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Author: Cynthia Victor
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Title: The Secret
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Publisher: Onyx; First Edition edition (June 1, 1998)

The Secret by Cynthia Victor

When an advertising executive becomes a bestselling author of spy novels. Overall, very entertaining. By the way, Cynthia Victor doesn't exist any more than Forrester. The authors here are actually Cynthia Katz and Victoria Skurnick on their 5th collaboration. Apr 29, 2016 Gerry rated it liked it.

com/books/about/The Secret. html?hl ru&id HD8uNmGcjFoC. The book skyrockets to the top of the bestseller lists, complete with lots of buzz about its mysterious author. Success is all that Stephen needs to decide he doesn't need Miranda. But a messy, expensive divorce isn't what the colossally arrogant Stephen wants.

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After her self-absorbed novelist husband fakes his own death and leaves her with a mountain of debt, Miranda Schaeffer vents her anger by writing and publishing a novel under his pseudonym.

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Devastated and desperate to support her kids, Miranda comes up with a wild, daring idea. If it succeeds, she'll have what every woman dreams about: a fabulous new life and love. If the secret she's concealing doesn't cost her everything she's worked so hard to attain. Published: Jul-1997 (Hardcover) Jun-1998 (Paperback).

The duo known as Cynthia Victor (What Matters Most, 1996, et. turn out another gently derivative soap, this time a First Wives Club descendant, with just one wife. Their & is that Stephen is & the successful author of bestsellers, written under a pseudonym so that his disapproving parents won't find out. Stephen is, it turns out, a clever fellow, and what began as a lark is soon bringing in millions.

This was the first book I read by Cythina Victor but it had such a great story line that I finished it in 2 days! The story line flows smoothly and it is very easy to follow. The plot and story are amazing and will keep you captivated to the very end. ( ) Sunflower6 Cris Aug 28, 2009. Entertaining but forgettable.

January 7, 2019 History. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove The secret from your list? The secret. Published 1997 by Dutton in New York, .

A rousing novel fraught with sex, glamour, and suspense features a devoted wife and mother who, abandoned and left penniless by her husband, hits on a plan of deception to obtain a fabulous new life and lover. Reprint.
Reviews: 7
All the way through this book, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
On the whole, I think the book could have been stronger. We never really got to see the early parts of the marriage which was supposedly so great. Stephen's descent into madness was a little unbelievable, and the ending was too contrived.
HOWEVER. It held my attention, and I liked it in spite of its flaws. I think this is because the main character was believable, and her transformation was also believable.
On the whole, excellent mind candy, recommended for a lazy afternoon or a long plane trip.
the Secret makes every woman realize how important it is to care about yourself and your well being. To have a happy family and home you must care
about your own state of mind. If you forfeit self respect you lose. It is a long way back. Well written and sad in so many ways. Great book, my book club loved it.
I really enjoyed this book!
In the beginning of their marriage, Stephen and Miranda were very happy
together. In particular, Stephen enjoyed and needed the adoration his spouse
heaped on him, especially since he received little of that from his own
parents, who expected their offspring to be a genius like themselves.
Instead they are disappointed that he is only a pedestrian advertising
executive. When Stephen decides to write "spy" novels, he uses the pseudonym
"Forrester" so that he will not further disappoint his parents. The novels
become smashing successes, but have a nasty by-product. With success,
Stephen changes from a likeable chap into an arrogant snob, who believes that
he is superior to his wife.
..... ,,Stephen begins to hide assets so that when he obtains a divorce, he will
keep more than he is legally entitled to have. When an explosion destroys
the bank Stephen is in, he walks away from the rubble, deciding to allow the
world to think he died in the blast. Stephen heads to LA where he spends his
money on booze and women. Miranda, who has learned much about her "deceased"
husband's perfidy, writes the next "Forrester" novel so that she can earn a
decent income to care for herself and her children. Shockingly, the new
novel is a critical and commercial success and Miranda's luck changes for the
better, especially when a new man enters her life.
As Miranda's star rises, Stephen's star dims. He is running out of money
and his so called new friends are starting to desert him. He cannot find any
publishing firm willing to print what he considers to be a literary landmark.
When Stephen discovers that his family is making it without him, his anger
takes him over the edge. He wants to return to his old life even if it means
killing Miranda to achieve this objective.
...... THE SECRET could very well be the next "First Wive's Club" and a best
seller as well since it has all the ingredients necessary to attract a large
female readership. Most readers will get a vicarious thrill out of seeing
the metamorphosis of the heroine turning into a powerful individual while
watching the disintegration and descent into madness that overcomes Stephen.
Cynthia Victor capitalizes on many a person's fantasy of evening the score
with those who hurt them. This book is a delightful reading experience.

.....Harriet Klausner
Miranda Shaeffer met her husband Stephen in college and now have three children. On a whim, Stephen writes a trashy adventure novel under the pen name Forrester, mostly to avoid the harsh disapproval of his stuffy parents. Neither his agent nor his editor know Forrester's identity. Only Miranda. As Stephen sees his fifth bestseller published, the money is rolling in and he is changing. He's moved his family into an outrageously huge apartment overlooking Central Park. He's got new friends, Armani suits and a new attitude. He's a different person, while Miranda has quit working, gained weight and turned into what Stephen sees as a dull, frumpy housewife, unwilling to grow with him. Stephen's eager to leave his wife and starts diverting most of his earnings to secret accounts. When a bomb goes off at a bank where Stephen just closed an account, he seizes the opportunity to play dead and escape, leaving Miranda to fend for herself and their children.
Miranda secretly takes over the role of Forrester, in a desperate attempt to mirror Stephen's writing style and save herself and her children from financial ruin. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Stephen West (formerly Stephen Shaeffer) has completed what he thinks is the Great American novel. He's almost out of money and can't get his book published. You see how the tables have turned?
The character development is weak, except for Stephen. His rotten character is as clear as a bell. What keeps the reader turning pages is the complex and interesting plot, occasionally predictable, but sometimes surprising. Overall, very entertaining.
By the way, Cynthia Victor doesn't exist any more than Forrester. The authors here are actually Cynthia Katz and Victoria Skurnick on their 5th collaboration.