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Author: Lori Lansens
ISBN13: 978-0316069038
Title: The Girls: A Novel
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Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (May 2, 2006)
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The Girls: A Novel by Lori Lansens

Amazingly, this book is fiction. Lori Lansens creates characters in Rose and Ruby Darlen that seem so real that I have a hard time believing that they exist only on the pages of this book and in the brilliant mind of the author. And now, in my heart as well. I am Rose Darlen of Baldoon County. However, they are 'the girls' and would not trade their lives for any others. 2 people found this helpful.

In Lori Lansens' astonishing second novel, readers come to know and love two of the most remarkable characters in Canadian fiction. Rose and Ruby are conjoined twins. Born during a tornado to a shocked teenaged mother in the hospital at Leaford, Ontario, they are raised by the nurse who helped usher them into the world. This book, THE GIRLS, is written as if we are reading Rose's autobiography as she writes it. How does a conjoined twin write an autobiography without the input of her twin? Well, she allows chapters to be written by Ruby.

Meet Rose and Ruby: sisters, best friends, confidantes, and conjoined. In what has to be the best blend of heartbreaking sadness and unbelievable joy, author Lori Lansens has managed to write a novel about two girls that you will not soon forget - if ever. After I finished THE GIRLS, I felt many emotions, but the strongest was that I had just read the story of two of my best and dearest friends.

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The Girls is the second novel by Canadian novelist and screenwriter Lori Lansens. It was first published in 2005 by Knopf Canada. It is the life story of a pair of conjoined twins, Rose and Ruby Darlen, narrated by the twins themselves. Rose, a budding writer, also details key moments from the lives of their adoptive parents, Aunt Lovey and Uncle Stash

Author : Lori Lansens. Publisher : Little, Brown And Company. Rarely has the experience of being a sister been so poignantly and memorably captured as in Lori Lansens's triumphant novel. Readers who encounter the girls will find it hard to resist falling under their spell. Users who liked this book, also liked.

In Lansens’s second novel, readers come to know Rose and Ruby, 29-year-old conjoined twins Wow! Did you ever come to a book having no idea what it was about? The Girls was that book for me and I was knocked off my feet by it. See if you can tell what it’s about from this opening paragraph. I have never looked into my sister’s eyes. I have never bathed alone.

Lori Lansens's blend of tragedy and comedy will touch you deeply. Lansens captures a contradictory longing for independence and togetherness that transcends the book's enormous conceit. Booklist - Kristine Huntley. Her biggest achievement in the novel is bringing to life these two truly extraordinary characters to such a degree that readers may forget they are reading fiction. speaks volumes about solitude, loneliness, and enormous personal courage. The Girls, the year's best book to come out of Canada, possibly the world. Not just a sophisticated literary accomplishment but a darned good read.

From Lori Lansens, author of the national bestsellers Rush Home Road, The Girls and The Wife's Tale comes a gripping tale of adventure, sacrifice and survival in the unforgiving wilderness of a legendary mountain. On his 18th birthday, Wolf Truly takes the tramway to the top of the mountain that looms over Palm Springs, intending to jump to his death.

Listen to Girls: A Novel audiobook by Lori Lansens. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Bestsellers and latest releases. Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA. Date: May 2006. Duration: 6 hours 0 minutes. Summary: Meet Rose and Ruby: sisters, best friends, confidantes, and conjoined twins. Since their birth, Rose and Ruby Darlen have been known simply as 'the girls'. They make friends, fall in love, have jobs, love their parents, and follow their dreams. But the Darlens are special.

One of the world's oldest living craniopagus conjoined twins at the approach of her thirtieth birthday, bookish Rose Darlen attempts to pen her autobiography while remembering the joys and challenges of her life with sister Ruby, with whom she shares friendships in their small hometown. By the author of Rush Home Road. 60,000 first printing.
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Rose and Ruby Darlen are conjoined twins. They are the most rare of conjoined twins~~craniopagus~~meaning that they are connected at the head. They share a "web of 100 veins as well as [their] skull bones". Born in 1974 in Toronto, Canada, to a terrified teenager who refused to give her real name, the girls are abandoned and ultimately adopted by the nurse who helped to deliver them and her husband, Lovey and Stash Darlen.

