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Author: Jeffrey Archer
ISBN13: 978-1851523825
Title: A Matter of Honour
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Chancellor Press (July 8, 1993)
Pages: 784

A Matter of Honour by Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer is married with two children and lives in London and Cambridge. CORONET BOOKS Hodder and Stoughton. First published in Great Britain. Archer, Jeffrey A matter of honour I. Title 823'.

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88888888888889 36 5 Autor: Jeffrey Archer Czyta: Martin Jarvis. The opening of a letter leads to a desperate chase across Europe in A Matter of Honour by Jeffrey Archer, one of the world's bestselling novelists. Adam Scott listens to the reading of his father's will, aware that the contents can only be meagre. The Colonel, after all, had nothing to leave - except a letter he had never opened himself, a letter that can only bring further disgrace to the family name. Against his mother's advice, Adam opens the letter, and immediately realizes his.

ANTONIO CAVALLI stared intently Text file. Jeffrey Archer – Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less. 199 Pages·2006·796 KB·7,046 Downloads. Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less by Jeffrey Archer. Prologue Jeffrey Archer – SONS of fortune. 33 MB·5,872 Downloads. Printed in the United States of America. No part Text file conver. JEFFREY ARCHER – A Twist In the Tale. 122 Pages·2006·307 KB·2,924 Downloads.

Archer, Jeffrey - A Prison Diary. A Matter of Honour A Matter of Honour Archer, Jeffrey - Sons Of Fortune. Archer, Jeffrey-Scorpion Trail. Archer, Jeffrey - A Twist In the Tale. Archer, Jeffrey - Kane And Abel. Archer, Jeffrey - Twelve Red Herrings. Report "Archer, Jeffrey - A Matter of Honour".

A Matter of Honour – 1986. First Among Equals – 1984. The Prodigal Daughter – 1982. Sizzles along at a pace that would peel the paint off a spaceship. Jeffrey Archer has written the equivalent of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Baltimore Sun. A wild, no-hold-barred slam-bang, pell-mell international thriller. Books by Jeffrey Archer

Publication date 1940. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item 2015. author: Jeffrey Archer d. ate. te: 2011-07-00 d. citation: 1940 d. dentifier. origpath: 052 d. copyno: 1 d.

A Matter of Honour is a novel by Jeffrey Archer, first published in 1986. In 1966 disgraced British colonel bequeaths a mysterious letter to his only son. The "item in question" that Adam's father's letter leads him to acquire from a safe deposit box in Switzerland is a precious Russian Orthodox icon made long ago for the Russian czars which by misadventure came into the possession of Hermann Göring sometime in the 1930s

Contains "A Matter of Honour", "Shall We Tell the President" and "First Among Equals". All three books are political thrillers, the first echoes the life of the author, the second follows the career of Florentyna Kane and the third looks at four men and their dream of becoming Prime Minister.
Reviews: 7
Trash Obsession
Jeffrey Archer weaves a wonderfully fast-paced story into the historical context of the Cold War. The story takes place in 1966 and has several references to events that happened in the previous 99 years. Some of the events seem far-fetched, but Mr. Archer develops the plot in such a way to make them work. Perhaps the most implausible element of the plot is that Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering would have gone out of his way to show any consideration to a representative of the enemy who had defeated Germany and was about to execute him. But it is not hard to get past the implausible and enjoy the story.

In addition to the fast-paced plot with multiple creative plot twists, Mr. Archer has a very satisfying writing style. Unlike many other novelists, Mr. Archer is capable of creating dialogue and conveying emotions without relying on four-letter words. He works in appropriate similes such as “waiting like an orphan who has been told there will be second helpings.” And he helps explain context to his readers by seamlessly inserting social commentary such as “Swiss taxi drivers know the way to the banks in the same way as London cabbies can always find a theater and New York’s cabs a West Side bar” and “a lapsed Catholic, he found he no longer believed in God—except when he was ill, frightened, or in an airplane.”

One could argue that the protagonist, Adam Scott, is a bit too virtuous, and the adversary, Alex Romanov, is a bit too villainous. This is probably true, but these characterizations enable the author to develop suspense as Romanov uses his skills to attempt to capture Scott and the unique work of art that he possesses and Scott uses his skills to try to evade capture.
There is a certain formula to a type of political spy thriller, and it goes like this. Nice, naive (usually rich and handsome) guy gets himself entangled in a major international conspiracy. Everyone, including his own Government, tries to kill him, but with luck, pluck, and some help from unlikely allies (one of whom *must* be a gorgeous woman), he survives, beats all obstacles, and saves the world.

In this book, while we can see the skeleton of the formula ...those bones are magnificently covered, and what could be just another spy thriller of the type made famous (or infamous, depending on your preferences) by Robert Ludlum becomes a vibrant, unique and entirely readable spy thriller that combines action on all levels, with characters you can believe, in a setting that some readers will remember.

to begin with, the main character, though nice and good looking, isn't rich. He also has a skill set that makes his actions and daring-do very believable. Sure, he learns some things as he goes, but he has the basic combat and survival skills he will need, and, right from the beginning, we know how he obtained them. In addition, though, he is a very decent and honorable person, and while he gets himself entangled in a whee of a mess, he gets out of it with as much brain power as hand to hand combat skills.

The setting is the cold war era ...and, like John Le Carre, the author has a fine understanding of that particularly paranoid part of modern history, and presents it accurately and with just enough detail to make it entirely credible. All of the major factions are represented beautifully, and it is easy to just slip back in time to those days when nobody trusted anybody, and usually for very good reasons.

As always, the writing is crisp and straightforward. The author has a story to tell, and the command of language to tell it with grace and finesse.

It so happens that I love such books, so I tend to be critical of them. John Le Carre is my personal bench mark ...and Jeffrey Archer definitely reaches it, in this novel. In fact, while reading it, I felt as though I was enjoying the best of John Le Carre and Ian Fleming, all in one delightful package.
You won't be disappointed in this book. It is absolutely spellbinding. Archer is his usual genius.

This book was written in 1986, long before Kindles. So apparently what Hodder and Stoughton did was simply do a scan of the type. Then they emailed the digital format, utterly untouched and unread, to Amazon. And it really shows.

Barely five or 10 pages go by before you notice the next typo or word substitution. These scanners are much improved but just not perfect.

Most annoying are the missing page breaks. One paragraph you are in London with Adam and the very next paragraph you suddenly realize you are in Moscow with Alex. Clearly there was meant to be a couple lines separation. But it just isn't there.

But, I want to know why I have to pay $7.99 -- the same price as the proofread paper version? If there are no standards for Kindle materials, there at least ought to be a discount.