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Author: Arthur Pendragon
ISBN13: 978-0007121144
Title: The Trials of Arthur: The Life and Times of a Modern-day King
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Category: Mythology and Folk Tales
Publisher: Element Books Ltd.; First Edition edition (September 25, 2003)
Pages: 272

The Trials of Arthur: The Life and Times of a Modern-day King by Arthur Pendragon

Eco-campaigning druid king Arthur Pendragon has waged a highly public, completely eccentric 14-year battle to assert the right of everyone to worship at Stonehenge.

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CJ has set the tone of this book perfectly. At no point do you feel like you are hearing the dreary tale of an eccentric man’s life.

Arthur Uther Pendragon (born John Timothy Rothwell, 5 April 1954) is a British eco-campaigner, Neo-Druid leader, media personality, and self-declared reincarnation of King Arthur, a name by which he is also known. Born to a working-class family, Pendragon served in the British Army's Royal Hampshire Regiment before being discharged following an injury. Identifying as a greaser, he formed a biker club known as the Gravediggers, moving in counter-cultural circles at free festivals around Britain  . Hammersmith, London: Thorsons Element.

Arthur Pendragon’s story is a unique tale of modern daring, adventure and one of fighting for what is right, all too often in the face of unjust laws, rules and petty politics. Is every word written in this book a fact? I wouldn’t think so and I don’t think it matters. The small group of robed characters stepped magically past the everyday streets of a thriving shopping center in the town as Arthur climbed upon the Stone, all the bustle of the 20th C and its busy life providing an unlikely backdrop for this remarkable event.

Not only that, but that he had thought of a new way of doing my song which would guarantee it becoming a hit. King Arthur reckoned that I change the title to 'High Priest of the Reptilians' and amend the lyrics so that the main character of the tale has come down here looking for human blood not love! Top of the Pops. Arthur said, "Imagine the video that could be made," and that he could see this on Top of the Pops going down as a classic performance of all time

Financial support for King Arthur's campaign. King Arthur Pendragon is a "renunciant" and having changed his name by deed-poll many years ago from John Rothwell to King Arthur Uther Pendragon he has refused to sign on and draw any money in the form of benefit. Unfortunately such a job does not pay and King Arthur relies on the goodwill of others to support his needs

After reading a book by Gareth Knight on King Arthur, he discovered many similarities between himself and the legendary king, and came to believe that he was King Arthur reincarnated. On 11 June 1986, he officially changed his name to Arthur Uther Pendragon by deed poll (Uther Pendragon being the name of Arthur's father; the title of "Pendragon" is often applied. Shortly afterward, he bought a sword, which he named Excalibur.

CJ Stone is an author, columnist, and feature writer. It was just over three years ago that Arthur Pendragon asked me if I could get our book re-printed. It had originally been published by Thorsons/Element, an imprint of HarperCollins, in 2003, but had since gone out of print. I contacted a friend on the off-chance: John Higgs, the writer of I Have America Surrounded, a biography of Timothy Leary. It’s funny how long it can take to spot the obvious at times. I had half a book I liked, and a published book I didn’t like. I was thinking of releasing some of my old books on Kindle, and spoke to John Higgs again. This was only a few weeks ago.

There is an undeniable magic in Arthur's life that is very hard to ignore. One person found this helpful. I've owned this book since it was first published and have read it several times in its original format. The Kindle version adds to the spiritual dimension of the book. I even lent it to my mum, who met King Arthur at an Autumn Equinox at Stonehenge, where she was volunteering with the National Trust. We've both become pagans, in a quiet way (no cloaks!), and it's partly thanks to this book that I spent a rainy summer solstice at Avebury stone circle a few years ago, hoping to spot King Arthur.

This book is an alternative armchair adventure that chronicles the exploits of one of the most outrageous men of our time--a nature lover, a profane mystic, who parties with his druidical knights, the Warband, while preaching of personal freedom from atop a motorcycle.
Reviews: 7
This book blew my mind. It's the biography of an English biker who changes his name to Arthur Pendragon, becomes a druid and the leader of a protest movement. It took me a long time to figure out this was gonzo journalism. It's as if the book I just described was written by Hunter S. Thompson and W.B. Yeats, in turn surreal, poetic and profoundly anti establishment. From this, you should know if you want to read it.
Couldn't finish it. Not my thing. I look forward to reading a couple dozen pages of a good book when I tuck into bed before dozing off, but I couldn't hold my head up for two of this one. Perhaps it's intended for real fans of medieval times. I may skip to the end just to satisfy my curiosity though.
What a brilliant read this was!
I live in South Africa, so am pretty far removed geographically from the stage of this tale. But no one is removed from the book's message: that the Earth is under threat from us, that good people exist who are fighting for Her, and that it's entirely possible that the spirit of Arthur of Britain is presently animating an ex-biker named John Rothwell.
It was nice to get some insight into Arthur's life. The writing was good and I could see him daring "the man" to arrest him over and over again.
Excellent service!
What would make a man believe he was the reincarnation of the legendary King Arthur? What would it take for that man, who was born John Timothy Rothwell, to change his name by deed-poll and give up his secure and 'normal' way of life to live as a modern version of that king, to be a modern King Arthur? You can find out in The Trials of Arthur.

This book takes you right into the very strange but at the same time very inspiring life of Arthur Uther Pendragon, and how he became a druid chief and an eco-warrior, of how he found the modern-day Excalibur, and of how he gathered a band of supporters, knights and ladies sworn to the Ancient Virtues of Truth, Honour and Justice. It details his many campaigns and skirmishes with the law, the many times he was arrested for breaking the so-called "exclusion zone" around Stonehenge, and the protest camps like Twyford Down. It tells the tale of a man doing his utmost to save the land from the forces of destruction in Britain's "time of greatest need".

Being a very colourful character in dress and behaviour, has meant that Arthur has often featured in stories in the newspapers and been a guest on TV programmes too. He has used his media-celebrity status as a platform for getting his message out. But it is not always an easy life being a modern version of King Arthur and this book looks at many of the trials and ordeals he has faced. It looks at how he has always stood his ground and often won in the end.

The Trials of Arthur is often humorous, fast-paced, and at the same time philosophical. There is an undeniable magic in Arthur's life that is very hard to ignore.
I saw the author post a link in some group on Facebook for a mere 2 quid. Come to find out that offer was only for people in the UK. Since I'm in Sweden I have to go to Amazon.com for my Kindle books (which is stupid & irritating) but once at the US site the price was over $8.00 - I asked the author about that discrepancy but he did not respond. With the current exchange rate it should have been just a bit over $3.00. It hacked me off, so I paid the high price thinking to destroy this book in a review. I cannot.

This book was awesome from page one and never let up. It had me grinning so much my face hurt, with more than a few out loud laughs. The way he drew this modern-day King Arthur was just flat out perfect. So, instead slamming over the price, I'm saying it was well worth it, and I hope he gives us some other books. I'd even like to see the continuing adventures of this extremely likable King in Druid's clothing. Five Stars.