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Author: Ramsey Campbell
ISBN13: 978-0312878696
Title: Pact of the Fathers
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Forge Books; 1st edition (December 13, 2001)
Pages: 416

Pact of the Fathers by Ramsey Campbell

Ramsey Campbell is a British writer considered by a number of critics to be one of the great masters of horror fiction. T. E. D. Klein has written that "Campbell reigns supreme in the field today," while S. Joshi has said that "future generations will regard him as the leading horror writer of our generation, every bit the equal of Lovecraft or Blackwood. Books by Ramsey Campbell. Mor. rivia About Pact of the Fathers.

A tom doherty associates book. This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this novel are either fictitious or are used fictitiously. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form. Published by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. 175 Fifth Avenue.

Once again, suspense pro Campbell (Silent Children, 2000, et. remains masterfully amusing and intriguing-until his final pages. Smart dialogue and warm family detail suck the reader willingly in. Young heroine Daniella Logan, 20, is daughter of film producer Teddy Logan, an American in England who, along with his partner Alan Stanley, runs Oxford Films. Daniella, a psychology student, faces the sudden shock of her father’s death in an automobile accident, plus the fact that she may inherit his half of Oxford Films when she comes of age at 22-and that Teddy has made some very bad financial moves that may cost her and other possible inheritors (should she die prematurely) possession of the studio.

Used availability for Ramsey Campbell's Pact of the Fathers. December 2001 : USA Hardback. March 2003 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

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Praise for Pact of the Fathers. A powerful, original writer. The Washington Post Book World. A father's betrayal of his child and a heritage of horror on a potentially biblical scale propel the plot of this absorbing new thriller. Campbell's true achievement is the depiction of Daniella's hitherto secure world dissolving into a paranoid nightmare where the people whom she depends on most prove the ones she can least trust. Ramsey Campbell has won more awards than any other living author of horror or dark fantasy, including four World Fantasy Awards, nine British Fantasy Awards, three Bram Stoker Awards, and two International Horror Guild Awards. Critically acclaimed both in the US and in England, Campbell is widely regarded as one of the genre's literary lights for both his short fiction and his novels.

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Since Ramsey Campbell first came to prominence in the mid-1960s, critics have cited Campbell as one of the leading writers in his field: T. Klein has written that "Campbell reigns supreme in the field today", while S. Joshi stated, "future generations will regard him as the leading horror writer of our generation, every bit the equal of Lovecraft. Risingshadow is one of the largest science fiction and fantasy book databases. Run by dedicated speculative fiction fans for other bookworms!

Daniella Logan, daughter of a film impresario, is stunned to see a group of robed men performing a ritual above the newly-turned earth of her father's grave. Daniella's father and his friends--politicians, newspaper magnates, highly-paid actors, top-flight surgeons, high-ranking police officials, and many more--are bound by an unholy blood pact that calls for the sacrifice of their first born children. Now, the more she learns, the more Daniella makes herself a target. But she must not be silenced, for she is not the only firstborn in danger, only the oldest.
Reviews: 6
Hǻrley Quinn
Ramsey Campbell is one of those authors you can rely upon to give you a great thrill ride when it comes to horror and suspense. One of the joys in reading this author over the years has been his constant ability to surprise and astound by proving to be completely unpredictable. You are never quite sure how a principal character will react to a given situation, even when you think that you've read all forthcoming twists in the plot and can therefore expect those involved to behave in a certain way. Suddenly Campbell's plot takes a wickedly unexpected twist and there go your expectations as you follow the characters pursuing a wholly new complication.

PACT OF THE FATHERS focuses on a heroine whose father dies suddenly. Very soon after, she discovers a group of dark-robed figures engaged in a ceremony at his grave. What is going on with these men? Did her father lead a double-life? Who among his friends and associates - from a police detective to a comedian to a retired film starlet - can our heroine trust? The book moves briskly from one part of England to another, and onward to Greece and back. Campbell's breaks with traditional narrative chronology to heighten the suspense. And that's what 90% of this book is: a study in slow-simmering suspense. More than horror; more than cheap melodramatic thrills; more than anything else, the novel thrives on creating a puzzling mystery with ties to Judeo-Christian beliefs and ages-old legends of cabals and conspiracies. The result is an intelligent modern day novel of suspense.

