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Author: Henry Strozier,Larry McMurtry
ISBN13: 978-1402586385
Title: Folly And Glory (The Berrybender Narratives, Book 4)
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Publisher: Recorded Books, LLC; Unabridged Audiobook edition (February 18, 2004)

Folly And Glory (The Berrybender Narratives, Book 4) by Henry Strozier,Larry McMurtry

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I don't think of this as a separate book. This is the conclusion to the Berrybender tale, as Return of the King was the conclusion to Lord of the Rings. These four books are all one book to me, and must be read consecutively, with no reason to read anything else in between. I'm fond of the characters. I feel a loyalty to them, having gone through their travails with them.

Folly and Glory: A Novel. html?hl ru&id cdGZf9vZWg4C.

Folly and Glory book. As this finale opens, Tasmin In this brilliant saga-the final volume of The Berrybender Narratives and an epic in its own right-Larry McMurtry lives up to his reputation for delivering novels with "wit, grace, and more than a hint of what might be called muscular nostalgia, fit together to create a panoramic portrait of the American West" (The New York Times.

The Berrybender Narratives are not something you can jump into. While McMurtry is incapable of writing badly, this series is best read from the beginning, as it is most definitely a sequential narrative. FOLLY AND GLORY begins with the Berrybenders under a forced yet luxurious house arrest in Santa Fe, Mexico. The mood of the party, particularly Tasmin Berrybender's, is somewhat subdued due to the murder of Pomp Charbonneau at the hands of a deranged Mexican Army captain. The party as a whole, however, passes the time in relative comfort

Sin killer The wandering hill By sorrow's river Folly and glory. Summary, et. A single-volume anthology of the epic story of the Berrybender pioneer family follows the relocation of British aristocrats Lord and Lady Berrybender to 1830 Texas, where their idealistic plans are shaped by their daughter's relationship with frontiersman Jim Snow. Genre/Form: Western stories. On this site it is impossible to download the book, read the book online or get the contents of a book. The administration of the site is not responsible for the content of the site. The data of catalog based on open source database. All rights are reserved by their owners. Download book The Berrybender narratives, Larry McMurtry.

Larry McMurtry - 04 - Folly and Glory folly tape 06 s. P3 3. 7 MBs. Larry McMurtry - 04 - Folly and Glory Torrent downloaded from Demonoid. Torrent downloaded from Demonoid. phonygal September 6th, 2018. Thank you!Thank you!Thank you! The Berrybender Narratives - Larry McMurtry.

0 5 Author: Larry McMurtry. As this finale opens, Tasmin and her family are under irksome, though comfortable, arrest in Mexican Santa Fe. Her father, the eccentric Lord Berrybender, is planning to head for Texas with his.

Folly and Glory : A Novel by Larry McMurtry. Paperback 9780743451444). The 4th and final Berrybender novel. This series is rich in colorful subjects. You won't be disappointed.

Book number 4 in The Berrybender Narratives. Complete and unabridged audiobook on compact disc. Includes 8 CDs.
Reviews: 7
If you start the Berrybender books, you will have to hibernate, because they are truly addictive and you won't be able to stop. I just had to get each book in the series because the adventure was so well written and so compelling, and the characters are so well drawn. Between acquiring other books in the series, all I could think about was that family. As with everything by McMurtry, the research is excellent and it seems he was actually in the West during those days. The man is totally genius.
You know there are books you just can't put down? Well, here's one you don't want to pick up. Sure I've read all of McMurthry, so I know he can do better. I even read the first books in this series. But, by now there are so many characters and past history that I've forgotten, I just can't keep up with them and pretty soon don't even care. It was somewhere around 30% on my kindle that I realized I don't even know what I'm reading and started skimming along to get through to something beside all the characters and finally found a place where the author started killing them off - good idea. He could have done much better by giving a little prologue and reminding us who was whom.
If you cannot commit to all four books, don't bother. The point and the impact is lost if you don't read the series. I was skeptical while reading the first two. I wasn't sure if I was reading satire or not. By the third book, McMurtry had his hooks set and I was surprised at the depth of engagement I felt by the end. A great read about a changing time in our history, told with humor and sometimes just the authentic absurdity brought about by conditions in the wilderness without censoring or embellishing the brutality. What seemed insensitivity at the beginning, McMurtry proves once again that not only does he fully understand his characters, with all their flaws and weaknesses, but is able to make his reader see them as whole beings. I was again surprised at the depth of affection and attachments I felt for them at the end. Several reviewers said they thought this series was a sad end to a brilliant career. I disagree. I thought it was another brilliant portrayal of a special time and place in our history... and a hell of a fun read.
Folly and Glory is part-four of a four-part series chronically the adventures of the aristocratic, English Berrybender family exploring the American West in the 1830's on a steamship on the Missouri River. Lord Berrybender is accompanied by his gluttonous wife and six of his 14 legitimate children. The series is historical fiction in that it incorporates actual people such as Kit Carson and Jim Bridges, yet the tales are so fanciful that history is left in the dust.

Outrageous is the best general characterization of these stories. The adventures and their characters seem larger than life and more colorful than neon. Not for the faint of heart, unexpected, random, senseless and disturbing atrocities, injuries, and deaths litter these tales, with a side of lots of "rutting." The majority of the initial primary characters do not survive to see book four4 of the series.

Yet, the stories grabbed me. I went through the series like popcorn, wanting to see what amazing events would occur to the crazy Berrybenders and their growing entourage. The series is intense, rollercoastering through every facet of human emotion and many aspects of abnormal psychology. Nothing dull in these books. The frequent connections to actual historical persons and events keep the tales interesting and grounded, despite the continuum of bizarre incidents. Not for everyone, but I liked it.
Not the best of the 4 in this series but it was good to get it over with. It seems that McMurtry rushed the story line but at his age that's not surprising. This series was not the same quality as his best works such as Lonesome Dove and Comanche Moon but more like a western version of All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers. I still enjoyed reading it. There are still classic McMurtry elements and it if you're a fan you should enjoy it.