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Author: Thomas Koloniar
ISBN13: 978-0062025821
Title: Cannibal Reign (Harper Thriller)
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Language: English
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Publisher: Harper (June 26, 2012)

Cannibal Reign (Harper Thriller) by Thomas Koloniar

Only 9 left in stock (more on the way). I loved this book, and fans of post apocalyptic fiction and thrillers should not miss it! (My Bookish Ways, urban fantasy blog). What makes Thomas Koloniar’s superb thriller work is the focus is on good people trying to survive in bad times.

or be eaten -Koloniar’s Cannibal Reign is an absolute must-read for fanatics of TV’s zombie damage hit The strolling Dead, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Lucifer’s Hammer, the Mad Max videos, and, in fact, Stephen King’s immortal horror masterwork The Stand. Read Online or Download Cannibal Reign (Harper Thriller) PDF. Best Horror books. Additional resources for Cannibal Reign (Harper Thriller). Show sample text content. I’m now not approximately shrewdpermanent sufficient to imagine up a scheme like that.

Cannibal Reign (Harper Thriller). A new star bursts onto the post-apocalyptic fiction scene: Thomas Koloniar. An epic dark saga set in a dystopian near-future, Cannibal Reign follows the fortunes of a small band of survivors, as they make their way across a nightmare landscape populated by bestial, flesh-eating savages after an asteroid strike destroys America.

Written by Thomas Koloniar Format: MP3 Bitrate: 64 Kbps Unabridged. Cannibal Reign - Thomas Koloniar. clouds May 6th, 2015. Looks interesting, thank you. :) Cannibal Reign - Thomas Koloniar. T. A. Taylor May 9th, 2015. Cheers mate, I love zombies. I’m gonna enjoy this one I think. TA. Taylor June 28th, 2015. Just so you all know this doesn’t have zombies in i. .

The near-Earth asteroid ‘2011 AG5’ currently has an impact probability of 1 in 625 for Feb. 5, 2040. Donald Yeomans, Chief of the Near-Earth Object Observations Program at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

As time went by, and I kept thinking about the book, the more annoyed I was with the way Koloniar wrote his female characters. This annoyance regarding the female characters is new for me. I didn’t even know I cared about female representation until it wasn’t there. Thomas Koloniar gives us a glimpse into the hell that would surely be reality if this sort of event ever happened. Repulsive behavior by mankind, yet believable.

Cannibal Reign is not for the faint of heart, and even though things never get gratuitous, the author doesn’t pull any punches here. What makes things even more terrifying is that the horrors are perpetrated by thinking (I use this term lightly) humans that have devolved into vicious animals. To be sure, things are very, very dark and heartbreaking, but underneath it all, there are glimmers of hope, and the author never loses sight of that. Where there is hope, there is light, and our heroes (and heroines) will do anything to find it for those they love. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Cannibal Reign is the exciting debut work of Thomas Koloniar, a former police officer from Akron, Ohio. Based on an end of the world plot, this is hardly an original novel but it’s fun to read and absorbs the reader. We were surprised by this book: There are tons of novels out there with plots circling around what would happen in a post-apocalyptic world but this one was a good one.

