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Author: Susan Spence
ISBN13: 978-1440148002
Title: A Story of the West
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: iUniverse (June 8, 2005)
Pages: 328

A Story of the West by Susan Spence

About Susan Spence: Susan Spence writes about the West, both old and new. She watches the prairie, alive with deer and antelope, eagles and hawks, rabbit. Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine - Google Books. Susan Spence, 50, from Stockton, who turned out to see the royal visit said she hoped the princess' arrival in the town would boost the profile of the centre. She said: I hope that Kate coming here will put its name on the map and help people to find. Meet my running buddy, it’s popular DJ Jo Whiley Worcester News.

Susan Spence patents Recent bibliographic sampling of Susan Spence patents listed/published in the public domain by the USPTO (USPTO Patent Application TheTipsyFaerie (Mary Spence) DeviantArt. Author: Dean, Claudia M; Format: Book; 41, leaves : il. facsims. A History of Shipwrecks by David Spence, Susan Spence starting at €34,43.

Spencer West was born in Toronto, Canada, 31 years ago. He lost his legs when he was five. Doctors told his parents that he will never be able to sit up. But 26 years later he did impossible: he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro over a seven-day period while traveling on his hands for 80% of the trek. How moving, to see and hear the story of a real conqueror, a victor, a man of character who is a man amongst men. That rocks! Thank you, for sharing your story! You blessed us! pat : ) Pingback: The Story of Spencer West Humor. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

In this book, Susan Wise Bauer guides readers through important writings that epitomize that way of thinking and shows how science developed from its early beginnings in philosophical contemplation to a systematic method that provides a broad understanding of the universe. It is more than a list of primary sources or a guide for further reading. It provides an excellent introduction for students and for n Carl Sagan once said that science is more a way of thinking than it is a body of knowledge

The story opens with Captain Collin Mattison returning to London after six years of being away at war. He goes to The Lamb and Wig, an inn where six years ago, he spent the happiest month of his life. I love how the hero so very wisely puts a chink in the armor of the selfish and spoiled heroine to humanize her. It made for a unique and entertaining tale of redemption.

Susan Spencer-Wendel was an award-winning journalist at the Palm Beach Post for almost twenty years. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she holds a master's degree in journalism from the University of Florida. Bret Witter has collaborated on five New York Times bestsellers.

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Matt Daly arrives in Montana Territory with his father John in 1880, eager to begin his life as a cattle rancher. He thinks life will be hard but simple. However, things get complicated quickly. First, Matt falls in love when he meets Lavina Lavold, a young woman who has journeyed west with her family from Illinois. She shares his zest for life, and it doesn't hurt that she's very attractive. But it's not clear if the family is just passing through or if they will settle there. Then there are rustlers who steal cattle on the vast prairie. Though it's dangerous, Matt joins a band of ranchers intent on capturing and punishing the criminals. Bully Buehler, a neighboring rancher only concerned with profit, causes the most trouble. He thinks the Daly ranch would be an attractive addition to his land holdings, and he's ready to try to take it. Join Matt as he pursues love and adventure and in A Story of the West.
Reviews: 7
Follow Matt Daly as he falls in love, courts, begins a family, and overcomes harsh obstacles as he builds up a ranch in the Montana territory in the 1880s.

I am a big fan of historical details, but when the story feels like it comes to an abrupt halt to explain some point like a history book, it's not as enjoyable to read. The plot is interesting, although there are points where it drags. The jumps in time make reading it frustrating.

As a western tale, it is that. The characters were alright but I just didn't connect with them very well.
Elastic Skunk
I nearly didn't write a review because I didn't want to be the only one who wasn't impressed with this book. I found it to be terribly slow the first almost half of the book. Slow to the point I nearly deleted it. The story felt all over the place. I really like a lot of detail so you feel you're part of the story, however, too often this went into way too much detail to the point of boring. It was very real to the time period but I probably wouldn't recommend this book.
For the first half of the book I was so bored that I almost deleted the book from my kindle. Then the story picked up with a lot of action. Unfortunately the hero also turned into a worthless drunk at the same point. It was hard to sympathize or empathize with him because of his own self destructive habits. When he finally gets back to being human the story again becomes boring. On the plus side I did finally finish the book so I gave it an average rating.
This was an interesting read. The author spent a good part of the first half of the book developing characters and the setting for the book. The descriptions of how to saddle a horse or round up cattle, to the setting of the ranch, and the inside of the house, painted a great picture of the west in the 1800s.

The second part of the book had more action, and the descriptions continued to help me feel like I was right there with the main characters.

Our book club had the rare opportunity to discuss this book with the author. What a delight it was to hear how she went about writing the book and where the origin of the story began.
Excellent reading.good story line.also descriptions generally were woven into the story lines. Description gave depth to the characters and the situations. I think it may be best reading for adults. A really enjoyable story
This was an awesome story. I could not stop reading. This is truly an exciting and unpredictable story line. The characters are likable interesting to follow.
A good story with interesting characters.
Wonderful book couldn't put it down I will read more from this author Susan Spence I love old west story 's