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Author: Sharon Rolens
ISBN13: 978-1882593576
Title: Worthy's Town: A Novel
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Language: English
Category: Literary
Publisher: Bridgeworks; First Edition edition (March 11, 2002)
Pages: 262

Worthy's Town: A Novel by Sharon Rolens

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In this sequel to Sharon Rolens's Worthy's Town, the past bonds and battles of Cappy, Drayton and Tick are revealed as they struggle for an elusive reconciliation. And Cappy, listening to Worthy Giberson, the man who raised him, reminisce and swap tall tales with Oleeta's father, eventually finds a way to use his journalistic skills to keep the past alive once Worthy's generation is gone. On this site it is impossible to download the book, read the book online or get the contents of a book. The administration of the site is not responsible for the content of the site. The data of catalog based on open source database. All rights are reserved by their owners.

Beneath the quiet surface of life in Old Kane, Illinois, love, cruelty, murder, and friendship drive the destinies of Worthy and Willa Giberson and their boy Cappy in this novel spanning 1925 to 1950. Fiction Historical Fiction.

by Rolens, Sharon, 1932-. Publication date 2000. Topics Illegitimate children, City and town life, Grandparents, Birthfathers, Journalists, Bildungsromans.

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Beneath the quiet surface of life in Old Kane, Illinois, love, cruelty, murder and friendship drive the destinies of Worthy and Willa Giberson and their boy Cappy in this novel spanning 1925 to 1950.

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1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Worthy's town from your list? Worthy's town. 1st ed. by Sharon Rolens. Published 2000 by Bridge Works Pu. Distributed by National Book Network in Bridgehampton, ., Lanham, Md. Written in English.

When Willa and Worthy Gilberson's 14 year old beautiful, sensitive and intelligent daughter dies in childbirth, they raise their illegitimate grand son Cappy, providing love and solid values. Set in the time frame of 1925-WWII, life in Kane, Illinois is anything but idyllic. The town near do well attempts to claim Cappy as his own, menacing both the grandparents and then later the child. The town contains many solid, well respecting individuals peppered with a smattering of some nasty, evil yokels with plenty of time and intent to do harm. The book contains humor, sadness, folksiness, and a wonderful portrayal of love that endures.