A new star bursts onto the post-apocalyptic fiction scene: Thomas Koloniar. An epic dark saga set in a dystopian near-future, Cannibal Reign follows the fortunes of a small band of survivors, as they make their way across a nightmare landscape populated by bestial, flesh-eating savages after an asteroid strike destroys America. A dark, smart, action-packed vision of a terrifying possible tomorrow—when the only law left is “eat or be eaten”—Koloniar’s Cannibal Reign is an absolute must-read for fans of TV’s zombie smash hit The Walking Dead, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Lucifer’s Hammer, the Mad Max movies, and, of course, Stephen King’s immortal horror masterwork The Stand.
Reviews: 7
This is quite simply head and shoulders better than any other EOTWAWKI novel I have ever read. I mean this book leaves similar fiction in the genre in its wake. I have to temper this comment by the fact that I do not read copious quantities of this type of book, so there obviously may be better out there. If so, I hope some other reviewer will kindly put some titles my way.
There are lots of great reviews here that explain the plot very well, so I won't even go there. I will just make the points that most impressed me and might assist potential readers in their choice.
What did I like?
The cast of characters is strong, both heroes and villains. The author makes the book satisfyingly long and draws out the psyche of each of the principals and minor players so that the reader is deeply affected by their trials and tribulations; and believe me, there are a lot of them. Some principal characters were shockingly disposed of during this epic struggle. Absolutely no one is safe from fallig victim to extreme violence and the author's pen, and reading the book was subsequently more exciting with this thought on mind.
The action begins on page one and unfolds with dash and drive. There seemed to me to be something going on all the while and I found it truly tough to put the book down. All the violence, barbarity and cruelty are described with a clarity and coolness that stuns the reader from time to time, but doesn't ever overdo the blood and guts element. Narrative is harsh, believable and often very witty. This is balanced by moments of extreme tenderness and some parts almost brought tears to my eyes. No mean feat for this reader.
There are no zombies! Having said that, the survivors reactions following the weeks and months from the actual asteroid event do bring a savage, zombie-like behaviour from those awful scavengers who fell victim to starvation through having no post- apocalyptic plan to follow. The fact that these unfortunates are human, intelligent, well armed and often operating in gangs, makes them more of a threat to our heroes than your usual lumbering, stupid zombies ever would. The logical decline into chaos and the absence of the silly fantasy zombie effect is a big plus for me personally.
What did I not like?
Can't think of anything.
Do yourself a favour, but this book. I shall certainly be on the look-out for more from this excellent author.
Hard to believe this is the author's first novel. Very well done, gripping and an interesting read. We are so wrapped up in ourselves today and worried about terrorism (justly so) or a nuke or Ebola taking us out we forget that we are so very vulnerable to outside forces. FEMA is hoarding food, water, ammunition, etc. for some reason, aren't they? Who are we to be so naive as to think these supplies are for us? Folks, the government is concerned about their survival, not ours. When the s*** hits the fan, and it will, we had better be prepared to fend for ourselves and families. Can't you see it now, they don't even know we're out here. Look at the way things are run and tell me where you see concern for the average person out here. I am not bitter, just have my eyes wide open.
Having recently read, and thoroughly enjoyed, "Sniper Elite," which was co-authored by Thomas Koloniar, I wanted something to hold me over till the next book comes out in that series. I was pretty apprehensive when I got this given the premise of the book, boy was I wrong! I enjoyed this book much more than I could possibly explain. It's very well thought out from beginning to end, with plot twists that I didn't expect. The characters are all very believable, and easy to relate to. Even though there is a good amount of action, it is all very grounded and believable. I can't wait for any story that Mr Koloniar is a part of. He has gained a faithful fan.
If you don't already own a firearm, you'll want to go out and buy one immediately after finishing this book - if not sooner. What a story. I was skeptical at first because I have a terribly difficult time with getting "into" a book. I love reading but I can't find the subject matter of most books I try to read interesting. So when my aunt and uncle both recommended this book at separate times on their volition, I decided to give it the 3 chapter test: Read until the end of chapter 3 and if you're not interested at all, you probably won't be. And in 2 weeks flat, I was done and angry for having finished it so fast.

I fully expect a TV show adaptation of this. If shows like Revolution or the Walking Dead (The later of which I'm a huge fan of) can exist for 2 or more seasons, this will flourish. And it could finally tell the story not just to the end of year 2, but the whole thing. All the way till the sky clears and humanity can start anew. I recommended this to everyone I know with a strong stomach.
The story was great if a bit terrifying. The author does an excellent job showing the break down of civilization after a near extinction event. I liked the characters and found most of them to be engaging. A few seemed to operate on the emotional level of high school kids (he was the love of my life, but now he likes another girl so now YOU are the love of my life, let's make out) which made some of the scenes and dialogue a bit unbelievable and stiff. It didn't take my enjoyment away from the story. This author really excells in the action scenes and depicting the depravity of our fellow humans when the sun disappears behind a cloud of ash and food becomes scarce and eventually non-existent. I also enjoyed the banter between the core group of soldiers and between the folks in Hawaii. My heart started racing one-third of the way into the book and didn't stop until the end. Unfortunately, I was up all night reading because some of the scenes/events were so terrifying I just needed to get to the end!! When I finally went to sleep (4:00 am), I wanted to keep the light on, but then thought, yikes, in the world of Cannibal Reign my light would draw way too much unwelcome attention. Better to turn it off. Great first effort and looking forward to what this author dreams up next.