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Author: John Doyle
ISBN13: 978-0764551352
Title: Shakespeare For Dummies
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Language: English
Category: History and Criticism
Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (April 30, 1999)
Pages: 384

Shakespeare For Dummies by John Doyle

Diana said: I read my first Shakespeare play two years ago, at 65 and I have been flailing about.

Had Shakespeare for Dummies been around in the days of the Bard, perhaps Puck would have had no reason to opine, "Oh what fools these mortals b. Despite its title, this introduction to the playwright's life and plays comes with quite a pedigree: written by John Doyle, a Shakespeare scholar and former Artistic Director of the Theatre Royal York, and Ray Lischner, a Shakespearean actor and director, this guide book even boasts a short foreword by Dame Judi Dench. And finally, Doyle and Lischner offer their Top 10 lists, including the 10 best places to see a play, the top 10 Shakespearean performers, the 10 most common phrases, and 10 modern shows based on Shakespeare's plays. Perfect for students or anyone hoping to brush up on the Bard, this Shakespeare for Dummies ain't anybody's fool. From Library Journal.

Shakespeare For Dummies is exquisite. from the Foreword by Dame Judi Dench, star of Mrs. John Doyle, former artistic director of four renowned theater companies in Britain, has directed more than 160 professional productions, including Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth, and Much Ado About Nothing. Ray Lischner helped form TACIT (Theater Arts at the California Institute of Technology) and participated in every production.

Shakespeare for Dummies. by John Doyle and Ray Lischner. Shakespeare isn't dull when you read Shakespeare for Dummies. It starts with an overview of Shakespeare's life and world. Summaries of every play tell you about the play prior to watching it on stage or on screen. This book is for everyone-Lit. majors, actors, or if you just want to know more about Shakespeare.

Shakespeare For Dummies John Doyle, Ray Lischner Shakespeare For Dummies is exquisite. Brown and "Shakespeare in Love". Charlotte . eadrick, PhD, Professor and Director, Theater Arts, Oregon State University. The book Shakespeare For Dummies can give more knowledge and also the precise product information about everything you want. So why must we leave the best thing like a book Shakespeare For Dummies? Wide variety you have a different opinion about publication. But one aim this book can give many details for us. It is absolutely suitable.

Shakespeare for dummies by Doyle, John. Shakespeare for dummies Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Classic Lit from Hermgirl. Books to read later from Cornelia Fleischman. Are you sure you want to remove Shakespeare for dummies from your list? Shakespeare for dummies. Understanding Point of View in Literature. Exploring the Diverse Lands of Middle-earth. Shakespeare For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Sherlock Holmes For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Shakespeare For Dummies. More about This Book. ISBN: 978-0-764-55135-2 or 9780764551352.

Manufacturer: John Wiley & Sons Release date: 16 April 1999 ISBN-10 : 0764551353 ISBN-13: 9780764551352. add. Separate tags with commas, spaces are allowed. Use tags to describe a product . for a movie Themes heist, drugs, kidnapping, coming of age Genre drama, parody, sci-fi, comedy Locations paris, submarine, new york. Does the thought of sitting through A Midsummer Night's Dream give you nightmares? Did Romeo and Juliet seem like a foreign film-without the subtitles? Relax. Natascha McElhone, costar of the films The Truman Show and Mrs. Dalloway.

Shakespeare For Dummies is exquisite.” —from the Foreword by Dame Judi Dench, star of “Mrs. Brown” and "Shakespeare in Love"

“What the film Shakespeare in Love has done to make Shakespeare the man accessible to a general audience, this book will do to make Shakespeare the writer enjoyable.” —Charlotte J.Headrick, PhD, Professor and Director, Theater Arts, Oregon State University

Does the thought of sitting through A Midsummer Night’s Dream give you nightmares? Did Romeo and Juliet seem like a foreign film—without the subtitles? As John Doyle and Ray Lischner prove in this uniquely accessible guide, Shakespeare is not only the greatest writer who ever lived, he’s also a great entertainer—once you get a handle on his wild plots and witty wordplay. Under their guidance, you’ll:

Go inside an Elizabethan theater—and find out how they managed with almost no seats, no roof and no women onstage Get a handle on Shakespeare’s language—including all those racy puns and jokes Maximize your enjoyment of his plays and poetry Identify contemporary idioms and phrases that come from Shakespeare’s plays Find Shakespeare festivals and performances in your area Catch ten of the best show ever made of the Bard’s plays and meet ten of the greatest Shakespearean actors of all time

In simple, straightforward language, this friendly guide eases you into the wild, wonderful world of Shakespeare. With the help of snappy summaries and scorecards that help you keep track of who’s who, who’s in love with whom, and who’s killed whom in every play, it helps you:

Understand Shakespeare the person, his life and times and what makes him so special Make sense of Shakespearean language and why it sounds the way it does Get the inside track on the kinds of stories, characters and settings found in Shakespeare’s plays Appreciate Shakespeare’s sonnets and other non-dramatic poetry

A royal feast for the head and heart, Shakespeare’s works have been thrilling audiences for four centuries, as they will four hundred years from now. Now let Shakespeare For Dummies help you to enjoy one the world’s great literary treasures.

