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Author: Jean Plaidy
ISBN13: 978-0709024293
Title: Victoria Victorious
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Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Robert Hale London (1985)
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Victoria Victorious by Jean Plaidy

Jean Plaidy - "Victoria Victorious"". И като ставим настрана удоволствието от самия факт, че за пръв път от месеци насам чета книга, която ще превеждам, книгата е чудесна. След като ги "преодолях", четенето потръгна. Авторката има много приятен стил, "спъвах" се само малко в началото, защото на моменти не ми беше ясно д Jean Plaidy - "Victoria Victorious"". So, maybe Plaidy doesn’t suck if I come out of the book hating Vicky as much as I did? Couldn’t she have condensed it though? Seriously, it went on and on and on and on and o. ou get the idea.

From three rivers press. The wives of henry VIII. The Regent's Daughter. Goddess of the Green Room. Victoria in the Wings. The queen victoria series. The Captive of Kensington Palace. The Queen and Lord M.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. In this unforgettable novel of Queen Victoria, Jean Plaidy re-creates a remarkable life filled with romance, triumph, and tragedy. At birth, Princess Victoria was fourth in line for the throne of England, the often-overlooked daughter of a prince who died shortly after her birth

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Read "Victoria Victorious The Story of Queen Victoria" by Jean Plaidy with Rakuten Kobo  . At birth, Princess Victoria was fourth in line for the throne of England, the often-overlooked daughter of a prince who died shortly after her birth. She and her mother lived in genteel poverty for most of her childhood, exiled from court because of her mother’s dislike of her uncles, George IV and William IV.

Queen of England Series). Contemporary Fiction. Jean Plaidy, by the skilful blending of superb storytelling and meticulous attention to authenticity of detail and depth of characterisation has become one of the country’s most widely read novelists. Full-blooded, dramatic, exciting. Plaidy excels at blending history with romance and drama.

About Victoria Victorious.

Reviews: 7
At age 18, Princess Victoriawas to become the Queen of England due to the death of an uncle. Her mother was very controlling and now she was free. She met the love of her life, Albert,who had been raised by a beloved uncle. Her life was filled with romance, triumph and tragedy. She reigned for 64 years and during her reign England expanded it's empire around the world. She was beloved by her people she was astute, smart and had a way with those she ruled. She did have a temper and these were referred to as storms but she always was able to come away with a greater understanding of herself. I enjoyed this book very much because historical novels are my favorite.
Thoroughly enjoyable written in the first person, I didn't want this book to end! I would have liked it to go on forever! I already know a bit about Victoria and have always had an interest in her. This book is so far the best one I've read because for me it gave a good sturdy insight into the political side of things during her reign, which I am easily confused with when it comes to politics, but this book practically spells it out nice and simply to someone like me. It covers her entire life and reign. A lot of people don't realise that Victoria was a very sensitive loving caring young girl and a fun-loving young woman. She was entirely devoted to being a good Queen as well as being a totally devoted wife to the love of her life Albert. I find the shenanigans and manipulations of Victoria's mother a lot to be desired, and found myself rooting for Victoria everytime she defied her mother. My admiration and respect for Victoria has only grown more, so the title is indeed suitable.
Victoria Victorius follows the life of Great Britain's Queen Victoria from childhood through old age. It was written in the first person like a diary/journal. I felt as if I really knew Victoria and enjoyed seeing the personality changes.

There were parts of the book that drew me in and became page turners. However, there were other parts that seemed a bit tedious and made me feel as if I were reading a history book, particularly in the latter part of the book. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it overall.
This book thoroughly probes the long life of Queen Victoria. It is quite different from some of the superficial conceptions of this woman. One understands her attitude towards child-bearing and raising. The reader feels sorry for poor little Prince Bertie who could never compete with his older and talented sister, Vicky. One is also appalled by Victoria's childhood and the attitude of her mother. Prince Albert seems to need a course in modern child-raising. Albert comes across as a fine man but lacking in interpersonal relationships. It was hard for him to play second fiddle to his wife, the reigning queen. It is amazing how Queen Victoria tended to yield to his viewpoint in most areas.
Victoria acts so childish and narcissistic even as an adult and seems so out of touch with the people(probably like most monarchs). Prince consort Albert is the real power behind the throne as he's an intelligent and somewhat manipulating person; especially when it comes to handling his temperamental wife.
A few more dates should have been included to help the reader mentally keep events in chronological order.
Victoria Victorious is a well-written account of Queen Victoria's life, from her birth to her death. Written and dramatised in first person point-of-view, I found that it infused soul and energy into her fascinating life.
If only they could have made history books this interesting when I went to school!
This is the third volume in Jean Plaidy's well-written "Queens of England" series of books. In it, the author details the life and reign of Queen Victoria, from her rise as a young, sheltered princess to a Queen who would give her name to an era. For over sixty years, Victoria ruled over England, longer than any monarch before her or since.
As in all the books in the "Queens of England" series, it is written in a first person narrative, creating an intimacy of style that makes the book all the more compelling and immensely readable. Replete with fascinating period detail, political machinations, public personages, and historical events that were a part of Queen Victoria's life, the author builds a sympathetic, three dimensional portrait of a woman and queen.
The author recounts the early years of Victoria and her ascension to the throne, firmly rooting the house of Hanover in English history. She takes the reader through the Queen's marriage to Prince Albert from their early innocent, halcyon days to the later, more troubled ones that would give fruit to a mature and abiding love that would span a lifetime. The book recounts the births of their numerous children, and the joys and sorrows that they would bring Victoria. The premature death of her husband at the age of forty, however, would mark Victoria for the remainder of her long life.
The often fractious relationships Victoria would have with some of her Prime Ministers is recounted, as are the one ones that were more harmonious. Familial relationships, scandals, and intrigues would also have their impact, not just on Victoria's immediate family, but on the monarchy and the world, as well. Such is the lot of a royal family, and Victoria's was no different. World events and their effect on the British Empire also pepper this book, and at the center of it all was the indomitable Queen Victoria, a monarch for the ages.
This is a wonderful book that those with a penchant for historical fiction will, no doubt, enjoy. Ms. Plaidy is a master storyteller, seamlessly weaving a tapestry of events and personalities that make this book one to be savored.
A good narration of 60 years of British monarchical history. The friendship and conflicts between the crown and the prime ministers were nicely presented.