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Author: Anna Quindlen
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Title: Black and Blue
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Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen

Anna Quindlen's book about domestic violence will leave you saddened, enraged and also hopeful. I stayed because I thought things would get better, or at least not worse. That book is good-realistic, emotional but not maudlin, and challenging. Black and Blue is merely an example of weak writing that reads like a made for TV movie.

Black and Blue is enormously readabl. .Like her columns, Quindlen’s novels are written with intelligence, clarity and heartrending directness. This portrait of a battered woman is intimate and illuminating and, as is true of most anything Quindlen writes, well worth the read. A gut wrenche. nother stunner.

In Anna Quindlen’s novel Black and Blue, Fran Benedetto explains, In the beginning I loved . And then after a while I loved the idea of him, the good Bobby, who came to me every once in a while and rubbed my back and kissed my fingers. And I loved our life, the long stretches of tedium and small pleasures. 17. Despite the serious subjects explored in Black and Blue, Quindlen describes plenty of scenes that evoke happiness. These include Fran and Bobby enjoying Robert’s First Communion, Fran and Robert making a collage of sports figures on his closet door, Fran and Mike giving each other the same jacket for Christmas, and Cindy giving birth to healthy twins after losing her own twin sister in childhood.

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Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen. About the Author: ANNA QUINDLEN is the author of two best selling novels, Object Lessons and One True Thing. Her New York Times column "Public & Private" won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992, and a selection of these columns was published as Thinking Out Loud. She is also the author of a collection of her "Life in the 30's" columns, Living Out Loud, and two children's books, The Tree That Came to Stay and Happily Ever After. Jacket design: Jamie Keenan. Random house new york.

Black and Blue is a beautifully written, heart-stopping story in which Anna Quindlen writes with power, wisdom, and humor about the real lives of men and women, the varieties of people and love, the bonds between mother and child, the solace of family and friendship, the inexplicable feelings between people who are passionately connected in ways they don't understand. Perhaps Quindlen intended to use Black and Blue as a way to dramatize the gravity of domestic violence; unfortunately, the novel is nowhere near as convincing as the news reports all of us have seen on television. But it does keep the reader anxiously turning pages.

Black and Blue" is a 1998 novel by Anna Quindlen, and was chosen as an Oprah's Book Club selection in April 1998. In this novel the main character, Fran Bennetto, suffers through the domestic abuse of her husband and local police officer, Bobby Benetto. It is a remarkable work of fiction by the writer whom Alice Hoffman has called "a national treasure.

Reviews: 7
Black &Blue introduced Detective Harriet Blue aka Harry. I had already read Never, Never when I found out this book came before in introducing Harry to the public. It didn't hurt I read them out of order.

This is a book shot book---just under 150 pages but well packed pages. There are actually two plots here. Harry has been called to a crime scene in which she swears is another victim, Candace, is the result of the Georges River Killer(GRK). She is also sharing the case with Tate (Tox) Barnes.

Tate or Toxic as he is called is any detective nightnare. Being paired up with him is like suicide to your career. Stories of Tate have gone around as most every cop does not hunk she should have been allowed onto the force as he killed when he was a child. If you associate with him, don't expect people to talk to you, call you, help with your case or et the results of evidence to your quickly.

From the start of this case Tate has not followed the guidelines and Harry does not like this. She does not like that he just does as he pleases and doesn't believe this latest victim is one of the GRK.

This story is short so it moves at a pretty fast pace. Hope is in the process of stealing a yacht so she can live the life that she wants. Eventually the two tie in together. In the meajtine, Harry deals with being avoided by people as she is working with Tate and other things that don't make life easy.

The book ends where Never, Never kind of picks up. With the revealing of who the cops think is the GRK.

I am finding myself enjoying these bookshots as they are short, and to the point and not filled with a bunch of fluff or unwanted scenes or information. I plan on reading more of them.
I cannot get over the habit of being intrigued by any book cover stamped with Oprah's approval. I should keep in mind that few books have approached the quality of Wally Lamb's 'She's Come Undone'. I liked Dolores Price for her stubbornness, empathized with her during times she felt hopeless and cheered her as she emerged from her self-imposed isolation to find herself. Not so with the narrator of 'Black and Blue'. She was so busy describing all of her husband's compelling and frightening traits that I barely got to know HER. Okay, she's a Catholic school graduate, a nurse, and a tirelessly selfless mother to her precious little bony-shouldered 'Ba'. But I quickly grew tired of her 'good little victim' mentality. Domestic abuse is a very serious issue, and a novel should be a good opportunity to make readers aware. I was interested in learning how Fran would do in this Witness Protection-like setup, but quickly found myself wanting to skip pages. All Fran did was repeat herself; rehashing her husband's attacks, remembering dreary visits to her mother-in-law's home, and dropping the name 'Benedetto' on every other page until I got seriosly annoyed. For someone who has such a progressive political agenda, Ms. Quindlen certainly created boring conventional characters. You have a soccer coach who is 'practically mildewed', a Southern belle who sells Avon, and not enough of Gracie, the only one with an interesting personality. Yes, these new friends provided a support system for Fran, but I could predict their actions and responses to Fran's big secret. And Fran B./Beth C.? I could not get interested in someone who never raged, never admitted to any weaknesses (except her inability to say "enough is enough" for eighteen years), and defined herself solely by the measure of love she had for her son. The only reason I rate this book two stars is that I like very vivid descriptions of rooms, meals, and people's physical traits, and Anna Quindlen provided these. I didn't mind the stream-of-consciousness style, either. I just wish 'Black and Blue' had a likeable protagonist!
Well this one had me staying up until 2 am to finish.......I was pulling one of those one more chapter routines, and then finally just threw in the towel and finished it. This, as in many Patterson books, had two separate story lines going on. Hope, a prostitute wanting to change her lifestyle, took a couple hostage on their yacht. The couple wanted to sell their yacht and instead ended up victims. The other story line is where one meets Detective Harriet Blue. She is a no nonsense, butt kicking, hold her own cop who gets put on a case of a dead woman named Claudia that was found washed up on the beach. Unfortunately she gets paired up with another cop named Tox Barnes that comes with another set of problems for Harry.

The two story lines end up coming together towards the end of the book, which I thoroughly enjoyed, since that is not always the case. Both Harry and Tox ended up being pretty cool characters, and I believe Harry is going to have more books, or a least a book, with her in it, which will be great because her story has a lot of places to go and a lot more to be told. Plus the ending of the book leaves you with a gigantic cliffhanger......