hours for very little money, she's there because she believes that she can make a difference, and she believes that her boss, Senator Gary, is the same. In her quest to pass a health care bill, Sammy finds herself working with the frustrating staff of another Senator, one who is ambitious, ruthless, and gunning for the White House... and whose charming speechwriter she can't resist. From dealing with a constituent who shows up high to testify for her bill to accidentally hitting reply-all and having her sexy email end up all over the Hill... and in the news, there are definitely some hilarious and embarrassing adventures. While trying to save her bill from being derailed, stripped of it's strength, and filibustered, Sammy has to balance her 70 hour work week with a secret relationship, scheming staffers, and staying true to her ideals in the back-scratching, back-stabbing, power-hungry world of politics...and that's before she heads out on the campaign trail.

It's an interesting tale, and wanting to know what happened next kept me going, even when Sammy herself made me want to stop reading. It's clearly difficult to write a female protagonist: too perfect and she's boring and fake, but authors have to be careful to avoid writing a character that falls into one of the common, overdone, stereotypical "female" personalities. So, I sympathize with Gore and appreciate that she tried to write a different type of female character...unfortunately it was way too over the top for me. While I think that she was aiming for an awkward, Bridget Jones-type character, Sammy was just too much. We are talking about a woman who, near the beginning of the book, decides to get ready for work with only one arm so that if she ever loses an arm in a wild animal attack, she'll be prepared for her new life. I wish I were kidding, but this kind of nonsense and paranoia continues for the majority of the book. Instead of thinking she was charming or quirky, I spent the first half of the book wondering if she needed to be on anti-psychotic medication. Luckily, once the reader has been beaten over the head a dozen times with her craziness, Gore finally tones it down (or maybe I just became immune) and Sammy seems like a half-way likeable character.

Enjoyable for what it was, I can only hope the that sequel cut out the majority of Sammy's weirdness and focused on the exciting world that she inhabits, the political machinations, and the humor of Washington's little absurdities.
Kristin Gore's novel is as unstoppable as a campaign trail bus. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found the character of Samantha to be humorous and delightful. I enjoyed getting an insider's view of what life is really like on the Hill and how rivalries are formed and how "unifiers are unificated." Samantha's BlackBerry adventures are a nice twist on the "e-relationship" theme and her neuroses are somewhat endearing. (However, the fish stuff gets a little ridiculous!)

If you are a fan of The Nanny Diaries or The Devil Wears Prada, then you will certainly enjoy this novel. It's smart, fun, and one you won't want to put down.
I. Love. This. Book. This is seriously one of my favorite books this year. I love Sammy and her quirky inner ramblings. She's funny and I loved going through all of the ups and downs of working on the hill right along with her. A joy to read. Can't wait for the next book.
gore has written a highly textured, witty and clever read. while the protagonist's hypochondria and tangential daydreams get a little old, the plot moves quickly and authoritatively. it has been a long time since i have actually laughed out loud while reading a book (in fact, since Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris...) but this one had me giggling. my only serious complaint is the title--surely someone as creative and humorous as gore could have come up with a more colorful title. this is a fabulous book to hide in when the family-time of the holidays gets a bit much...
This is a great little book. It is funny and I was able to sit on a plane and read it page after page for hours. It has a wonderful flow of dialogue, interesting characters and facts. I gave this book to a friend for the holidays and she said normally she doesn't read this kind of a book but enjoyed it and found it very funny. I loved all the little quirks the main character has, I think there is a little bit of everyone in her! You will not be disappointed in this read!
Sermak Light
I enjoyed this book. And did not let the fact that it was Al Gore's daughter who wrote it. It contained a lot of insider knowledge of Washington politics and more of the mistakes and decisions made in the name of the American public. It gave the reader a sense of the political process and a behind-the-scenes look of how a politician's aides and assistants make them look good--or bad--as the case may be. An enjoyable read if you enjoy the political hoopla.
Still reading...
Kristen Gore is a wonderful new voice in women's fiction -- her character of Sammy Joyce is heartwarming, believable, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Ms. Gore's insight into the inner workings of Washington is right on target, and she skillfully blends this knowledge with relationships, family, and feminine angst. I can't wait for the next book! Please, more of Sammy!