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Author: Alan Dean Foster
ISBN13: 978-1439194874
Title: Star Trek Movie Tie-In
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Publisher: Pocket Books; Reprint edition (August 31, 2010)

Star Trek Movie Tie-In by Alan Dean Foster

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Star Trek: The Original Series: Star Trek Movie Tie-In. His novel Shadowkeep was the first ever book adaptation of an original computer game. His novel Cyber Way won the Southwest Book Award for Fiction in 1990, the first work of science fiction ever to do so. Product Details. Publisher: Pocket Books (August 2010).

Star Trek Movie Tie-In. 1 5 Author: Alan Dean Foster. The New York Times bestselling novelization of . Abrams' blockbuster Star Trek movie explores the origins of James T. Kirk, Spock, and the crew of the USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek series and how these iconic characters came together. Are you willing to settle for an ordinary life? Or do you think you were meant for something better? Something special?" One grew up in the cornfields of Iowa, fighting for his independence, for a way out of a life that promised only indifference, aimlessness and.

Star Trek Movie Tie-In Paperback – May 12, 2009. by. Alan Dean Foster (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Book 3 of 3 in the Star Trek: The Reboot Series. Also one of the best things this novel and audio has going for it is written by classic Star Trek scribe Alan Dean Foster. Foster wrote the Star Trek Logs (these were novellas based on episodes of Classic Star Trek the animated series. and the depressing news is NONE of these novellas are on AUDIO!). In his hands, this unabridged audio text sparkles with less high tech and more high adventure. similar to when he did the Trek logs.

Star Trek Movie Tie-In Mass Market Paperback – August 31, 2010.

Written by Alan Dean Foster Read by Zachary Quinto Format: MP3 Bitrate: 160 Kbps Unabridged. The origins of James Kirk, Spock and the crew of the USS Enterprise from the 2009 film Star Trek and how these iconic characters came together in the alternate reality caused by Nero’s time travel. This book is the novelization of the 2009 film of the same name. An unabridged copy of Zachary Quinto’s reading of Alan Dean Foster’s adaptation of the screenplay by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman based upon Star Trek by Gene Rodenberry.

Star Trek Movie Tie-In, Foster Alan Dean.

Main Star Trek Movie Tie-In. Star Trek Movie Tie-In. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. The Time Of The Transferance.

Unabridged Audiobook. Do not know if was good or bad but I picture each of the crew as they were portrayed in the . The book had a young James Kirk as a young trouble maker, very bright and easily bored, and Spock as the winner of all the academic awards. Look forward to more Star Trek books. Donec in tortor in lectus iaculis vulputate.

"Are you willing to settle for an ordinary life?or do you think you were meant for something better? something special?" One grew up in the cornfields of Iowa, fighting for his independence,for a way out of a life that promised only indifference, aimlessness,and obscurity. "You will forever be a child of two worlds, capable of choosing your own destiny. the only question you face is, which path will you choose?" The other grew up on the jagged cliffs of the harsh Vulcan desert, fighting for acceptance, for a way to reconcile the logic he was taught with the emotions he felt. In the far reaches of the galaxy, a machine of war bursts into existence in a place and time it was never meant to be. On a mission of retribution for the destruction of his planet, its half-mad captain seeks the death of every intelligent being, and the annihilation of every civilized world. Kirk and Spock, two completely different and unyielding personalities, must find a way to lead the only crew, aboard the only ship, that canstop him. "The wait is over."
Reviews: 7
The novelization of the J. J. Abrams reboot. This time we meet James Tiberius Kirk and Spock before they became the famous pair of the Enterprise. A rip between parallel universes (or time travel, never quite clear); a vengeful and grieving Romulan; and the start of the best crew in any universe

If I like a film, I'm usually eager to read the script adaptation to fill in the blanks, to expand the emotions. I've always found Foster to be one of the best at this. And I did like this book...sorta. I wish I could explain why the hesitation, but I can't. In this case, at least for me, the movie was better than the book. Not something I say often. 3.5 out of 5 for the book; 4.5 out of 5 for the film.
I initially started reading the paperback book version of this book for myself. Then I found out that Zachary Quinto himself read the audiobook. 'Spock' could read the Star Trek novelisation to me? Oh, why not?

