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Author: Lloyd c. douglas
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Publisher: Pocket (August 1, 1975)

BIG FISHERMAN by Lloyd c. douglas

For information about permission to reproduce selections from this book, write to Permissions, Houghton Mifflin Company, 215 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10003. Douglas, Lloyd C. (Lloyd Cassel), 1877–1951. 1. Jesus Christ-Fiction. 2. Tiberius, Emperor of Rome, 42 . 3. Caligula, Emperor of Rome, 12–41-Fiction. 4. Holy Coat-Fiction.

The Big Fisherman Hardcover – June 1, 1948. by Lloyd C. Douglas (Author). Frankly, I was depressed at the thought of opening the book once more to read it and was hardpressed to summon the will to follow this story through to it's unsatisfying conclusion.

The Big Fisherman book. Douglas’ Jesus is very gentle, gracious, and wise. The book makes a point of contrasting Him with His spitfire cousin John, a ploy which unfortunately makes His outburst at the money-changers in the Temple seem far out-of-character, but overall is quite effective. Douglas also makes a point of showing Jesus doing His day job-He was a carpenter, remember?-and doing it exceptionally well.

The Big Fisherman (2015). About book: There is no doubt that Jesus Christ worked very hard, tirelessly to spread His message of love, a love that would unite all peoples of the World we live in. Crowds of people thronged to hear him, leaving behind their lives, discarding their jobs just to hear this message of love and peace. They were mesmerised by his calm face exuding peace, love and compassion and when He cured the lame, the blind, they never left him even for a moment

Download The Big Fisherman free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Lloyd C. Douglas's The Big Fisherman for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. It required a strong and courageous man to deal equitably with these restless, reckless, competitive tribesmen who were distinguished throughout the East for the brevity of their tempers and the dexterity of their knives. Only pdf. The Big Fisherman Download options.

Lloyd Cassel Douglas (August 27, 1877 - February 13, 1951) was a noteworthy American minister and author. He was born in Columbia City, Indiana, spent part of his boyhood in Monroeville, Indiana, and Florence, Kentucky, where his father, Alexander Jackson Douglas, was pastor of the Hopeful Lutheran Church. Eventually, The Big Fisherman was filmed in 1959, starring Howard Keel in one of his few non-singing screen roles as Peter. His last book was the autobiographical Time To Remember which described his life up to his childhood and education for the ministry. He died before he was able to write the intended second volume but the task was completed in The Shape of Sunday by his daughters, Virginia Douglas Dawson and Betty Douglas Wilson.

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Published by Pocket Books In. 1959. This is for a Vintage Book The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas, 1942. It is a hardcover book with 695 pages. It is in good condition with no wiring or tears.

THE BIG FISHERMAN, follows the style of Lloyd Douglas' previous religious fiction. It is set before "The Robe" and tells the story of the apostle Peter. It focuses-on a young Arabian couple which- takes some of the attention away from Peter, but adds romance. Douglas works the words and acts of Jesus of Nazareth into the story, fleshing out the characters of the Apostles, and the Roman background. Similar books by other authors. June 2011 : USA Paperback.

Author : Lloyd C. Douglas. Publisher : Imprint unknown. This is the second of his books that I have read and I would gladly pick up another.

Reviews: 7
I really love this story, having read it when I was a teenager many years ago. So I was excited to get the book on my Kindle. I started to read it and, imagine my surprise to have it end half way through the story. Fortunately for me, I have a printed copy so can finish reading it there....not my preference due to my eyesight.....the kindle is so much easier to read. That is the only reason I am giving this only one star. If the entire book was there, I would give it a 5. With all the books I have on my Kindle, this is the 1st time such a thing has happened and I am not happy about that.
I have a hardback version of The Big Fisherman, and was greatly disappointed to find the Kindle version end at Chapter 10 instead of Chapter 30.
Its a wonderful story, a story that should be told in its entirety, but the Kindle Format is terrible.
Light out of Fildon
This book is 581 pages long; only 234 of those pages actually pertain to the "Big Fisherman" (the title character: Jesus' apostle, Simon Peter) - that's precisely 40% of the entire book. And yes, I actually kept count; these figures and percentages are literal.

The actual main characters are 2 people: "Fara" (also called "Esther" and, for a few pages, "Joe"), a half Arabian-half Jewish young princess and "Voldi", a young nobleman of Arabia. Jesus is, of course, present but is mentioned only rarely. There are many other characters whose stories are introduced in such detail as to be thought part of the plot, but, confusingly, they are never followed through to a satisfying conclusion.

Many of the prime events experienced by Peter and his fellow apostles while following Jesus are completely skimmed over to make room for events too incongruous with the rest of the plot to be believable, even within the scope of the fictional aspects of this semi-fictional story.

Frankly, I was depressed at the thought of opening the book once more to read it and was hardpressed to summon the will to follow this story through to it's unsatisfying conclusion.
This is not the complete story and half the book is missing. Total waste of money and time. Do not buy.
I've read this book several times and like the accuracy of historical background and the authenticity of the characters. It's and oldie but goodie.
It is predictable in a good way. The book is much more the story of Peter than of the Arabian couple and the feud that the movie focuses on. It shows Peter's disbelief, his doubts, his denial of Jesus and finally his full acceptance. A great book to read! This was a used book and came to me in very good condition.
I enjoyed reading The Robe also by Lloyd Douglas, this was notas interesting but it gave a very good context for the new testament, particularly for the very early church after the crucifiction.
I enjoyed this book. It was close to but not totally Biblical. I loved the depiction of Peter. I would recommend it to any who enjoy Lloyd Douglas.