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Author: Perseus
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Title: City of Heroes: The Freedom Phalanx
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Publisher: Da Capo Press (May 23, 2006)

City of Heroes: The Freedom Phalanx by Perseus

Despair stalks the streets of Paragon City. Five decades after Statesman and his allies first formed the Freedom Phalanx. The book was a good read and I enjoyed learning more about the history of some of the characters. I would recommend this book to other players of the game if they were interested in them. One person found this helpful.

The Freedom Phalanx is a signature hero group of City of Heroes, led by Statesman. The Freedom Phalanx was founded on July 4, 1932.

The Freedom Phalanx is a signature hero group led by Statesman.

I enjoyed The Freedom Phalanx as it helped to flesh out more than just Statesman's backstory. The Freedom Phalanx focuses on the early adventures of Positron and Synapse when they were new to the Hero gig, before the formation of the Phalanx we know in the game. The story itself is a little lackluster, involving a sometimes needlessly complicated plot that was very slow moving at times.

The current members of the Freedom Phalanx in City of Heroes. Also try: Battleship Vessels.

This is a list of central characters from the massively multiplayer online role-playing game City of Heroes. The Freedom Phalanx is a coalition led by the Statesman that protects Paragon City. They fight the evil group Arachnos led by the Statesman's once good friend and ally, Stefan Richter, also known as Lord Recluse

The Freedom Phalanx continued to fight throughout the war, often engaging super-powered Axis soldiers around the world. A great number of heroes perished and were severely injured during the war. Even their greatest champion, the Statesman, who fought at the forefront suffered critical wounds that left him cripple for the rest of the war. After World War II, the returning heroes were once again confronted by the Nemesis faction and their leader.

City of Heroes - Freedom - The Heroes Of The Freedome Phalanx. City of Heroes - Freedom - City of Heroes - Freedom trailer.

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Despair stalks the streets of Paragon City. Five decades after Statesman and his allies first formed the Freedom Phalanx, that legendary group of heroes is no more and power-mad villains stand poised on the brink of ultimate victory. The fledgling hero Positron has a plan to stop them: rebuild the Freedom Phalanx. But the world's mightiest champions--Statesman, Sister Psyche, Synapse, and Manticore--no longer see the point of battling alongside others, not when they have their own private wars to wage and personal demons to conquer. For Positron to forge a new Freedom Phalanx and save Paragon City from the schemes of the dreaded Tyranny Legion, he must first save the heroes from their greatest enemies--themselves.
Reviews: 7
I had a lot of fun playing City of Heroes over the years before it was shut down. I knew there were books made about the series as well and there was talk about them doing a movie at one point that was going to have been the third book in the series but that never ended up happening.

The book was a good read and I enjoyed learning more about the history of some of the characters. I would recommend this book to other players of the game if they were interested in them.
Great fun as an adult who was terrified of the critters as a child. I probably saw this around 8 and I realized my daughter was much less wimpy then me. She was yelling get them the whole time. A good first horror movie for the 8-12 set, while still enjoyable for adults and teens.
I recently finished reading this surprisingly good novel, ,which featured the "City of Heroes" game universe's main characters. I was very surprised at how good it was. I did not expect it to be such a satisfying read as it was. Well worth reading, especially if you are into comic and heroic fiction. I hope Robin Laws is writing another in the series, his storytelling draws you in and makes you question ask "What happens next?" An EXCELLENT book!
A decent superhero novel, not great, but pretty good. Based on the in-character history of the City of Heroes roleplaying game, the book seems to go a little too much out of its way to hold fast to some things that happen in game, much like the previous novel, Web of Arachnos, had one hero from each in game class and in game power origin.

A nice read if you're a fan of the game. Though Emo-Statesman gets a little annoying at times.
I haved played the game from beta and when I saw the book I bought it right away and was not disappointed. The characters jumped right off the screen of the game (some are trainers and now in the SF of CoV) into the writing of Mr. Law who filled the 5 superheroes out with back storys and details of there lives and there arch enemies who they have to defeat to take back Paragon city!
I really enjoyed this book and have read it many time. It is a light read yet does get into the heads of the characters and the sacrifices they have to make to be super. There is a good balance of story and action. The heros are more old school in that they don't kill their opponents or bully normal people of if your looking for heros with a dark side this isn't that kind of story.
I normally avoid licensed fiction like the plague, but I picked this up because:

a) I beta-tested and heavily played CoH for a couple of years and had a lot of fun with it before moving on to other things.

b) I like to play /GM superhero roleplaying campaigns (using the HERO System / Champions) and good in-genre fiction is hard to come by these days.

c) I noticed the book is written by Robin Laws, a veteran of the RPG industry that has written for many different game lines and is well regarded so I figured I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

So I rifled thru the first few pages of the book while browsing to see if it had the same lowbrow writing style as most licensed products, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the prose is pretty engaging and the story is a fun read.

I particularly like a couple of characters; the hard boiled archer vigilante Manticore (sort of a melange of Batman and Hawkeye), and the speedster / electrical blaster Synapse were a lot of fun to follow.

One of the things that helps elevate the story is that Robin subtly colors the writing based upon the character that currently has focus, and the dialogue is characterful.

All in all, a surprisingly fun and easy read.
I read this book twice, about a year or so between views. I finished it quickly as the first time. This truly follows the characters from the famous game. You get to know more about them, their quirks. It's a fun clever romp that gets you anxious to see how things turn out and doesn't insult your intelligence. I wish there were more paperbacks about 'City of Heroes', I'd go buy them.