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Author: Robert Vaughan
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Title: Dawn of the Century (The American Chronicles, Vol 1, 1901-1910)
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Dawn of the Century (The American Chronicles, Vol 1, 1901-1910) by Robert Vaughan

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Dawn Of The Century book. Dawn of the Century (1901 to 1910) mixes several characters together to shed a light on aspects of the new and changing face of America. The St. Louis World's Fair of 1904 is one central point in the lives of the several characters. It is of course similar to what John Jakes d Robert Vaughan has done a good job in his "American Chronicles" series. He has written several books, each set in one decade

It is 1904 and the nation’s eyes are on the St. Louis World's Fair, which features an astounding variety of modern marvels. The enormous exhibition brings together the best minds.

Dawn Of The Century" is one such book. I consider it a rare gem to be caught up in so many different people's lives and for each of them to be equally intriguing. I didn't want to miss a word of their personal experiences and the challenges each of them faced in this turn of the century novel. Set in the beginning of the twentieth century with the introduction of the first automobiles, the Wright brothers and their flying machine, along with other inventions such as the concept of a water pump to drain swampland and convert it to farmland takes us back in time.

by Robert Vaughan includes books Dawn of the Century, Hard Times (The American Chronicles, Volume 4), PORTALS OF HELL (American Chronicles, Vol 5), and several more. Hard Times (The American Chronicles, Volume 4). Robert Vaughan. PORTALS OF HELL (American Chronicles, Vol 5). IRON CURTAIN, THE (The American Chronicles, Vol 6).

It is 1904 and the nation’s eyes are on the St. The enormous exhibition brings together the best minds the country has.

In 1901, as America tallied its gains from a period of unprecedented imperial expansion, an assassin’s bullet shattered the nation’s confidence. With a deft narrative hand, journalist Scott Miller chronicles how these two men, each pursuing what he considered the right and honorable path, collided in violence at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. Along the way, readers meet a veritable who’s who of turn-of-the-century America: John Hay, McKinley’s visionary secretary of state, whose diplomatic efforts paved the way for a half century of Western exploitation of China; Emma Goldman, the radical anarchist whose incendiary rhetoric inspired Czolgosz to dare the unthinkable; and Theodore Roosevelt, the vainglorious vice.

This new American century, however, would begin under the political leadership of Woodrow Wilson, whose approach to international relations was a mix of sloppy moralism, liberal internationalism, and Kantian utopianism. Although understandably appalled by the results of realpolitik, Wilson sought to replace the European balance of power with a community of power, a union of democracies devoted to peacemaking as a transcendent political ideal. In September 1918, 600,000 American troops helped launch the last great offensive of the war-the largest in US history-and among the deadliest for the United States. More than 26,000 American soldiers were killed in the battle, including many from the 91st Division, where the author’s grandfather, Michael Loconte, was deployed as a private.

Volume Two of Robert Vaughan’s stunning American Chronicles follows the tumult of American during the second decade of the twentieth century. The indestructible Titanic goes down in the cold Arctic sea, millions of immigrants flood into the country, a bloody worker’s revolution occurs in Russia, and in Sarajevo an assassination quickly ignites the flames of the First World War. It is 1912, and the Lady Lucinda Chetwynd-Dunleigh can hear the final strains of the ship’s orchestra as the famous Titanic sinks below the surface of the water.

This book is a member of the special collection Special Collection: The Chronicles of Canada. This book is a member of the special collection Special Collection: The Works of Stephen Leacock (1869-1944).

Amid the pageantry of the St. Louis World's Fair of 1914, cowboy Eric Trainbough rides the rails east, a young landowner risks his family fortune, a St. Louis journalist faces death to get a story, and a brave woman fights for love and equality. Original.
Reviews: 3
Excellent book that brings to life the history of our country in an enjoyable and very descriptive and entertaining start to the twentieth century. I recommend this book to all who would like to have some idea of what life was like at this time.
Mr Freeman
From a Canadian viewpoint, this book opened my eyes to a very different view of the American mindset. It was a throughly enjoyable read, full of imagination and history at the same time. The dawn of a new century is always exciting to read about, but with Mr. Vaughan's style of writing, it gave a new definition to the meaning of fun!

I suppose many people would like this book, but I found it did not hold my interest at all. I read about 20 pages, and then skipped through and read a little more at different points and then stopped reading.

I bought this book as the first of a series,and was going to order the whole series ... thank goodness I only bought this one.
The author is probably a very nice man, but I didn't "sync" with the story.