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Author: Michael Ondaatje
ISBN13: 978-0887846083
Title: The Collected Works of Billy the Kid
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Publisher: House of Anansi Pr; 5th edition (November 1, 1998)
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The Collected Works of Billy the Kid by Michael Ondaatje

Home Michael Ondaatje The Collected Works of Billy the Kid. Home. The collected works of . .The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Also by Michael Ondaatje. I send you a picture of Billy made with the Perry shutter as quick as it can be worked-Pyro and soda developer. I am making daily experiments now and find I am able to take passing horses at a lively trot square across the line of fire-bits of snow in the air-spokes well defined-some blur on top of wheel but sharp in the main-men walking are no trick-I will send you proofs sometime

NewsdayHandwriting is Michael Ondaatje's first new book of poetry since The Cinnamon Peeler. The exquisite poems collected here draw on history, mythology, landscape, and personal memories to weave a rich. The Cinnamon Peeler: Selected Poems. Michael Ondaatje’s new selected poems, The Cinnamon Peeler, brings together poems written between 1963 and 1990, including work from his most recent collection, Secular Love. These poems bear witness to the extraordinary gifts that have won high praise

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid: Left-Handed Poems is a verse novel by Michael Ondaatje, published in 1970. It chronicles and interprets important events in the life of William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid, and his conflict with Sheriff Pat Garrett

By Michael Ondaatje Dramatised by Sarah Phelps On 14 July 1881, Sheriff Pat Garrett finally tracked down the outlaw William Bonney, otherwise known as Billy the Kid. Here, from the author of The English Patient, is a portrait of Billy, in a verse novel published in 1970, which chronicles and interprets important events in Billy's life. Director: Jeremy Mortimer Billy: Ryan McCluskey Pat: Corey Johnson Angie: Joanne McQuinn Sallie: Teresa Gallagher Journalist: Paul Birchard Judge: Paul Birchard The Friday Play BBC Radio 4 FM 16 August 2002.

The Collected Works explores the interior life of Billy the Kid and his relationship with Pat Garrett. It's raw, funny, and frightening all in one go. Because 1) it's so interior, 2) Ondaatje excels at this sort of characterization, and 3) Billy is bat shit crazy, the exteriors are hyperbolic and grotesque. B "Get away from me yer stupid chicken. Oh man I love this book  . Instead, Ondaatje has given us the book that Billy should have written. You get the feeling that this is, in fact, how the mind of a gunfighter would express itself-in bursts and fits, sometimes with great eloquence and sometimes with carnal violence.

Here then is a maze to begin, be in. (p. 20)Funny yet horrifying, improvisational yet highly distilled, unflinchingly violent yet tender and elegiac, Michael Ondaatjes ground-breaking book The Collected Works of Billy the Kid is a highly polished and self-aware lens focused on the era of one of the most mythologized anti-heroes of the American West. This revolutionary collage of poetry and prose, layered with photos, illustrations and clippings, astounded Canada and the world when it was first published in 1969.

Written by Michael Ondaatje. In reality, Billy the Kid passed into legend so long ago that gleaning facts has become a nearly impossible task. Perhaps it is just as well to create a well-told tale as it is to encumber the reader with mundane facts.

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Drawing on contemporary accounts, period photographs, dime novels, and his own prodigious fund of empathy and imagination, Michael Ondaatje's visionary novel traces the legendary outlaw's passage across the blasted landscape of 1880 New Mexico and the collective unconscious of his country. The Collected Works of Billy the Kid is a virtuoso synthesis of storytelling, history, and myth by a writer who brings us back to our familiar legends with a renewed sense of wonder.
Reviews: 7
Another imaginative exploration into the prose/poetry of this author. This time he has taken the reader up and into excerpts, narratives, poems, and voices of all those who shared the short, tense life of this hero/villain of the 1880s.There no sequential framework but rather, points of view, emotions, intentions of Billy’s friends-gang and Garrett’s friends-posse-gang; as well as various women Billy knew. There are descriptions of horses and dogs. And of course, Billy himself. There is an interview, newspaper articles, a play, songs, reminiscences after his death. This book pushes and pulls the reader into the compelling, short life of the romantic hero/vicious killer, William Bonney.
The imagination, the freedom of writing styles, the magical use of language of Michael Ondaatje is amazing.
There are slivers of the truth in Ondaatje's Billy the Kid, all the surrounding players and characters. The settings, the New Mexican snows and sands. The poetry of it all, at least now, in our modern world, looking back and reflecting on what it was, or what it wasn't.

Essentially this is historical fiction as poetry. Even the prose is poetry. He can't help it. It flows naturally and gives a voice, a sorrow, a reality to the antihero Billy the Kid.

I love the many vignettes, the intertwined poetic ruminations by Billy, then the story told a little more clearly, via multiple perspective and experimental forms (photographs, notes, newspaper articles, interviews, other characters' voices, chiasma, etc.). The backstories of Tom O'Folliard and Livingstone the mad-dog man are some of my favorites. Ondaatje paints Pat Garrett as cold and logical, driven, the perfect assassin.

Billy is romantic:

--- ---
she is crossing the sun
sits on her legs here
sweeping off the peels

traces the thin bones of me
turns toppling slow back to the pillow
Bonney Bonney (21)
--- ---

And he is characterized with a shrewd, watchful eye. Ever observant and capable. Not quite man, but not boy (just Kid, maybe):

--- ---
A river you could get lost in
and the sun a flashy hawk
on the edge of it

a mile away you see the white path
of an animal moving through water

you can turn a hundred yard circle
and the horse bends dribbles his face
you step off and lie in it propping your head

till dusk and cold and the horse shift you
and you look up and moon a frozen bird's eye

(26 -- this is one of my favorites)
--- ---

Brilliant book. Fantastic read. It evokes past memories--we explored through Lincoln County and Billy the Kid historical grounds in October 2010. It also evokes memories of the past--many not even mine. Shared west memories of novel indoor baths with warm water, ferrotype photographs, dimestore novels, drafty barns, slow distances over sunburnt land on horseback, the red dirt still, STILL!, and friends who band together. And avenge each other. Highly recommended.
and I am finding as I read more of his books, is typical of this author. The Afterward ( which I ought to have read first) offers a generous and intimate view of this author's thought processes in crafting this work. I could see the method behind the madness: the skeleton beneath the skin of what seemed, at first reading, a random and rambling excursion.
Billy was real but legendary. This fictional "Collected Works" plays the legendary notes beautifully. The poems, pictures, and tall tales, while Ondaatje' s, hit the mark in this work. As he suggests, read it aloud.
While prose, his writing in this book borders on the poetic, and while much of it is formatted 'normally', some pages haveis an e.e. cummings-like attention to layout. A truly beautiful book, and a joy to read.

My sole complaint is it isn't much longer.
Fantastic blend of historical fiction, poetry, visual art, epistolary etc. Riveting read. Read it for class and the entire class couldn't stop raving about it.
At first, reading this book was a bit disconcerting - it rambles from one genre to the next, mixing prose, poetry, and script/interview. I was a little confused about point of view. Soon, however, the book drew me in and I found I couldn't stop reading it. Once I relaxed and allowed the book take me away, I enjoyed it very much.

If you enjoy mixed genre pieces, you will absolutely love this book. If you do not, you won't enjoy it. If in doubt, borrow it from your public library. This mixed genre book ultimately was very entertaining.
A mongrel work, as Ondaatje calls it and that is the perfect form with which to resuscitate the simplistic vision of the American west and to bring it alive with all its heat, it's drunkenness, it's rawness and it's madness.
Good book. Enjoyed it! Replaced my missing copy!