PACT OF THE FATHERS is a wonderful example of Campbell teasing the reader with a premise that promises to be entrenched deeply in the supernatural but whose power resides more in the solving of a clever mystery. I am reminded of his wonderful (and stronger) novel, ANCIENT IMAGES here. Both books feature interesting heroines digging into the past in order to see how it has come to level gloom and doom on the present and their social circles. However, while ANCIENT IMAGES delivers the supernatural goods more strongly, PACT OF THE FATHERS teeters between psychological horror and supernatural horror. I won't give away the victor (and I wonder if the author really does, in the end) but the book delivers the goods. More than anything else, this is best labeled a terrific suspense novel from a master concocter of such - Ramsey Campbell.
I'm not usually so restrained in my vitriol as I will be today, for I admit I haven't read the entire book. In fact, I couldn't get past the prologue.
The second page features the phrase "...the inside of her skull...", the fourth "...stabilized the contents of her skull...", and the sixth, "...The contents of her skull had almost..."
In amongst this repetitive prose is a fair amount of overwriting. Sentences run-on like an excited child recounting playground exploits. Imagery is too gravid by far. Simply, I couldn't continue any further. There is little to suggest that this is more than a first draft, rushed into circulation to capitalize on the author's name.
Even the opening sentence "...lost count of how many times she'd stopped herself wishing she were somewhere else..." has escaped much-needed editing.
Fans of the author and those new to his work have a right to be suspicious, for it seems they have been treated without resepect: "Give 'em muck" (often credited as a quote from Dame Nellie Melba) seems to have been taken to heart by publisher and author alike.
So I'd suggest being very cautious, and read a good 20 to 50 pages prior to purchasing this book. It may pick up after this, but I am unwilling to bet the rent money on it. I was taught, y'see, that you need to grab hold of the reader's imagination immediately and there should be your best writing.
Quite clearly, if this is the case, and the book goes downhill from here, I used my time wisely, by moving to more proefssional, skilled authors.
I'd like my five hours back. Stilted dialogue, poor characterization and the abovementioned total lack of any surprise thanks to the jacket notes make this the least entertaining novel I've read this year. I wanted to cringe every time Mr. Campbell mentions the main character looking into a mirror. I wanted to vomit when she gets "physical" with the love interest. I was amazed at the number of people in this book's universe who wear t-shirts, and shocked that the author might think that we care about such a thing. Or the minute details of a character's bathing habits. Or the way every thing seems to stab the eyes like a knife. Tired imagery, yes, and cliched and undeveloped supporting characters throughout. Must the author describe the orientation of every female character's breasts?
A novel is about character development in a protagonist. This lacks even that -- Daniella throughout the book is by turns bereaved, confused, apologetic and self-righteous, but never seems to grow out of these things. She remains a caricature of a whiny extra from the set of "Trainspotting" or "Sliding Doors" who is caught up in a conspiracy that she can't hope to expose because she clearly is incapable of understanding it. As is the reader at the end of the novel.
The one plot twist (which would have made O. Henry or Hitchcock cringe) is so blantant by the midpoint of the book that the reader is left waiting for the other shoe to drop. I would expect this sort of unvarnished story-telling in a cartoon spinoff for an action figure, or from a TV movie on a third-rate cable channel. Far from being a great novel, or even a good novel, this is not even a moderately well-crafted novel. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of it comes in the "Acknowledgements," in which Mr. Campbell states that "the greatest strengths of [this book] are the work of my editor," who has clearly been paid far too much.
This book was a disappointment. It was poorly written and because of that, hard to follow. I don't mean the plot was hard to follow. It wasn't. The writing itself was so bad it was unpleasant to read. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they have several hours out of their life to completely waste. Shame on this publisher or editor!