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Author: Whitley Strieber
ISBN13: 978-0812515503
Title: Cat Magic
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Language: English
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Publisher: Tor Books; reprint edition (July 15, 1987)

Cat Magic by Whitley Strieber

Main Whitley Strieber - Cat Magic. Whitley Strieber - Cat Magic. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1.

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Main Whitley Strieber - Cat Magic. Whitley Strieber - Communion.

Whitley Strieber proved me wrong as he approaches modern witchcraft and Wicca in a tactful and honest way in this book, coupled with a great story of life, death, and rebirth. What impressed me was his grasp of witchcraft. I was fearing a cheesy "evil witch" or magical spells being cast to enchant silverware to dance or s As a fan of Strieber, i picked this book up for the hell of it. The premise sounded ok, but I'm never a big fan of how witchcraft is handled in fiction so I was a bit hesitant  . Cat Magic has its all, witchcraft, religion, and science. Each tampered with the theme of resurrection and reincarnation. It is about love, hatred,guilt, redemption, and most of all, a lesson in tolerance.

ZhilKomfort Book Archive. Barry, a training witch, has collaborated with recognized SF and horror author Strieber during this very asymmetric novel. In a feeling the e-book is a spokespiece for witchcraftand is best as suchnot black magic witchcraft, however the historic knowledge of worshipping the earth and the seasons, of residing with and respecting nature and the holy in humans and animals. the tale makes a speciality of younger Amanda Walker, who has come to rural Maywell to paintings with Constance Collier on. her most modern e-book.

By: Whitley Strieber. Narrated by: Maria Marquis. Length: 15 hrs and 16 mins. I am hoping to get through i. aria Marquis is an ok narrator. This is the worst Whitley Strieber book I have read.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The arrival of Amanda Walker, a talented young artist, in the seemingly peaceful town of Maywell, New Jersey. In a sense the book is a spokespiece for witchcraftand is most interesting as suchnot black magic witchcraft, but the ancient wisdom of worshipping the earth and the seasons, of living with and respecting nature and the holy in people and animals. The story focuses on young Amanda Walker, who has come to rural Maywell to work with Constance Collier on her latest book. But Constance is really a witch, the spiritual leader of a large coven, and unbeknownst to Amanda she has picked the girl to be her successor.

Cat Magic Whitley Strieber PROLOGUE Stone Mountain is the only truly rough peak in the Peconics. Whitley Strieber - The Wolfen. Whitley Strieber - Majestic. Report "Whitley Strieber - Cat Magic".

Stone Mountain is the only truly rough peak in the Peconics. Its gray, cracked ridges stretch for about three miles in that otherwise benign chain. They are so loose and treacherous that even the most obsessive rock climbers avoid them as offering too unsubtle a doom. The Appalachian Trail, deferring to the fact that old Stone has been known to slice a good pair of Beans to shreds, skirts the mountain and passes through the orchard-choked exurbia of the little town of Maywell, which huddles beneath the mountain like an Israelite at the feet of Pharaoh. The cat glares down into the weave of Maywell's life, to see what fool has dared this conjuring. BOOK ONE: Godfather Death. The glacier knocks in the cupboard, The desert sighs in the bed, And a crack in the tea-cup opens. A lane to the land of the dead. W. H. Auden, As I Walked Out One Evening.

The arrival of Amanda Walker, a talented young artist, in the seemingly peaceful town of Maywell, New Jersey, triggers a bizarre and horrific series of events in a terrifying tale of modern witchcraft
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Another of Strieber's early novels and full of fascinating characters and themes all intertwined. Including resurrecting the dead via electromagnetic energies to Wiccans and their own way of life. One that we lost due to the Puritans and the British Empire squashing that chance at Merry Mount some 400 years ago. WE also get an interesting take on fairies as an advanced sapient form descended from the rat to present day Christian fanatics who are every bit as dangerous as any other fanatic. No one type of character is a stereotype since there are many good Christians in the novel. One of the tops for Strieber works I like to re-read time and again.
I've read this author in the past and like him, however, this is one of the first books I just couldn't get into. I did force myself to finish it, and may stay away from this author for awhile. I did read the reviews before I bought it, and most of them seemed very positive, but for some reason I just couldn't get into this book to the extent I couldn't remember who was who, or good or bad. I kept trying to understand every ones story, but it just never came together for me. First time this has happened to me, so I jumped right into a Stephen King after I read this, just to make sure I wasn't having a memory meltdown! My opinion only.
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This story was a bit disjointed and difficult to follow until about 1/2 way through the book. Then the significance of the cat made more sense and the story developed to where it was a bit easier to follow and put the pieces together. The information about the covens and the Covenstead were interesting, and the fear/hatred by those who do not or will not understand or accept what is unfamiliar or apart from their "doctrine" is certainly an effective allegory for religious, ethnic, etc., intolerance.
Not for the closed-minded, certainly. Most of the characters being witches, and Christianity being portrayed more-or-less positively but Christians themselves being portrayed as motivated by fear and guilt, even in their attempts to be loving. The witch commune in this book lives off the land for the most part, but many of them commute to jobs in the city. They live in peace and love and in harmony with the earth. The afterlife, in the eyes of the author, is whatever we make it, whether a hell to atone for our guilt or a land of eternal summer once we've come to terms with our guilt. The story goes a little overboard, because to become Maiden of the covenstead, Amanda has to pass through death and return to life - this may have been done in ages past, but no one in the Craft (to my knowledge) does this today - I'm sure they'd lose too many candidates this way and have too many lawsuits! The faery folk are a little frightening, capable of being both benevolent and dangerous. The Wild Hunt is exhilarating. The ending is bittersweet. Overall, a good read, makes you hungry to learn more about things like astral projection and psychic links, and being in tune with our earth.
I actually read this book years ago, and was completely intrigued by it. Whitley Streiber explodes some places not only in the human mind, but in the depth of the unseen realities that surround us. I have recommended this book to other numerous times over the years.
Great fiction that's so close to real modern day witches on parts. Maybe open a few minds to reading non-fiction about us. Loved it. Much better than his sci-fi books.
An oldie but a goodie. Frightening. Keeps you on the edge of your seat, turning pages late into the night.
Love this book! Came in early and in good condition. Very happy I decided to look for it!