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Author: Paul Theroux
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Title: Jungle Lovers
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Publisher: The Bodley Head Ltd (June 10, 1971)
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Jungle Lovers by Paul Theroux

Not the best work Ive read by Theroux. In fact I think he is definitely better at travel writing. However, there are some good passages on Malawi, the descriptions of the country, the jungle, the poverty, the hopelessness of the times anticipate his future writing. Not the best work Ive read by Theroux.

Jungle Lovers (1971) is the fifth novel by American author Paul Theroux and set in post-colonial Malawi. It was published by Houghton Mifflin (US) and The Bodley Head (UK). The author worked in Malawi from 1963 to 1965 with the United States Peace Corps, before being deported for public criticism of the government. Because the Malawi government did not like the novel, it banned it for many years.

Publication date 1971. Publisher Boston, Houghton Mifflin. Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Contributor Internet Archive. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. org on August 25, 2011.

Theroux's early Malawi novel, still banned there. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 9 years ago. In Dark Star Safari, we learn that the Malawi government censors still ban this novel, Jungle Lovers. Malawi is where Theroux started his African experience in the Peace Corp, where he was involved in the politics, and where he was expelled and kicked out of the Peace Corp. The Malawi of the novel is torn in a near civil war condition, and the main characters, an insurance salesman and a messianic revolutionary, tread through the fallout.

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1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Jungle lovers. from your list? Jungle lovers. Published 1971 by Houghton Mifflin in Boston.

Paul Theroux's novel takes place in Malawi. The shambling, disturbed republic in Central Africa is tottering between dictator and agitator. Here the ideals of two men - a life insurance salesman fired with missionary zeal and a messianic revolutionary whose speciality is bombs - are tested. When Calvin Mullet of Homemakers Mutual is taken prisoner by the ruthless Marais and attempts to sell him a policy their lives become strangely interwoven. Used availability for Paul Theroux's Jungle Lovers.

Book's title: Jungle lovers. Library of Congress Control Number: 70144074. International Standard Book Number (ISBN): 0395121078. System Control Number: ocm00137900. Personal Name: Theroux, Paul. Publication, Distribution, et. Boston,. Houghton Mifflin, (c)1971. Physical Description: 307 . 22 cm. Download Jungle lovers. leave here couple of words about this book: Tags

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Reviews: 7
Early Paul Theroux, steamy African story with a dose of existential crisis. Not his best, but will keep you turning pages.
I found Jungle Lovers to be rather slow going. The plot is rather drawn out and the characters dull. This is not the tale I was expecting and do not recommend as exciting reading unless wanting to nod off.
Never a dull moment here. This 1971 novel was based on an earlier short story that appeared in his first collection of short stories. Its main protagonist there morphs into Calvin Mullet here, a tall, thin American (30) cursed with making poor judgements, but a firm believer in insurance, his trade. His company puts him in charge of opening its first branch in Africa, in Malawi. There, his wife of two years quickly divorces him, claiming half of his future earnings. It forces him to sell his car and live in a cheap brothel, hitch-hiking his way to sell insurance to people unaware of the concept and penniless anyway...
Is this comedy? No. Once Marais, another US citizen captures Calvin, then releases him again, the story acquires a Cold War tinge. He is Cuban-supported, quite stupid and brainwashed into believing small liberation movements should have no ranks. How they both fare is for other readers to discover.
Paul Theroux is fantastic at using speech and dialogue to define rapacious Africans or marooned ex-colonial Brits. His portrayal of Malawi, its people and then-leader (Dr Hastings Banda) is detailed and totally negative. Was his picture on its coins, banknotes and every wall of Malawi? Did any left-wing armed opposition as described, ever occur there? [If not, PT should be credited with describing early rebellion against post-independence leaders.]
Theroux was expelled from Malawi for helping an opposition politician escape abroad. This book was banned in Malawi. Theroux’s 2012 rancorous sequel “The Lower River” repeated most of his stereotyping about Malawi and one of its ethnic groups, forty years later. Brr.
Like his previous book, Girls at Play, Paul Theroux’s Jungle Lovers (1971) takes place in Africa (where Theroux had spent considerable time), but whereas that book focused on a set of white female characters coping with the local culture, this time the attention is on a pair of white males, one who wants to make love and the other who wants to make war.

Calvin Mullet is the lover. He is an agent for an American insurance firm looking to build the local client base, and he falls in love with Mira, a native girl whom he ends up marrying. The war-monger is Marais, who is leading a revolt against the national government.

There are a couple of amusing inside joke swipes at American poet Wallace Stevens of all things, and Mullet does make a decent lead character (Marais is much less developed). If you like adventures that take place in recently independent sub-Saharan African nations, Jungle Lovers would make a decent addition to your list.
The story involves an insurance salesman and a mercenary in 1970's Africa. Theroux uses a great deal of humor in telling us the story, but there still is apparantly a lot of truth as to the mixed up situation on that continent. There is of course violence here and there's a lot of social commentary. I strongly recommend this to all interested in African affairs, but I do not recommend it to any insurance salespeople out there. LOL
In Dark Star Safari, we learn that the Malawi government censors still ban this novel, Jungle Lovers.

Malawi is where Theroux started his African experience in the Peace Corp, where he was involved in the politics, and where he was expelled and kicked out of the Peace Corp. The Malawi of the novel is torn in a near civil war condition, and the main characters, an insurance salesman and a messianic revolutionary, tread through the fallout.
Calvin Mullet is a young man from Hudson, Massachusetts. Divorced, he is paying alimony. It is Christmas in Malawi. It doesn't feel like Christmas. Calvin's former wife was small souled. In marriage he felt lonely. Calvin's insurance office is near the British Council Library. He is traveling north and Major Beaglehole is a companion. Beaglehole is not ashamed of having killed his CO. For killing his commanding officer he got life. He was released after serving six years. He was awarded his full pension because the matter had been a crime of passion. Calvin collects his pay at Barclay's Bank.

Major Beaglehole wears his regimental puttees while riding his motorbike. The puttees keep the mud off of him. In Malawi to say someone is a colorful character is the highest of praise. People say that about Major Beaglehole. He speaks Urdu. Calvin is writing a book, THE UNINSURED. He is pleased to ride the beautiful old Matchless motorbike of the major. Calvin's insurance firm, Homemakers' Mutual, shows more profit than Malawi does, even with a bumper crop of peanuts. Calvin Mullet and Mira Nirenda marry.

Marais is reported, (falsely as it turns out), dead, since he has been found guilty of treason and sentenced to death. Bailey, another European, and Beaglehole give Calvin and Mira wedding presents. Calvin stops comparing Malawi to Massachusetts. In some ways Malawi wins since there is no Mafia in Malawi. Calvin doesn't want to fill out the form for Mira to enter the Miss Malawi contest, he feels there is no culture in it. The couple is close. They are the jungle lovers of the title. At the contest Calvin thinks he is watching a minstrel show in reverse.