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Author: Sharon Williams,Aaron Fryc,Douglas Coupland
ISBN13: 978-1587880438
Title: Miss Wyoming
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Language: English
Category: Humor and Satire
Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Abridged edition (December 15, 2000)

Miss Wyoming by Sharon Williams,Aaron Fryc,Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland (Author), Sharon Williams (Reader), Aaron Fryc (Reader) & 0 more. Generation X, though cheesy, was fu. Miss Wyoming is completely different from anything else Coupland has written. In a bad way. Save your money.

Narrator: Sharon Williams, Aaron Fryc. Douglas Coupland is the author of twelve novels, including "Generation X" and "Microserfs", and several works of nonfiction, including "Polaroids from the Dead". He lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

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Unabridged AUDIOBOOK. Book by Douglas Coupland. Audiobook narrator: Sharon Williams, Aaron Fryc. Length : 9 hour 13 min. Release Date: 15-AUG-08. If you don’t like, you can cancel immediately, no strings attached. Download Now View Coupon.

Written by Douglas Coupland, Audiobook narrated by Sharon Williams, Aaron Fryc. Your audiobook is waitin. iss Wyoming. By: Douglas Coupland. Narrated by: Sharon Williams, Aaron Fryc. Length: 9 hrs and 10 mins.

Author: Douglas Coupland Narrator: Sharon Williams, Aaron Fryc Publisher: Brilliance Audio Format: Unabridged Audiobook Delivery: Instant Download Audio Length: . 5 hours Release Date: July 2008 ISBN: 9781423359739. Douglas Coupland is the author of the novels Generation X, Miss Wyoming, and All Families Are Psychotic, among others, as well as the nonfiction works like Life After God and Polaroids from the Dead. He grew up and lives in Vancouver. Sharon Williams is a stage actress and freelance on-camera and voice talent. She has appeared in many productions in Kalamazoo-area theaters. She has also played a role on TV’s Unsolved Mysteries.

Home Douglas Coupland Miss Wyoming Miss Wyoming Miss Wyoming. Miss Wyoming Miss Wyoming Miss Wyoming, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27. Contents. You were a beauty queen, weren’t you? John asked. I was on the beauty circuit since about the age of JonBenet-and-a-half, which is, like, four.

Narrated by Sharon Williams & Aaron Fryc, 9 hours 10 minutes. She is a former child beauty pageant contender. He is a hard-living movie producer. Sharon Williams & Aaron Fryc.

Author: Douglas Coupland. The eponymous heroine of Miss Wyoming is one Susan Colgate, a teen beauty queen and low-rent soap actress. Throughout, Coupland displays his usual gift for capturing the absurdities of modern existence. The distinctive minutiae of our age–junk mail and fast food, sitcoms and Singapore slings, and the shop fronts bigger and brighter and more powerful than they needed to be –come to vivid, funny life in this author’s hands. And while Susan and John occupy center stage, Coupland is just as generous with his peripheral characters

She is a former child beauty pageant contender. He is a hard-living movie producer. She walks away from a plane crash without so much as a scratch. He comes away from a near-death experience with a unique, vivid plan.

She, refusing to spend one more day peddling herself for cheesy TV sitcom parts, disappears. He turns his back on a hedonistic life making blockbuster action flicks with names like Mega Force. Shedding their self-made identities, each sets out on an uncharted course across the Gap-clogged, strip-mall landscape of Los Angeles, searching for the one thing, love, that neither has ever really known, but that they now think they just might, actually, desperately want. How could they not find each other?

Reviews: 7
it is the kind of bittersweet saga that hollywood's forgotten writer/director genius, preston sturgis, used to foist upon an american population that was a tad more literate than today's cnn-weaned/ people magazine audience. coupland scores his own coup by deftly examining the dreams and nightmares of fame, glory, success, and a second chance. someone said that all novels and stories are about one of two things--a stanger comes to town, or someone goes on a trip. both occur here, with a stylistic ebb and flow that is a perfect indictment of tabloid america. though it skims the surface of hollywood, beauty pageants, white trash, existential despair, this is a love story at its tender heart, and why it succeeds is that you want the two protagonists to connect, to meld into one. will they, however, is the mystery and suspense of this novel. i am not one to spoil endings, so i will not blab. but a footnote: if you ever wanted to get a good idea of what a jon benet ramsey styled baby beauty queen must endure at the hands of a win-at-all costs mother from hell, miss wyoming is a great place to start. who needs the enquirer?
Wow!! Even on the second reading it was I bought the Kindle version and passed my copy to a friend!!
Great can really visualise them...twists and turns in the story....a romance? a mystery? a comedy? Its all and more,
a story that lingers. Two people in Los Angeles and their strange story...reads a little like Elmore Leonard but softer...
I've read most of Coupland's other works and love his quirky characters and settings. The character development is right on track in "Miss Wyoming", however the actions of the characters do not always match what we've come to believe is their motivation. I found this frustrating at times. Otherwise, I did find the characters very intriguing. The story of John's mother Doris was particularly well told.
I have read all of Douglas Coupland's books and this is the first book that I gave away before I could finish it. I was so anxious to get this book that I pre-ordered it from Amazon before it was available for sale (that should expalain what kind of a Coupland fan I am). I found the story to be unbelievably boring! I usually appreciate Coupland's rambling style, but this time his rambling didn't go anywhere. If this is Coupland's true impression of what society is like now, we're all in trouble.
I've now read severl Coupland novels, and this is the only awful one I've stumbled across. Microsers was great, Girlfriend in a Coma was hard to get through, but once done one could see it's magnificense. Generation X, though cheesy, was fu. Miss Wyoming is completely different from anything else Coupland has written. In a bad way.
Save your money. By something else.
Great quality and price. Love Douglas Coupland and some of his older works are difficult to find. Very happy with this purchase.
Whereas Coupland's other books relied much less on narrative, and much more on observations of modern life (with the possible exception of 'Girlfriend...'), this is a novel, pure and unadulterated.
Is this a good or bad thing? Well, both. Coupland, judging from his back catalogue (all of which I have read), is the supreme master of observing people, places, things, events, time periods and societies. Well, after his last two books, he can add novels to that list too!
Both this and 'Girlfriend...' are superb books, with a strong, funny narrative. Going through all his books, you can actually see his writing style mature from the (dare I say it?) slight over-indulgence of Microserfs and Generation X to the disembodied despair of 'Life after God' (my personal favourite), from his first attempt at a novel, Shampoo Planet (which was simply an observing-style book disguised as a novel) and finally to Miss Wyoming, a brilliant, funny, thoughtful book, with very few problems, other than his departure of style.
If you need any more recommendation, consider this: I saw this book in a bookshop, and bought it, there and then, on the strength of his reputation, and not once have I regretted it.
The biggest problem is that the edition I have, which has a different cover to Amazon's one, looks a bit like one of those paperbacks for women, about women, by women with names like Penny and Shirley. Oh well!
A love story for broken people, it tells the story of a former child star and a movie producer forming a bond over mysterious pasts. Told in alternating points of view, it jumps from the past to the present as it tells about their pasts and how it brought them together.

The characters are wonderfully written and the story-telling superb. This could be classified a "Hollywood romance," but that would be selling it so short. It's just two people coming to realize that they have not been in the driver seats of their lives up until this point.

It's a very wonderful and surreal story.