Rose carries the burden of Ruby's weight. Rose grew to a height of 5'5" and since Ruby's legs never fully developed, it is if Rose is always carrying a child with their legs wrapped around her waist. Imagine carrying your child for your entire life.

"I understand that I am me, but that I am also we."

Rose wants to be a writer. Ruby wants to be an artist who has a penchant for digging up Indian artifacts that are on display at the Leaford Museum. "Aunt Lovey", the girl's adopted Mother, encourages Rose to write her autobiography. This book, THE GIRLS, is written as if we are reading Rose's autobiography as she writes it. How does a conjoined twin write an autobiography without the input of her twin? Well, she allows chapters to be written by Ruby. The chapters written by "Rose" are almost poetic in nature. The ones written by "Ruby" are sometimes hilarious.

You'll laugh and you'll cry reading about the lives of these girls. The longest living craniopagus twins lived to be 29 years old. Rose and Ruby are approaching their 30th birthday.

Amazingly, this book is fiction. Lori Lansens creates characters in Rose and Ruby Darlen that seem so real that I have a hard time believing that they exist only on the pages of this book and in the brilliant mind of the author. And now, in my heart as well.

"I am Rose Darlen of Baldoon County. Beloved sister of Ruby... Aunt Lovey and Uncle Stash were right. How lucky Ruby and I have been to be 'The Girls.'"

Rose and Ruby Darlen were born in Leaford, Baldoon County during the worst tornado in history. Little four year old Larry Merkel and his blue bike were sucked up into the funnel, Larry never to be seen again and the bike found on a rooftop in town. Hundreds of migrant workers poured into the tiny hospital in various stages of injury, causing the single doctor, Dr. Ruttle Jr., to call in retired Dr. Ruttle Sr. to assist.

Their mother, a young woman, staggered into the hospital in labor, smoking cigarettes and moaning in pain. Signing the admission papers as Elizabeth Taylor from Hollywood CA, the young woman delivers conjoined twins who are immediately whisked away to a Children's Hospital in Toronto, along with head nurse Lovey Darlen. At the sight of the twins, Dr. Ruttle Sr. keels over from a heart attack and dies. Less than a week later, the young woman silently flees the hospital leaving behind her twins and no trace of who she was. Lovey is already in love with the babies, and adopts them. Rose and Ruby grow up with Aunt Lovey and Uncle Stash (born Stanislaus Darlensky from Slovakia), their childhood spent at an old farm in the country near the Merkels who worked the farm for the Darlens.

As Rose and Ruby turn twenty-nine, and they are about to become the oldest living craniopagus twins, Rose decides to write her autobiography. She has to convince Ruby to co-operate. Rose has always been a writer and a lover of books, Ruby prefers television and is interested in the Neutral Indian artifacts they've found over the years in the farm's fields. With Rose working on her laptop and Ruby writing longhand on yellow tablets, the two girls tell their tale. You see, they've just discovered that Rose has an inoperable aneurysm, and they both have, at most, six or seven months to live.

This is one of the most emotionally moving and engaging books I've ever read. Lori Lansens truly captures the spirit of each girl, keeping them highly individual while accounting their inseparable lives. She mentions some books she studied in her Acknowledgements, and its evident she put the information to good use. You'll believe you are listening to the voice of a true conjoined twin. Rose does most of the writing, and to further emphasize the separate minds of the girls, the publishers chose to use different fonts for each girl's work on the novel.

It's a beautiful story; charming, witty, sad, funny, scary ... but most of all the story of a great love, one between both sisters and one between them and their parents. You'll fall in love with Rose and Ruby, and adore the characters of Aunt Lovey and Uncle Stash. Many things have happened to the girls during their short lives, including a trip to Slovakia to meet Uncle Stash's family that is both funny and scary but anything but tender. Lansens work is nothing shy of expert. Her characterizations, her dialogue, her prose, her descriptions - all aspects of her writing show off her great talent.

I bought the book out of curiosity for conjoined twins - I've always had a thing for teratology. What I found was a real treasure. If this book doesn't move you then you have no heart at all. I can't recommend this book highly enough. Ten Stars! Enjoy!