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Author: Peter James
ISBN13: 978-0752876771
Title: Sweet Heart
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Orion (an Imprint of the Orion Publishing Group LT; UK ed. edition (November 17, 2005)
Pages: 384

Sweet Heart by Peter James

Peter James was educated at Charterhouse and then at film school. He lived in North America for a number of years, working as a screen writer and film producer (his projects included the award-winning Dead of Night) before returning to England.

I thought this book, Sweet Heart by Peter James started off a bit slow, but after a few pages I really got into the story. Charley feels a sense of Deja Vu about the house, Elmwood Mill, but puts it down to her imagination until they actually move in when strange happenings start to occur. This is the first non crime book of Peter James that I have read and it was very good. A subtle horror/past lives tale with a likeable principal character. It was an Amityville type tale of a house with supernatural issues combined with the more subtle psychological experience of someone reliving a past life. The plot was very convincing and not far fetched but what let it down was the rushed ending, the pace at the end felt like it was out of place with the rest of the tale.

A fitfully chilling variation on James's old-fashioned damsel- in-demonic-distress theme (Dreamer, 1990; Possession, 1988) finds Charley Witney and her lawyer-husband moving into a country house- -which turns out to be haunted by a most malevolent ghost. A final hypnotic session, sufficiently terrifying to strike the hypnotist dead, uncovers the secret behind Charley's woes-one stemming from the homicidal sins of her mother, and powerful enough to free, in an exciting climactic stalk-and-slash, the vengeful spirit behind all this mayhem. Well written, with nice scares and very rich characters, but, here, James is basically repeating himself (and fellow Jameses Henry and . despite the sex-gore overlay.

Except she knows she hasn't. After Charley and her husband Tom move into Elmwood Mill, sinister memories of a previous existence start to haunt he. espite both their attempts to dismiss everything with rational explanations, the feeling turns to certainty as the memories become increasingly vivid and terrifying.

International Best Seller. Published October 1991. Published April 1991.

July 2018 : UK Paperback.

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Charley has a strange feeling when she sees the idyllic mill house with its cluster of outbuildings. A powerful sense of recognition, as if she has been there before. Except she knows she hasn't. After Charley and her husband move into Elmwood Mill, sinister memories of a previous existense start to haunt her.
Reviews: 7
I keep thinking I've come to the end of James' marvelous oeuvre, then find another glorious book, waiting for me. He is as inventive as he is wise, as literary as he is frightening. I hope I continue to find books of his, barely hidden, calling to me...
Another satisfying read from Peter James. I guessed the final outcome, albeit a bit obvious. However, the storyline is good and moves along at steady pace, quick enough to keep the interest, without the pace of a formula one racer.
A good read that’s thought provoking and brings a new dimension to, ‘Who do you think you are?’
I normally enjoy books by Peter James but not this one. Although I thought reading a super-natural book would be interesting I did not like the story line which involved a nasty ghost. I skimmed through the boring bits and was glad to reach the end.
quite disturbing in places not a relaxing read
Got what my wife ordered
A little slow to begin with...but I think that was more to do with scene setting as there is lots of description, but once Charley and Tom move to the country the story picks up and pulls the reader in. I love supernatural and horror style novels but I'm also a sceptic. This story delves into the supernatural as well as touching on horror and is very much in the vein of the traditional 'old house with history'...BUT it's also very compelling.

As the reader we can pre-empt some of the plot but that didn't spoil it, it was imaginative and intriguing....even to sceptics!!
Peter James is wonderful!!! I usually don't read anything supernatural....I never did get over the Excorsist.....but i was already into the book before i realized thats what is was about....too late, i was hooked....and sitting up at night...actually getting chills!!! ahhhh.....This author hasnt disappointed me yet!! so now im going back to look for books i may have missed.
A good read by my favourite author. Really good if you're into ghost stories. Looking forward to reading more books by Peter James.