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Author: Edward A. Snow,Rainer Maria Rilke
ISBN13: 978-0865474680
Title: The Book of Images, Bilingual Edition (English, German and German Edition)
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Language: English German
Category: Poetry
Publisher: North Point Pr; 1st edition (June 1, 1991)
Pages: 258

The Book of Images, Bilingual Edition (English, German and German Edition) by Edward A. Snow,Rainer Maria Rilke

Now substantially revised by Edward Snow, whom Denise Levertov once called far and away Rilke's best translator. Snow, who so insightfully translated the two volumes of Rilke's New Poems, has now turned to The Book of Images, one of the poet's most startling and diverse masterworks. Snow has rendered with great skill and accuracy a work both familiar and unknown, more complicated and more immediate than many have suspected, at once grave, mysterious, and beautiful. How much setting straight Snow's new translation of The Book of Images accomplishes! With these sorrowing and luminous poems to lead up to Snow's two volumes of the New Poems, it is possible to gain, for.

Written right around the time when the Great War (World War I) was coming to a close by a young German poet who was staying for a brief time in an Italian castle belonging to a friend, the Duino Elegies are impossible to describe.

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Parallel German text and English translation. The influence and popularity of Rilke’s poetry in America have never been greater than they are today, more than fifty years after his death. Rilke is unquestionably the most significant and compelling poet of romantic transformation, of spiritual quest, that the twentieth century has known. His poems of ecstatic identification with the world exert a seemingly endless fascination for contemporary readers. Also included are several of Rilke's best-loved lyrics, such as "Autumn," "Childhood," "Lament," "Evening," and "Entrance.

In his translations, Snow adheres faithfully to the intent of Rilke's German while constructing nuanced, colloquial poems in English. Written in a period of spiritual crisis between 1912 and 1922, the poems that compose the Duino Elegies are the ones most frequently identified with the Rilkean sensibility.

The Book of Images book.

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A bilingual edition of Rilke's 1906 collection of poems Buch der bilder , with facing pages of the German original, and English translations by Edward Snow, whose translations of other Rilke volumes have been highly praised. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
Reviews: 7
I love the dual translation books in general, and found this to be a thoughtful, well-considered English translation of the original. It's amazing to see Rilke's wonderfully simple yet incredibly evocative command of the German language. Some passages feel almost untranslatable to English, not because of the vocabulary per se, but the difficulty in capturing the subtlety, causing me to reflect on the differences between the two languages.

Highly recommended, especially for those simultaneously wishing to take their language skills to a higher level.
This is my favorite translation of The Book of Images that I have found, and I appreciate that it sets the poems side by side with the originals - German on the left, English translation on the right. I also appreciate that even when the original poem rhymes, the translation sticks as close to the true meaning as possible and does not rhyme.

For those that fit into the category of "knows some German, but not fluent," books like this are a great fit. Rilke's poetry often has a wonderful rhythm and rhyme scheme, but can be very hard to grasp the meaning of even in one's native language. So with this I can read it aloud and hear how the poem was meant to sound, but also see a direct translation of it so I'm not trying in vain to understand.
Any reader (or writer) of translation work knows the inherent difficulties--translation is often something like palimpsest or erasure, the voice of the translator becoming too loud or possibly too literal. There is no such thing as a one to one ratio in translation. What Snow's recent work with Book of Images (and I recommend his other Rilke translations, Sonnets to Orpheus, Duino Elegies) demonstrates is a labor of love: it is almost as if he has acquired Cocteau's radio from Orphée and used it to channel Rilke; I simply have not come across any more appealing translations of Rilke than his. The bilingual edition is important, and I wish all translations would do this (though I understand it can be expensive): the en face provides one the original text as well as the translated, so there exists not only a visual representation of the poetic object, but also enables anyone with a bit of knowledge of the foreign language a way in.

This is a beautiful work.
Replace an older volume that go moldy.
A good book to read especially when travelling. You can connect and disconnect easily. It stimulates your visual imagination and imaginative thinking at the same time.
I got this bilingual edition, and it is very helpful to read both versions of each poem. The poet's language in German is beautiful, rich and melodic when read aloud, and I get to practice my German at the same time I am reading these wonderful poems. Happy with the translation.
Great read!
Rilke rocks