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Author: Zane Grey
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Title: The Spirit of the Border
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The Spirit of the Border by Zane Grey

At this time, the United States' frontier began at Fort Pitt (present-day Pittsburgh), and the Ohio River was a main artery to penetrate the thickly-forested, unsettled and dangerous west country. Zane Grey writes about a region with which he is intimately familiar. He is a direct descendant of some of the people mentioned in the book, who founded settlements in the area that exist today. He tells us in an introduction that he even utilized a diary of one of his ancestors. As such, one can feel that this book, though fiction, is a labor of love. Almost all the personalities, even the main Indians, are actual historical personalities, as are all the white men mentioned by name.

Read by Leonard Wilson  . This was a very engaging and exciting book. It takes a positive view of Lou Wetzel's role in the frontier - but the author is unapologetic that this is his intent. Zane Grey's writing may not be PC by today's standards, but he shows a deep knowledge of Indian culture and human nature and includes in his story a sampling of both good and bad men in cast of red and white characters. This story reflects the white thinking of the time as characters talk about the Indian savages

Zane Grey was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the rugged Old West  . His total book sales exceed 40 million. based on his stories. Many comic books were based on Zane Grey's novels. They were published after his death in 1939. This is a comic book that is based on one of his novels. Look for the file i. br (comic book reader) format.

They all have writing on the inside cover from Grandma and Grandpa. This book was written in 1906 by Zane Grey.

The writer is the fortunate possessor of historical material of undoubted truth and interest. It is the long- lost journal of Colonel Ebenezer Zane, one of the most prominent of the hunter-pioneers who labored in the settlement of the Western country. The story of that tragic period deserves a higher place in historical literature than it has thus far been given, and this unquestionably because of a lack of authentic data regarding the conquering of the wilderness.

Zane Grey-The Lone Star Ranger 1155. Zane Grey-The Young Forester (Dodo Press) 1157.

The author Zane Grey is her great-grandnephew. It features the exploits of Lewis Wetzel, a historical personage who had dedicated his life to the destruction of Native Americans and to the protection of nascent white settlements in that region.

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"The Spirit of the Border" is Zane Grey's 1906 historical novel based on events occurring in the Ohio River Valley in the late 18th century. The second installment in a trilogy that includes "Betty Zane" and "The Last Trail", which details the exploits of Lewis Wetzel, an American frontiersman who has dedicated his life to fighting Native Americans. Known as "Deathwind", Lewis is faced with the challenge of having to single-handedly save Fort Henry from Chief Wingenund and the Indians of the Ohio River Valley. A tale of adventure set in the American Old West, Zane Grey's "The Spirit of the Border" is a classic of the western genre.
Reviews: 7
I first read this book when I was a mere lad, probably in grade school. I am sure that I was intrigued and inspired by it growing up in northeastern Indiana. have never forgotten it, so I jumped at the chance to get a free Kindle version. Reading it as an adult gave me a different experience and perspective, for I had not remembered how sappy it was in places or how it was not very flattering to Indians. I am still glad I read it again, and I would recommend it for anyone who may have read it when they were young.
This book rewrites history about a massacre of American Indians in Ohio. The book says that it was committed by other Indians with the guidance of white "renegades". The actual history of the event is that it was committed by white militia from Pennsylvania with no help from Indians.
Hawk Flying
This is a fascinating story of frontier men and women who face challenging times as they try to establish their lives in missionary border settlements where they are trying to convert Indians to their religious beliefs and improve their lives through raising cattle and farming. Many brutal and sacrificing events take place in this wilderness territory. There are a number of hiding places revealed in the wilderness that are used as a sanctuary for young couples trying to survive being pursued by blood lusting Indians. Many noble acts of valor are depicted in the face of extreme brutality by warring Indian tribes. Vengeance and mercy are also found in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
As always Zane Grey captures the readers imagination with his ability to intertwine a complex tale of the good guys, the bad guys and yes, always a fair lady in distress. The lady is always saved but in an unique way that leads to a good quality of suspense. You get angry at the bad guy and hope the good guy doesn't get hurt too badly. Zane Grey does this to his readers by setting the tone and tine of a truly great western. It is difficult to put on of his novels down and many times I have awakened with his book across my chest. L Lee Parmeter Author
My father had a Zane Grey collection when I was a young boy. I would fall asleep reading about mountain men and Indians sneaking through the woods, fighting each other with tomahawks and muskets and sitting around campfires all night. Ahhhh such simpler times, even as a boy compared to now.

When I found the Zane Grey collection on Amazon I was absolutely thrilled. I immediately bought my old favorite "The Spirit of the Border" and wow, I had forgotten just how much I enjoy Greys writing and his characters.

From a long busy day in traffic, bosses being bosses, bills, noise etc., as soon as I started reading about these mountain men and trailblazers I was 10 yrs old again wanting to pack up and go join them.

I'll be reading the entire collection again, a peaceful escape.
Certainly reading Zane Grey is reading a legendary writer. I usually read police and espionage type books but decided to take a break since they were getting routine. I am very glad I chose Grey for the hiatus.
A true master whose style is different from any other I have read. Love it. Give one a try
You can't help but get pulled in to the adventures of the Greys and Lew Wetzel in the early days of the Ohio River Valley. Excellent read!
I've enjoyed Zane Grey novels since the 1950's as my father had a collection of 57 of them. I read almost all of them, so this is a reread. I enjoy his description of the places in the story and can almost visualize the locations. I do not plan to reread all of his books, but will probably reread some of them, just for old time's sake.