I'm not an avid fan of audiobooks. Usually they're slow, they're bland, the voices are never how I expect them. I'm a fast reader so I generally like to pick up books and read on my own. So, I was a little hesitant in buying this. Basically, I heard a clip of Quinto reading Chekov's voice and decided to try it.

I'm glad I did. Quinto voices EVERY character in a different voice. In his narration voice, if you didn't know who was reading, you probably wouldn't make the connection that it's technically Spock talking. However, when he voices Spock, THEN you know it's Spock talking. His accents for Scotty and Chekov are cute and pretty accurate. His Southern drawl for Bones makes me laugh- it doesn't really sound like Karl Urban to me- but it's not bad. I like it. You can hear the humour in his voice in some of the scenes and the disdain in his tone in others. Really, he does a superb job at capturing the tone, mood, and character voices.

As for the book itself, it follows the movie. It gives back story to details that may have been unclear in the movie, or just little details that maybe you wanted to know. Deleted scenes from the movie made it into the book- Spock's birth, Kirk's childhood leading to stealing the car in the beginning of the movie- and further develop the characters.

All in all, the audiobook is totally worth it if you don't mind having someone read to you, or if you're a fan of Quinto or his voice. The book is totally worth it all the way around, no matter what form you get it in. If you're a fan of Star Trek XI, then this book definitely is a must-have.
After watching the movie several times, I was REALLY looking forward to reading this book that is a tie-in with the movie! Boy, was I REALLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

The more I read this book, the more I questioned if Alan Dean Foster EVEN READ THE SAME SCRIPT that was written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman! It also became obvious that Foster DOES NOT KNOW HIS STAR TREK!!!!!!! He has Sarek, Spock's father, behaving like a HUMAN instead of someone born and raised on Vulcan! He has Younger Spock behaving like Kirk, punching out a Romulan, during interrogation, INSTEAD OF USING THE VULCAN MIND MELD THAT IS SO PROMINENTLY PORTRAYED IN THE MOVIE!!!!! Plus there were several inconsistencies; for example Foster cites two different Regulation numbers referring to the SAME regulation of being emotionally compromised while in command! He mentions that Spock Prime called Kirk "Captain" at the first meeting at the cave entrance. (Which didn't happen! Spock Prime asks, LATER, "You are not the captain?") He also IGNORED the fact that Dr. McCoy IS FROM GEORGIA, NOT KENTUCKY!!!! And that line he wrote in the book: "Left with nothing but my skeleton"?!?!?!? HELLOOOOO, the line in the movie SPECIFICALLY SAID THE WORD "B-O-N-E-S", which is WHERE HE GETS HIS NICKNAME FROM!!!!!!! And tossing the dog in, at the end, making a strange reference to the dog's ears???? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?!?!? In my opinion, Foster should have had a Trekker proof-read the galley proofs BEFORE it hit the publisher's desk!

Either Foster needs to go back to TREK School or the TREK fans can write BETTER than he did!!!!!!
4,5 stars for a very good novelisation. Foster writes the characters well (especially Spock) and with grace, delivered in an equally well-written prose. It has given a twist on a tale I've already seen three times in movie format and one more time in the graphic novel (what can I say, I'm a big fan of the reboot and like many millennials, it's what got me into the fandom in the first place), and it's been an awesome and enjoyable ride. I really love how he handles the narrative. In some ways, I actually enjoyed the novelisation more than the movie since it expanded on a lot of things without getting bogged down with too many details. A fine line to walk. It's odd, but...it can be said that the novelisation is better than the movie, at least in some aspects.

Would definitely recommend, especially for fans of the reboot.