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Author: Kimberly LaRocca
ISBN13: 978-1456595494
Title: A Black Girls Poetry For the World
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Language: English
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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 13, 2011)
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A Black Girls Poetry For the World by Kimberly LaRocca

The poetry in the book is emotive and expressive, delving into tangled subjects, and the author has separated her verse into two themed sections, Love and Life. The poems in the first half, Love, are a diverse, frank and raw examination of affection, sex, commitment, and love gone sour and they run a gamut of emotional depth. From lost loves, strained relationships and the difficulty of forgiveness to raw anger and intense sexual desire, LaRocca ‘tells it like it is’ and literally bares her soul in her poetry. Kimberly LaRocca is a very talented and gifted poet. Her poetry is clear, concise, and straightforward.

A Black Girls Poetry for the World. Poetry on love and life.

Kimberly’s books include three collections of poetry, A Black Girls Poetry for the World, My Mind’s Temple and Inside Gray Matters, and the insightful What My Grandma Taught Me, a self-help book packed with wisdom passed down through generations.

My name is Kimberly LaRocca my first book, A Black Girls Poetry for the World, was published in April of 2011. My second collection, My Mind's Temple, was published in November of 2011. It is a short collection of Spiritual Poetry offered for free on Smashwords. Where to find Kimberly LaRocca online. 1. A Black Girls Poetry For the World.

com's Kimberly LaRocca Page and shop for all Kimberly LaRocca books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Kimberly LaRocca. A Black Girl's Poetry for the World.

Book By Author: Kimberly LaRocca. Title: A Black Girls Poetry for the World.

Kimberly LaRocca Kimberly LaRocca is a native of Clearwater, Florida. She attained an MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Tampa. Kimberly’s books include three collections of poetry, A Black Girls Poetry for the World, My Mind’s Temple and Inside Gray Matters, and the insightful What My Grandma Taught Me, a self-help book packed with wisdom passed down through generations.

Spiritual PoetryMy Mind’s Temple is a collection of spiritual poetry written by Kimberly LaRocca that invites the reader to rely on faith, believe in a higher power and to never give up on prayer. Her intention is to reach everyone regardless of spiritual or religious denomination, thoughts or beliefs.

US Identify profiles enable you to reconnect with people from your past, find long lost family, or learn about people in your life now. View Kimberly Larocca's Full Profile. Kimberly Larocca's Profile. Other Names (AKAs) Kimberly Ann Fanelli, Kimberly Senise, Kimberly A Larocca, Kimberly A Senise, Kimberly Fanelli, Kimberly A Fanelli. Kimberly Larocca Has Lived In These Places. San Francisco, CA. San Jose, CA.

Poetry on love and life
Reviews: 7
Many of the poems in this book touched my heart! Even though poet Kimberly LaRocca is from an entirely different culture, we are sisters. I felt her pain, her hopelessness, her joy...and her ultimate hope! I sense she is a powerful woman who's had it tough coming into her own... But she's doing it!

Though most of the poems are about bittersweet love, others about fulfilled love and many about other life situations, one thing they have in common: They're all lyrical and sincere, giving us a true glimpse into the heart of this beautiful, soulful woman.

The title, A Black Girl's Poetry for the World, is a perfect title and the cover is one of the most aesthetic I've ever seen.

I haven't read all the poems yet because I believe poetry should be savored slowly, like fine food; poetry is food for the soul. I glanced through each title, though, to get a feel for the entire book and found there's something for everyone in this little gem. I know I'm going to learn more life lessons as I read and ponder each poem separately. In addition to releasing her deep feelings and emotions, I believe that's how the author intends for her readers to relish this book.

My favorite so far is: A POET'S SONG. I like this one because I know a number of poets and they're just like LaRocca describes:

I live in verse.
I think in rhyme,
Thinking, rhyming
All the time.
The sadness that you may see,
Is all poetry to me.
The happiness you're feeling now
Turns into rhyme for me somehow.
I don't know how
Or even why.
It sings to me from deep inside.
And it makes up
The best of me,
Living, breathing poetry.

I think writers are like that too; only we think in words and story ideas...but always, always thinking. :-)

Author C.C. Cole summed it up perfectly in her review: "...large messages delivered by so few, easy-to-read lines and minimizing of cliches." (Thanks for letting me repeat your lines, C.C. Cole.)

I recommend this book for women AND men because there's no better way for them to understand women than by reading this all-too-rare glimpse into a woman's soul and learning what their women want and need. LaRocca is not shy about speaking the unvarnished truth; a truth that will benefit all, if we allow it.

Review by Betty Dravis, February 27, 2012
Author of award-winning "1106 Grand Boulevard"

I don't mind admitting it. The cover of this poetry book spoke to my heart first. Thankfully, the poetry inside the book, A Black Girl's Poetry for the World, is just as wonderful. Each poem spoke to me in a personal way. I felt as though Kimberly LaRocca had shared a personal, long visit with me in a park with a stream. There are poems about love.

I wear you on my sleeve.
Take you when I leave.
Whether night or day,
You're with me.

This is why loving someone is a gift. Once I have experienced love it's impossible to feel alone. The person is beside me in every room and in every groove of my mind. As Mrs. Kimberly Larocca writes in A PERFECT WORLD,

In a perfect world,
It'd be you and I.

The poetry book is filled with love words, anger words and words describing every type of emotion imaginable. As a Black female, I carry the world within me. I have traveled from one shore to another shore, spoken more than one language and felt my life blood drain from me in more than a hundred instances.

A blue for when I'm feeling low.
When wide awake, a light yellow.
A range of shades for everything.
When ready, I'm an aubergine.

I liked most of all the fact that Kimberly LaRocca extended her hand in friendship and understanding. I felt while reading she is me. I am her. I will survive to see another day and night. The reason? I am a Black woman.

I have finally found
A friend I haven't seen for a
She's beautiful
That friend I've found is me.
"A Black Girl's Poetry for the World" by Kimberly LaRocca is a collection of insightful poems addressing many levels of the human existence, from pain, to love, and to everyday living. What I really enjoyed are the large messages delivered by so few, easy to read lines, and minimizing of clichés. I recommend this to anyone that either reads poetry often, or to novel-readers looking for a romp into creativity that's refreshing and inspirational. Five Stars!
The poems were good and thought provoking. Some of the pieces made me think of situations where I could have recited one as a comeback from a statement. Some of the poems read a bit incomplete. If you like poetry, you will enjoy this book.
Every day words
About every day life,
Revealing a soul
Who's lived through much,
Young Kimberly's words
Will reach your heart.

From a seventy-five year old
peachy-pink woman
Who knows skin color's
Merely a millimeter deep.
like it
I love her.
My granddaughter loves it.