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Author: Danielle Q. Lee
ISBN13: 978-0986568015
Title: Inhuman
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Aethereal Publishing (August 4, 2010)
Pages: 240

Inhuman by Danielle Q. Lee

Danielle Lee's writing is exquisite. Through her narrator Cassia, the story flows freely and naturally, feeling more like a memoir with Cassia's honest and unguarded voice. Cassia, Keanu and the other supporting characters are all interesting, well developed, flesh and blood characters. Did i just read? This book starts out ok for maybe 5 pages or so and gets increasingly ridiculous as it goes on. Entirely boring, silly, cliche, and predictable, Inhuman by Danielle Lee is not worth 2 minutes of your time. LOOK! I even added a new "wtf" shelf just so that this book can belong in its rightful place!

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Lee Danielle Q. Categories: Fiction. Thank you for purchasing Inhuman. This book was born from a strange phobia I endured as a result of two separate surgeries. Previous to each surgery, I experienced an odd fear that, for some reason, the surgical staff would cut me open and discover that I was not human. For years afterwards, I continued to wonder what would happen if that were to occur.

About book: Why? Giving him a shy glance, I responded bluntly.

Danielle Q. Lee. With tuition fees looming, university student, Cassia Tiponi, offers herself as a guinea pig to the science department. Cassia does not have human DNA. While being hunted by a dark faction of the govt and what.

With tuition fees looming, university student, Cassia Tiponi, is forced to offer herself as a guinea pig to the science department. After much poking and prodding by future doctors and nurses, a blood test reveals something startling... Cassia does not have human DNA. While being hunted by a dark faction of the government, she must uncover the secrets surrounding her mysterious birth to discover who...and what...she is.
Reviews: 7
I'm having a hard time describing this book, and I may say a SPOILER or two in this review so if you're not done reading the book, stop now....

I think this author is intelligent, creative, and an overall good writer. I did not see many if any typos like I have in other self-published "cheap" Kindle reads. I admit to reading it in a day because I simply could not put it down, I had to find out what happened next!! But I'm having a problem using the word "excellent" because, I hate to admit, I just dislike sad endings. I just knew the book HAD to end like that, but it was sad nonetheless. Perhaps a sequel is in order, so we can see how the twins are doing and this new race of people. And perhaps a new love interest for Keanu?? Surely the Magestic 12 isn't going to stop looking for them....
Inhuman was well written with a consistent flow, although it could have used a little more editing for typos. I agree with a previous reviewer about it being emotionally unsettling. As Cassia told her story, several times I felt like I had been kicked in the gut and was relieved some of the awful treatment and experiments she was subjected to was not described in more detail. This story is quite suspenseful and an emotional roller coaster. There were many questions to be answered, several of which remain unanswered. Still, well worth the price and time spent reading it. Awesome cover!
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This book is great!! I was gripped from the first chapter and related to the emotional journey that Cassia went through. The story has the twist, the pain, the hope, and the enjoyment that a reader wants out of a good read. If you are looking for a suspenseful story that holds the taste of government type, sci-fi yet down to earth tale, then this is the story for you. I was so gripped that I found my-self making time into wanting to know what happens next with Cassia. The book is not short or, too long. For me it was just right. The kindle edition does have a few grammar errors (as most books do) but nothing to cry about and the story puts you well pass them; but the narrating and story telling is greatly done. I recommend this book and have found a new author I look forward to reading again in the feature. Well done Danielle Q. Lee!!!! -- Genaro Zamora (author of "The Found")
I have mixed feelings about this book. It was written fairly well and an easy read. I felt as though it could have been so much better. The thought of finding out your DNA is classified as not human, really interested me. I am native American. I am not a Hopi and I do not know very much about their culture. I Goggled it, to see if they were still living in the past as this book implies. I was offended by the stereotypical Indian that was presented in this book.

The main protagonist Cassia was born is a cave. A medicine woman and a handmaiden delivered her. I never met an Indian born in a cave, we usually have our children in the hospital like everyone else. I can understand that Cassia's mother was hiding so I let that go. The statement of a medicine woman and a handmaiden is just so wrong. We have elders that use herbs to treat illness, that is true. I am sure the Hopi have the same. Knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. But a handmaiden by definition is a human servant and that is an insult. I doubt the Hopi women keep human servants.

In order to get money to pay for her tuition, Cassia allows the university to do medical experiments on her. She has never had blood work and is not familiar with any medical procedures. This implies that Cassia has never been to the doctors. Born in a cave, never having blood work or medical tests, just makes the Hopi look as though they don't care for their children. Indigenous peoples take medical care very seriously. Physicals and immunizations are understood very well by people who lost up to 70% of their population to small pox. Can anyone even get into grammar school without a physical and immunizations or a waver for not being immunized? Think about your own children and what you needed to get them into grammar school and college.

Cassia has never dated because the Hopi still have arrange marriages. Her bloodlines are unknown so she is unfit to be wed. This statement alone is an insult to native peoples.

I read that some Hopi still live in traditional houses which are pueblos. Most do not. Cassia's grandmother lives in a shack and her neighbor lives in a hut. There is nothing more important to native people than their children and their elders. I don't know of any native people that would let their elders live in shacks or huts. Most elders who can't live on their own are cared for by their children or other family members.

When Cassia returns to the reservation she meets an unknown man. Cassia observes that he is dressed modern, in jeans and a short sleeve shirt. She thinks about how they dress on the reservation, in leather and cotton. They make there own clothes. OMG, I have been on many reservations in my travels. People do have traditional clothing for ceremonies. There may be people who makes their own clothes like anywhere in the US. But to have jeans and a short sleeve shirt seem odd to her, is again stereotypical. All of the Indians I have meet in my travels wear modern clothes, just like everyone else. I have only seen traditional clothing at religious ceremonies.

I was so distracted by the stereotypical crap in this book, I couldn't get past it. I would get so angry when I was reading it. I think the story line was good, this could have been a really good book. I tried to imagine why the author decided to use a native student as a medical test subject with no medical background. Cassia could have been familiar with medical procedures. Most doctors don't do DNA tests unless you are seriously ill, or someone is trying to determine your paternity. Cassia could have had physicals and blood work in the past without anyone knowing that her DNA was not normal. Cassia was not determined to be different until her DNA was studied.

I would not recommend this book to a friend, and I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone in my family.
I enjoyed Inhuman quite a bit and think it would appeal to a wide range of audiences, including younger fans of the vampire/urban fantasy genre. It doesn't fall quite tightly into that genre, as it has elements of romance, government conspiracy theory and thriller as well. I found it to be a captivating read with a fast pace and good character development. The only thing keeping me from giving it the fifth star is that I felt it could have used a little more depth at the climax - I thought I needed a little more payoff for the buildup. But it was an excellent read and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Lee's work!
This was a great book. I could not put it down. I could feel the fear and pain right along with Cassia. I think that because the ending isnt the typical fairytale ending the book lingers in your thoughts long after you are done reading it.I would recommend this book to everyone it kept me capitivated from the begin to the end. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars was it seems alittle short and the end came abruptly from my point of view. I want you to know I am a 23yr old mother of one, so you can view the review from my perspective.