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Author: Richard Laymon
ISBN13: 978-0843950472
Title: Darkness, Tell Us
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Dorchester Pub Co Inc (February 1, 2003)
Pages: 392

Darkness, Tell Us by Richard Laymon

Darkness tell us. Richard Laymon. Chapter One. "I don't think that's such a good idea," Dr. Dalton said. Oh, come on. It'll be kicks. Lana, standing on tiptoes, continued to pull the flat box of the Ouija off the bookshelf. The games stacked on top of it teetered. Us? I mean, I've studied a little about this kind of thing. From what I've read, the consensus seems to be that the pointer's movements are probably controlled by the subconscious mind of one of the participants. Which, in itself, could be interesting," Lana said. A nice theory," Doris said. Nice in its Elizabethan sense - meaning simple, naive, and ignorant. Keith nodded, grinning.

Darkness, Tell Us book. It started as a game. Six college kids at a party. Where do I start to rave over this novel? My heart stayed in my throat the entire time, and no distractions could sway me from my reading.

Darkness, Tell Us is a gruesome horror novel from the hugely popular Richard Laymon, in the bestselling tradition of Dean Koontz and Stephen King. At a party, six college kids play with an Ouija board - that same one that Professor Dalton swore never to touch again - not after Jake's death. And now a spirit is telling the students about a vast fortune, hidden in the mountains I was completely hooked by the plot which instantly grabbed my attention'. This book really catches your attention and if you love horror, seduction and suspense mixed together with a twist you really will LOVE this book'.

When a group of college students break out an old Ouija board during a party, they unleash the spirit of the Butler, who, in turn for complying with his wishes, promises them a treasure if they journey to a remote area in the mountains where either great riches or unspeakable evil awaits them.

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Book Summary of Darkness, Tell Us. At an end-of-term college party, six students come across a Ouija board. When a spirit called Butler tells them of a fortune hidden in the mountains, they head off on a two-day hike into the wilderness, where any danger may lie in wait to cut and slice and tear them limb from limb. Details of Book: Darkness, Tell Us. Richard Laymon (BSID:27266). Darkness, Tell Us. R. Lazmon, Richard Laymon.

Richard Laymon died in 2001 of a heart attack. What the guy out in the wild who attacked the group had to do with the underlying story of Angela's family abuse made no sense  . and what a page turner! Definitely a 5 star book and then some.

Strona główna Darkness, Tell Us. Obrazek jest niedostępny. Laymon Richard. ISBN 13: 9780755331741.

When a group of college students break out an old Ouija board during a party, they unleash the spirit of the Butler, who, in turn for complying with his wishes, promises them a treasure if they journey to a remote area in the mountains where either great riches or unspeakable evil awaits them. Original.
Reviews: 7
It is never a good thing when a Ouija board is used for just wanting to find out things so it is even worse when it is used to hunt for something. Which is what happens in this book. Some college friends get together over at one of their professor's house and end up playing with a Ouija board. They ask the board the normal questions, but then things take a twisting turn as the board tells them that there is "treasure" to be found and they are going to have to travel to the mountains to find it.

They steal the board and off they go on a camping trip to find their "treasure". What happens next is the most twisted edge of your seat thriller that you can find in a Laymon book. Of course, you have the normal stuff that you will find in a Laymon book too with sex, gore, more sex, and more gore.

This is a very tension gripping tale of college kids trying to have some fun and they end up with something beyond their wildest nightmares. The book takes off from the first chapter and spirals through a terror ride to the end of the book. Four stars on this twisted tale!
This book was amazing. It is everything I love about Laymon. Yes, the dialogue can get clunky. Yes, you have seen scenes like this before. But no one tells a story like this like Laymon does. He is an absolute master at controlling the pace of the story. He increases the speed mercilessly as the novel nears the end.
Predictable is irrelevant in Laymon's hands, and I didn't find the novel entirely predictable by any means. He knows when to reveal details of the plot and when to keep the reader guessing. Character revelations add shock value to the plot development and keep the plot tangled like a web.
The twists and turns are typical of Laymon. If you like him you have probably seen some of them before but if you are like me, they don’t diminish; rather, they become more valuable each time I read them. Maybe it is because he is gone now and each Laymon novel I read is one novel closer to the last time I will experience one of his stories for the first time.
I've been a big fan of Richard Laymon's other works, but this one does not measure up. The story of a group of kids taking off on a wild camping trip in search of a treasure they learned about by using a Ouija board sounds like a good premise, but for me it was too all over the place. What the guy out in the wild who attacked the group had to do with the underlying story of Angela's family abuse made no sense. I still wonder who he was or what he eventually wanted to do with Coreen since he kept saying he wouldn't hurt her. I didn't feel any emotional connection or empathy towards the characters and I found the ending to be rather stupid. Despite my dislike for this particular book, I'm still a Laymon fan and will continue to read his other books.
The overall plot of the story was well paced and engaging. Unfortunately the character development was inconsistent, leaving plenty of holes in backstory's that felt like they'd be important, but were never clearly covered. There was a major flaw in the mechanics of the story that needed much more development before it could ever seem plausible. Never got there though.
Wowee wowzers wow.

If you love juicy books that keep you up all night reading, then Laymon is the way to go!

Lana, Angela, Doris, Howard, Keith and Glen set out on an expedition 500 miles away from their homes, looking for a treasure promised to them by Butler, a spirit they contact on their end of school year summer party, through an Ouija board.

I love how Laymon can have 6 characters, who are all different from each other, who's names you actually remember and who you begin to care for. I have read way too many books with one dimensional characters who's name escaped me after 5 minutes.

This book kept me glued to its pages till 2 am every night, for four nights.

The kids set out on their trip to Calamity peak, soon to be followed by their teacher, the owner of the board and her lover. Now if you have ever had experience with Laymon and his "lost in the woods" type books, this is a gem! Nothings scarier than dark quiet thousands of forest miles, with random scary characters only he can create.

They are soon confronted with the local madman, but they do not stop on their pursuit of the treasure. So far all the clues they got from Butler were true so they do not stop.

Other than the madman and the vast space they travel through, the characters are involved in their own romantic situations, and Laymon does his usual job with the teenager raging hormones. Maybe bit too much sex stuff for my taste, but didn't spoil the book for me at all.

I absolutely loved the gory ending, It was extremely intense, just when you felt all was good and safe, the cold nasty dread creped up and took it all away!! I cant stop thinking about it, I love how good books end up with a great ending. No disappointment there!

Overall a great read, the 400 pages breeze buy in this captivating and hellowa juicy book!
This book by the master of horror(R.I.P) scared the crap outta me. He set he book up and it took off into a final climax that will thrill and surprise you. I highly recommend this book to all fans of modern horror!