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Author: Zane Grey
ISBN13: 978-0765363121
Title: The Mysterious Rider
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Forge Books (February 3, 2009)

The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey

Author of. The man of the forest,the . 280. The mysterious rider. Chapter I. A September sun, losing some of its heat if not its brilliance, wasdropping low in the west over the black Colorado range.

CHAPTER I. A September sun, losing some of its heat if not its brilliance, was dropping low in the west over the black Colorado range. Purple haze began to thicken in the timbered notches. Gray foothills, round and billowy, rolled down from the higher country. They were smooth, sweeping, with long velvety slopes and isolated patches of aspens that blazed in autumn gold. His gait on that edge of steep slope proved his rider to be a reckless cowboy for whom no heights or depths had terrors. She would have recognized him from the way he rode, if she had not known the slim, erect figure. The cowboy saw her instantly. He pulled the mustang, about to plunge down the slope, and lifted him, rearing and wheeling. Then Columbine waved her hand.

The Mysterious Rider book. Pearl Zane Grey was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the rugged Old West.

Author of. The man of the forest, the .

LibriVox recording of The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey. Read in English by Mary Bard This book has all the elements of a classic Western, including rustling and gunfights, but at its heart is the battle between good and evil, between duty and love, between selfishness and self-sacrifice. The ‘mysterious rider’ of the title arrives at White Slides ranch, and his coming will have major consequences for many of those living there, not least for Columbine who is promised to a man she cannot love

The. Mysterious rider. trail, riders of the purple sage, the desert of wheat, etc. Illustrations. The Rustlers of Pecos County. Riders of the purple sage. The Day of the Beast. The Redheaded Outfield, and Other Baseball Stories. To the Last Man. By Zane Grey.

I would highly recommend it for the younger generation, boys or girls. I found the book very enjoyable. If you want to read a western about shootouts, and that sort of thing, then this is not your book. But for a good, descriptive drama, that grabs you and makes the pages turn, then this is the book for you. Rancher Bill Belllounds had brought up Columbine as though she were his daughter

The Mysterious Rider. 0 5 Author: Zane Grey. He came to the Belilounds ranch, no one knew from where; a man of middle age, gentle, kindly, but so terrible a gunfighter that they called him "Hell Bent" Wade. He played the part of fate in all their lives, and only when the inevitable tragedy came and the Mysterious Rider made the great sacrifice did they know - and out of that tragedy came the light of love.

A romantic adventure featuring Hell Bent Wade, a good man with a violent temper.  Now he’s a wandering gunfighter, one who turns up one day at Bellhounds Ranch.  Through helping right some wrongs, Wade soon finds that he can have not only peace, but redemption

Reviews: 7
"Lass, there's got to be balance in nature. If it weren't for the ugly an' the evil, we wouldn't know the beautiful an' good..."

More than just your ordinary Western, I simply love the manner in which this author writes! Do yourself a favor and grab more than one from a collection like Zane Grey Collection ASIN: B01D5FCIOW, The Zane Grey Collection: 38 Classic Works ASIN: B00DGX79IO so as to get more bang for your buck. A great read and leave you with one final passage before I ride off into the sunset "I love life, with all it brings. I wouldn't have the joy without the pain." Get this book!
A type cast old fashioned western. The hero is true to helpless maiden. The good folks are perfect, though set on by tragedy. But the plot has some twists and turns,and the descriptions of the hills beautiful in bloom, and the man at home in that element is very visually written. His characters are written with their drawls of the west,so thouroughly convincing that it surprised me to find that Zane Grey was actually a dentist working on teeth. I guess it might have been an escape for him as well as for his readers!
can't say that this was the perfect book,so I could not give it a 5. The book was enjoyable reading,it did very well at keeping your attention and interest, while not becoming a one track of action. I think the writer did a good job of keeping the reader off balance with the character types, though to some this could be something not to the reader's liking. I would tell my dad-in-law about the book, and anyone who likes to read western books.
Good reading. The girl was wishy tho. The descriptions of the mountains and ranch lands was great. Would recommend this book to western book readers
I gave 4 stars because some one need to correct the problems of words not having spaces. For example: the words to see will have no space. Many times that it takes away from the story a little trying to finger out the words. Great story with many twists and turns. I enjoyed language of that time and some reference to believing in God. The person who talks about God is the person most would notbelieve to talk of God. This is just a little part of story but enjoyable part. Glad I read all the story.
I used to own the little cabin in Yampa, Colorado, that Zane Grey used as a 'quiet place'
while he wrote this book. Many of the scenes he describes in the book were actual places he visited, like Trappers Lake, and the Flattops mtns.
He stayed here, in the Antlers Hotel, and included his description of the wide main street, with hotels and
saloons, and the fact that it was a stage stop, back in the old days.
-Daryl Hansen
Zane is a writer form 100 years ago and I found this book somewhat tedious. While I enjoy Dickens and Austen, somehow I'm not a real fan of Grey.
I like his descriptions of the country, but I got rather frustrated with his characters going back and forth and long discourses on thought, etc.
No bad language, no bad content, just a bit tedious for me.
I liked the story but have to give the book as presented a low rate. I like Zane Grey and even his son's work so it is hard for me to low rate the book. The story is one of romance, tragedy and pretty typical of Grey's style of writing. If you can get past the poor grammar, run on and broken words at the wrong places it is a good read but often frustrating to follow. I recommend a paper copy.