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Author: Abby Grahame
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Title: Wentworth Hall
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Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books (July 1, 2012)
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Wentworth Hall by Abby Grahame

What a fun read! Wentworth Hall by Abby Grahame was almost like a historical Gossip Girl. This book was just a darling to read, and I really enjoyed it. For fans of historical fiction, this is a must read. Abby Grahame’s debut novel, Wentworth Hall, is a combination of all of the above and more. Filled with themes and story lines that involve the mixing of social classes, lies, deceit, unrequited/lost loves, gossip and more, this book is jam packed from start to finish. The Darlington family is one of the most powerful families in all of England in the beginning of the twentieth-century.

Author: Abby Grahame. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers, 2012. It’s 1912, and the Darlingtons of Wentworth Hall have more than just the extensive grounds to maintain.

Книга Wentworth Hall, автор Grahame Abby - (The prettiest people often have the ugliest secret. ighteen-year-old Maggie Darlington has turned into an entirely different person. The once spirited teen is now passive and reserved. A change Lord and Lady Darlington can’t help but be grateful for.

Read "Wentworth Hall" by Abby Grahame with Rakuten Kobo. A must-read for Downton Abbey fans-a lush, historical novel about the secretive Darlingtons of Wentworth Hall  . This item can't be purchased in Russia.

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Visit Wentworth Hall. It’s one of England’s oldest estates, and the Darlingtons are among the elite class of British society. But under the wealth are secrets that must stay hidden. Read and listen to as many books as you like! Download books offline, listen to several books simultaneously, switch to kids mode, or try out a book that you never thought you would. Discover the best book experience you'd ever have.

WENTWORTH HALL is a young adult historical fiction novel Gossip Girl meets Downton Abbey. There were some really great ideas and some excellent dramatic twists, but the whole book just felt a little rushed to me and I just really would have liked to see a lot more development overall. Maggie: Maggie was kind of a strange main character for me. The very beginning of the book started with her being quiet and cold towards everyone. Then in the second half of the book, we find out WHY but it was too late for me by then. I already didn’t like her. I had a hard time feeling sympathetic for her and thought it was too little too late.

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Wentworth Hall (Abby Grahame). It's 1912 and the Darlingtons of Wentworth Hall have more than their extensive grounds to maintain. They need to keep up appearances that things are as they have always been for one of England's most elite families. even as whispers of secret romances and bitter betrayals threaten their facade of perfection. Maggie Darlington has a secret. And she's not the only one;The Handsome groom,Micheal,the beautiful new French nanny,Therese,even Maggie's younger sister Lila,are all hiding something.

Anyone who loves Downton Abbey, will love Wentworth Hall. Wentworth Hall is one of England's oldest estates and the Darlingtons are among the elite class of British society. But under all that wealth, there are secrets they do not want told. 18 year old Maggie and her mother have just returned from a year aboard where Lady Darlington has had baby boy, James. But he is not the only new addition to the house. They have also brought back Therese, their new French tutor, as well as welcomed the orphaned teenage twins, Teddy and Jessica, who have just lost their father aboard the Titanic. This adds to an already crowded house or Darlingtons and staff, all of whom have a penchant for gossiping about their employers. As time passes, it becomes clear that Teddy and Jessica would rather be anywhere else and that Maggie is a different person then the one that left Wentworth. Her family's financial future rests with her finding the best husband and her parents are sure that is Teddy. When scandalous satires start appearing in the newspaper with details suspiciously similar to the goings on of Wentworth Hall, the Darlingtons are determined to keep their secrets to themselves and the affairs (both private and public) in order. And the first order of business is finding the culprit. But where to start? Downstairs? Or Upstairs?
Reviews: 7
Wentworth Hall is very similar in tone to The Luxe series by Anna Godbersen. It is light historical fiction that features family drama, gossip, and romance. Wentworth Hall also taps into the popularity of the Downton Abbey craze with its early 20th Century setting and focus on the upstairs/downstairs relationship between the aristocracy and their servants. The story is told through the point of view of multiple characters including Maggie Darlington, her sister Lila, the maid Nora, new nanny Therese, and the groom Michael. I much preferred the chapters from Maggie's POV. I liked Maggie and even her sister Lila though she annoyed me at first. I also liked opinionated Nora and it was nice getting the perspective of those below stairs.