The story of a family and its small Illinois town from 1925-50.
Reviews: 7
Nearly a century ago, Sherwood Anderson shattered literary tradition with his iconoclastic portrait of small-town America in the throes of modernization. His "Winesburg, Ohio" dealt with themes traditionally associated with sophisticated urbanites: alienation, emotional isolation, loosened sexual restraints, emotional displacement and social corruption. Sharon Rolens' intriguing, enticing and immensely readable "Worthy's Town" deserves favorable comparison with Anderson's masterpiece. Whereas Anderson interjected philosophical considerations through his alter-ego, George Willard, Rolens permits her narrative to provoke thought; her protagonist, Cappy Gilberson, evolves within a social milieu which simultaneously restricts and liberates his growing intellectual independence. Both Anderson and Rolens, however, focus attention on a town, and the town becomes the focus of the novel, its characters advancing the evolution of the social organism.
Cappy Gilberson, raised by his maternal grandmother and grandfather, comes of age in the Great Depression. His world reflects the verities of middle-American rural existence; death can be both sudden and cruel. His own mother, Chastity, dies after unsanitary handling by the local midwife. His grandfather, Worthy, believes in the power of the spoken word and the salubrious impact of storytelling. Cappy's natural intelligence and inquisitive nature absorb this willingness to exaggerate fact to prove a point; he becomes a brightly reluctant student whose own search for his father becomes a painful part of his childhood.
Rolens introduces a variety of characters, all of whom advance the reader's growing awareness of the social structure of Old Kane, Illinois. Expressions of sexuality, from childhood experimentation to storefront braggaodocio, from cruel ostracism of presumed homosexuals to downright nasty innuendo, receive candid treatment. Rolens is at her best when Cappy needs to expand his own horizons; his dogged detemination to demonstrate independence finds resistance in his grandfather, his teacher and his newspaper editor. He learns of the fragility of friendships, of the enormous impact of sexual appetite and of the imperfect mechanisms of dispensing justice in an otherwise indifferent world.
Since "Worthy's Town" has such a relaxed, conversational style, it may be easy to dismiss this novel as light reading. Yet, Sharon Rolens has encompassed genuine emotion, human growth and terrible hurt in this piercing work. Without our being aware, Old Kane, Illinois gradually evolves as a microcosm of a changing nation, interpreted through the eyes of a once-innocent, now maturing protagonist. In this sense, Ms. Rolens advances the literary insight initiated well before her own birth. Sherwood Anderson would heartily approve of "Worthy's Town."
What an insider glimpse into the workings of a small mid-western town. I grew up near that little town and had no idea of it's history.
I now own the most beautiful Signed First Edition of Worthy's Town written by Sharon Rolens and it's in perfect condition! I am so pleased with my purchase. I would recommend buying this way any time you order a "hard to find" book.
This is definitrly one of my new favorite novels. I bought this ... months ago. When I got home, looked up the title and read the reviews, I put off reading this book but I sure wish I didn't now that I read it. This story is excellent. Please Ms. Rolens, write some more. You're a terrific author!!
The story is about family love.....unconditional love. The earl and mid 20th century is rich with history and this author ties history into this novel with expertise rolled up with suspense.
There's the primitive childbirth practices which caused the death of 14 year old Chastity. Her baby boy, Cappy, being raised by his grandparents and the loved shared between them is heartwarming. And Worthy's love for Willa is so very obvious as well as Willa's love for him in return.
There is everything in this book that is in real life. Some hate, some love, some patriotism, some strange personal endeavors, bullies and meaness.
I belive almost anyone would like this book, I don't understand why anyone would be embarassed about a book of fiction. THIS IS A GREAT BOOK. Pick it up, read it, enjoy it, life isn't always picture perfect.
This story was easy to follow and easy to get to know the characters. I highly recommend this one.
A story of family love and honesty. A story of the town's men standing around a potbelly wood heater at the general store. A story of friends made and friends kept. A story of town gossip. A story of a self-centered prankster and things going to far. A story of "you get what you deserve in the end". There is a lot of love between Worthy and his wife, Willa, in a chauvenistic kind of way....And I mean that in a sweet way. They raise their grandson, Cappy, not really knowing who Cappy's father is because W & W's unmarried, 14 year old daughter died shortly after childbirth from complications. Cappy grows up to be quite a fellow. He's ambitious, likeable, confident, and has tenacity. I strongly suggest reading this novel, it's one of the best I've read this year.
The writing in this book is easy to follow and quick to read but real hard to put down. I am going to look up other books by this author and pray that she writes again real soon. She's done a greaT Job!
I'm not sure why there are some reviewers who feel ashamed or offended, but this is a terrific book. This is not non-fiction and I've never been to Illinios, but I liked this little town very much and the characters in the story seem so real. I'm glad I read this book eventhough I almost didn't. I'm so sure that almost anyone would enjoy this novel.
I picked Worthy's Town to read because I'm an author writing about a small town in the south. My last novel, "Children of the Mountain" is set in the same time period. I was surprised to find there's not much differance in small towns, be in the north or south. The author did a great job and I was totaly captivated from the first page to the last. Loved Worthy's insight into the nature of people. At first I was put of by his treatment of his wife, but that's exactly the way men in the south are. If you can endure the top layer long enough to reach the true inter self of one of these type men, there is loyalty and love there that you'll never find elsewhere. A good quick read. Thanks, Eva McCall, Author of "Edge of Heaven" and the sequel, "Children of the Mountain".
A frolicking romp through the Dusty corners of a wonderful Central Illinois town. I highly recommend it.