Reviews: 7
I got back into The Bard last summer after not reading anything of his for about 20 years. This was a GREAT help. Of course, it's not comprehensive and worked for me more as a study/reference guide, but it was exactly as expected. It makes some of the historical speech more understandable with explanations and suggestions for other readings and guides - even which movie versions to watch. There's a family tree page which I actually used for some other historical books I was reading at the time as well. This was a big help - I'd recommend this as a good starting place and/or study guide.
This book arrived yesterday, in very good condition, and I sat down to check it out. I also have one of these on Jane Austen and after reading that book, I knew that buying this one would certainly help me in my quest to understand the writer who most consider the best in the world! The book states what most of us already know: English has changed so much over the 400 years since these were written, something has to get lost in the translation. They are very thorough in discussing the many questions I've had and so many have and explain them very well. Well done to the authors. They know their Shakespeare inside and out; I wanted to have that ability myself. I can now watch or read the Bard with a much better understanding of what he was trying to say, and that is a pleasure to be able to say!
Very nice and accessible introduction to Shakespeare, his life, and his works. Not a dense info dump but rather well-summarized information for all his plays and poetry/sonnets. This is a great jumping off point for further study.
I am basically a Shakespearean illiterate. I needed a cram course on the Bard's plays and this book met my needs. I was on a game show and I was able to answer a question that, without the book, I would have missed. It's a good read that provides excellent precise of some of the more complex works int the English language.

If you want an in-depth insight into those same plays, take the time to read them. If you need an overview of them, this is the book for you.
I have little knowledge or experience with the subject and wished to educate myself. This book didn't look intimidating - how intimidating can an "Idiot's Guide" be? Then I flipped through the book and found the excellent intro was done by Judy Dench (not too shabby). Other very well known people in this area also contribute. Further on through the book I found what every college student would love - an synopsis of each play and general rundown. I usually attack a play like this by reading it for content - a bit quicker than usual. Then I look that the guidebook to see if I agree with the assessment and see what I missed and other such things. Then if I'm really going for it, I reread the play again. Maybe to make it even more enlightening (?word), see the movie and then do the above. Everybody has their own way for doing things. This is a great way to really enjoy and appreciate the plays. These "Idiot's Guides" are great and I have them on a number of subjects such as opera, the Bible - who knew?
I'm pretty sure that referring to readers as "Dummies" is no longer politically correct even though, at least in my case, I have to admit that it is true. I'm only about 50 pages into the book but I think I've understood more about Shakespeare in that time than I did in several earlier attempts.
I may be one of the Dummies for whom this book was written. I find it to be a great resource and I really appreciate the conversational tone. It's like having a trusted friend explain things without being condescending. The best section for me is Part IV, the Summaries -- I think I spend most of my time in Chapter 14, the Histories. I've used the table of "Monarchs of England 1327-1625" to help me understand other historical fiction books I've read, too, so really, this Dummies book was money well spent!
This book is brought to you by the same folks who publish all the ". . . For Dummies" books for learning computer programs. I have been known to snicker at these books, as I'm rather computer-dweebic, and don't need computer-dummy books.

It turns out that my next screenplay involves Shakespeare, and before I started writing, I needed to do some research on the bloke and his works. At the local library, I found "Shakespeare for Dummies." I scanned the book, then nearly choked on swallowing a dollop of pride as I toted the book through the checkout.

It's not easy to be expert at something and at the same time to be able to explain it clearly to beginners (or dummies). These authors definitely do have that talent.

Open the cover, and first thing, there's a listing of all of the dude's plays with a one or two sentence summary -- the lay of the land!

The book goes on to cover the life and times of Shakespeare; explanations of his era of English, the theatrical world he worked in, etc. Deeper into the book, there are two- to three-page summaries of each play, with recommendations for videos of each play.

The authors' wholistic approach is very informative, and they take a good-natured approach to a topic that could be stuffy.

My screenplay, by the way, is titled "Learning Shakespeare". The irony of it all.