Having multiple narrators should have given us greater insight into the characters but it didn't quite work that way. Though I liked them, characters are not well developed with perhaps the exception of Maggie. The other characters are either likable or horrid but I didn't get the sense that I really got to know them. I think if the story were told from the perspective of only a few characters, it would have been stronger and if more space had been given to the characters rather than other things like the parody, the novel would have been much better. I also didn't like that the "secrets" were so easy to figure out, the gimmick of including the newspaper parodies of the Worthless family became incredibly annoying (they should have been shorter and fewer in number), certain of the characters just seemed to disappear from the narrative, and the threads of the story did not wrap up very plausibly. In fact it ended so abruptly that it took me by surprise. The ending was very rushed with an epilogue of sorts tacked on. I am under the impression that this is not a series but perhaps I am wrong. Still for all its flaws, I found this to be an entertaining book. It didn't completely live up to its potential for me but if there is a sequel, I'd likely pick it up (from the library) just to see what happens next. For readers looking for a YA book with a little more substance to fill that Downton Abbey fix, try the Luxe novels by Anna Godbersen instead.
This is by far one of the worst books I've read in a long time. The author's writing style has not advanced beyond a 7th grade level and there is little to no character development. The plot lines are dull and predictable and are wrapped up too easily and conveniently. If you're thinking it might still be an okay read because you're looking for a Downton Abbey fix, you'll be disappointed because the Downton elements are not fully fleshed out. An estate is falling apart. The father wants his oldest daughter to marry the rich Duke next door or the soon to be wealthy diamond heir but she has a thing for the groom. The estate is not described in any kind of detail; any real estate agent could describe a fixer-upper they're trying to sell in more depth. The servants are barely more than side notes with no real personalities of their own. Re-read another book on your shelves or re-watch an episode of Downton to get your fix.
This book reminded me a little of Downton Abbey. It has a great story line that will keep you interested to the very end.
Liked it
Rating : 2.75 stars

"But you still won't run away with me because being a Darlington is not only about things. It's about family, too. You told me yourself, nothing means more to the Darlington's than keeping the family lineage clean and prestige."

This book had just as many scandals as I was expecting it to. With the Darlington family has two of the same type of scandals going on. It’s just one is Lord Darlington’s and one is Maggie’s.

This story follows Maggie, Lila and Nora (servant). It also has a rather funny newspaper story about the Darlington family.

When Maggie and her mother return home from France after, an unexpected long trip due to Lady Darlington “having a baby”. Maggie is ready to return as life to normal, or is she. Instead of being her old happy and adventurous self she is now cold and shows no interest to anyone, nor does she enjoy her favorite old past time horse riding.
Lila is happy her sister is home and that things can go back to being fun again, except Maggie wants nothing to do with her and instead ignores her. Leaving Lila feeling, just as alone as before.
Nora is the girl’s maid and is also the houses source of the best gossip. She learns everything which can be good and bad, because as the story goes on we realize how little wealth the Darlington’s have left meaning more staff will be cut.

When father’s old army friend dies he sends his twin children Teddy and Jessica Fitzhugh to live with them until they turn eighteen and can get their inheritance.
With Teddy seeming to fall madly in love with Maggie, she does not feel the same even though she desperately tries in order to help the family maintain their wealth. While Maggie is trying to court Teddy, Lila ends up falling for him, if she could only just get his attention to not be on Maggie. While both sisters are trying to get Teddy's affection. They can't seem to breakthrough Jessica's ice-cold personality towards them and the English in general. Jessica can't wait to turn eighteen, get her inheritance and move back to South Africa.
While all of this is going on a series of story in the newspaper called “The Worthless Saga” is being written and it seems to be extremely similar to the Darlington’s life, meaning that someone in the house is writing this scathing story and it must immediately be stopped. The only problem is, no one well fess up to it and while most seem to think it’s a certain Fitzhugh doing it no one can prove it.

With the “Worthless Saga” threatening to spill all of the Darlington's secrets and the family itself seeming to fall apart this story was fast-paced and interesting, but at times was far to rushed due it to it being a standalone. If this has been a doulogy I think I would have liked it more because we would have been able to connect with the characters and have a little bit more development of some events.

Now does this book bare any similarities to Downton Abbey? Well a few it has some of the same scandals and the family has financial trouble (much worse than in Downton Abbey). As for the girls will Maggie seemed to be a little like Sybil and Mary at times. As for Lila well I would say she was like Edith for most of the story.