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Author: Erosa Knowles
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Run to You by Erosa Knowles

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Run To You. (Men of 3X CONStruction by. Erosa Knowles. I loved this book I cried when they cried and was happy when they were happy. Brenda and Roarke are such a loving couple my girl Brenda had her crossed to bear and Roarke loved her through and through. I really loved this series i would like one more book I would love to see everyone married and to find out more about their lives. Dec 17, 2011 Angelia rated it liked it. byErosa Knowles. This book is a part of the Men of 3X CONStruction series. Although it can be read as a stand- alone book, the reading is more enjoyable when the other books in the series are read first. ww. enof3XCONStruction.

by Erosa Knowles ) Brenda and Roark lived the Happily Ever After part of the fairy tale. He’d rescued her from the bad guys, swept her off to his home, and loved her like a madman. Brenda was in heaven, until she went to visit her dying aunt and disappeared. Roark, his brothers and the men of 3X Construction race against time to find the woman Roark refuses to live without. This book is a part of the Men of 3X CONStruction series

No current Talk conversations about this book. (Book in the Men of 3X CONStruction Series). Select Format: Paperback. Book 5 of the Men of 3X CONStruction Series. ISBN13:9781937334130. Release Date:December 2011.

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And I’ll run to you when the waters rise And I’ll run to you if the bombs ignite I’ll still call to you if I lose my sight And I’ll fall for you if you need a fight. Using all that we can Dominating all the land Terrified it’s going to end How do we come back again? And we know the whole while all that’s good All our past and problems understood If only we would act now as we could We would come to know our falsehood. And I’ll run to you when the waters rise And I’ll run to you if the bombs ignite I’ll still call to you if I lose my sight And I’ll fall for you if you need a fight.

Book 5 of the Men of 3X CONStruction Series
Reviews: 7
I just thought the caliber of this story was not up to par with the others. Brenda took classes online, but still had time to clean and cook for Roake, because she didn't want to be a burden--I know the economy is hard, but she could still find a part-time job. It was as though her actions contradicted her thoughts.

At one point I realized the women were using profanity more than the men and it didn't matter who was around. When they found out Brenda was missing it seem as though everyone used this for a reunion, while poor Roake just fell apart and couldn't stop crying. This crew wasn't as sharp as they use to be. Roake had his own problems with Paula and that could have been taken care of by torching her van (mean I know, but effective).

Now the 2nd time Brenda was abducted--why? I don't know--I thought we were going to find out she was a heiress, but all she get is a box brought in on a dolly full of some cheesy gifts from her late dad (hooray for the letters and pics). After she got knocked out the 2nd time my 1st thought was 'Girl, you need to take some self-defense classes'. As for Ross and whining Cherise: she should be wondering why he looked unhappy when told they needed to get married.
if you haven't read any of the men of 3xc series, do yourself a favor, DO SO. roark and brenda's story has mystery, adventure, good sex and a storyline. you meet some characters you'd like to pimpslap and some you want to give a hug to then pimpslap. this was a enjoyable read. it's like a family reunion. roark won me over when he shows it's okay to cry. he loved brenda and she picked a winner in him. buy this book and the other's if you haven't read them! sit back and enjoy. erosa you've done it again. stop reading this review and get back to work! can't wait to read your next book!
Love this series. Great to catch up with previous characters in this series. The love between Roark and Brenda is moving.
This addition to the series is very disappointing.

1) its not a stand alone book, all the characters are reunited for Roake and Brenda's sake
2) it was never really explained why Roarke loved Brenda so much I mean apart from the sex they were having we as the readers just expected to know. It's obvious why Brenda was so in love; She came from nothing and he gave her everything.
3) in the beginning everyone seemed to be having panic attacks or on the verge of passing out, and this is before anything good really happened
4) the characters were unbelievable; Tex is supposed to be so cold hearted but everytime someone even mentions Brenda's name he's panicing, The guy smoke gets to find Brenda already solved the mystery in the following chapter that his name was mentioned, while 7+ people, including a lawyer, and a detective couldn't figure it out
5) Tex is supposed to be some hardcore member in the streets making money, and the way he does that is by pirating movies and cd's, come on now
This just was not one of her best work
deadly claw
I've read other books by Ms. Knowles, but for some reason, I always procrastinated on reading the 3X series. BIG Mistake...HUGE! I started the series on Thanksgiving and finished all five books by Saturday afternoon, that's how good they were! I really enjoyed this series and can't wait for more books about the Men of 3 XConstrustion. I highly recommend this series. Thanks Ms. Knowles for more great reads, it made my holiday bright!
This was a wonderful book and I loved it. There was mystery, love and friendship. The friendship between the friends was so strong. And it was amazing to see that men are not ashamed to cry and say what's in there hearts. The story just drew me in and I fell in love with it, I read the story in 1 day. I can't to see who's next. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!
Outstanding as usual! This author and series of books with interracial romance is the GREATEST! This book was great and kept me hoping for more. This romance book was love and a bound love for color. It appreciated the opportunity for love based on that person. I reread my series cause Erosa Knowles can write her Ass Off!
This book deals more with a mature couple, but still equally as erotic. Somewhat unrealistic for me personally, but can certainly relate to a few of the things they are facing in moving forward towards a permanent relationship.