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Author: Patti Callahan Henry
ISBN13: 978-0451226884
Title: Driftwood Summer
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Publisher: Berkley; Original edition (June 2, 2009)
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Driftwood Summer by Patti Callahan Henry

Want to Read savin. ant to Read. How do I know this? I own all of her books and a few are saved unread for the book apocalypse. Patti Henry is now following.

But as adults, working together to have a week-long party for their mother's 70th birthday, and her bookstore's 200th birthday, they find that they have become different people. They also spend time together, allowing them to get re-acquainted with one-another. I read Driftwood Summer today. It moved extremely quickly, in part due to the simplicity of the characters, partially because of the predictability of the plot, and partly due to Patty Callahan Henry's smooth writing style. I definitely enjoyed the story, but I'm pretty sure it will blend into every other Lowcountry chick lit novel I've read, within a few weeks.

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Henry Patti Callahan.

Driftwood Summer has been added to your Cart. Romance, friendships made long ago renewed and the inevitable sibling rivalry. Patti Callahan Henry is a gifted author and she doesn't disappoint in this story of family set in a beach town in Georgia.

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Written by Patti Callahan Henry, Audiobook narrated by Julia Whelan. By: Patti Callahan Henry. Narrated by: Andi Arndt, Lauren Fortgang, Shannon McManus, and others. Length: 10 hrs and 28 mins.

Driftwood summer by Patti Henry Callahan Book starts out with Riley, raising her son above the bookstore. We learn of how the store got to be where it's located. Alternating chapters from the 3 sisters as the story unfolds. Adeline goes to college but enjoys the years partying her life away. She's coming home early to help with the bookstore as it's failing. I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device)

New York Times bestselling author Patti Callahan Henry continues to spellbind readers in this rich and engaging novel of three sisters...their loves, their rivalries, and the events of one summer that change their lives.In the small seaside town of Palmetto Beach, the Sheffield sisters—responsible Riley, vivacious Maisy-Rose, and fun-loving Adelee—reunite to save the family's beach-community bookstore. But summer also marks the return of Mack Logan, whose choice of Maisy over Riley years ago destroyed the special closeness between the sisters... Now Riley, a single mom, is hiding a shattering secret about their mother. Maisy, a California designer, still blames Riley for ruining her one true love. And Adalee resents the family's intrusion into her summer plans. All three will be forced to confront the conflicts that tore them apart and the bounds of love and loyalty that still draw them together...
Reviews: 7
Went Tyu
This was the first book I have ever read by this author, and probably the last. Although I read it to the end, I thought the entire storyline was much too contrived. There was something about the characters and their issues that intrigued me, but the conversations and interactions between the family members were awkward and shallow.

The plot revolves around a 70 year old woman with 3 daughters, ranging in age from 22 to 34. For a 70 year old woman to have a 22 year old daughter got me started on the wrong foot. And the idea that a daughter who has only been home once in 12 years, to attend her father's funeral, and who had very little contact with her family, would come home and immediately -- like the very first morning -- be able to assume responsibility in the family bookstore seemed absurd. The responsibilities of the three girls during the course of the "birthday celebration week" were ridiculous and out of touch with reality. And with the amount of time they spent flirting with their various love interests it seemed there were about 36 hours in each day.

The mutual "love interest" of the two oldest daughters, Riley and Maisey, was also way overplayed. Along with taking care of his elderly father, Mack was playing up to both sisters. I just don't think that would happen. They weren't 16! And why would he and his father attend the "book club night" at the store? That made no sense at all.

My gut instinct was that this was the first book written by this author, and that she was very young. I was surprised to discover that was not the case. There are much better "summer reads" out there.
A Brit might say this book is a good romp.

My route to Ms. Callahan Henry, Inc., was via Penelope Lively and Michelle Richmond, serendipitous for sure.

I'm never quite sure, when I read a book like this, how much irony is implanted. Obviously, the angst in each of the sisters is pretty much of their own making. And in the end there is less redemption and more a Noah-like biblical do-over. But I still ended it, liking all three of them. So why did these apparently willfully self destructive characters appeal to me?

Hey, the epigraph is Kierkegaard: there must be a there, there, even if well hidden. Here's the way I see it: alcohol abetted accessibility to and availability of youthful females (and males, too, but not as much) causes ineffable traditions to be ignored to the enduring detriment of the rogues . Therefore, the three of them spend a significant time in purgatory, after which, they are given a second chance. Thus, I conclude, that although never obvious, and, with deceptive prose to the contrary, this book ends with a Christian truth---admit your guilt; ask forgiveness; really mean it; moreover, change your course with hope, if not knowledge, that the new course is an improvement.

On the other hand, there's mother, Kitsy, the empress w/out clothes. She, for all the ceremonial mothering, seems more into form than function. Indubitably, a few well timed conversations with her brood, "in the day", would have avoided almost all the family problems. She's real enough (I've known the composite), but I just don't like her, mostly because she's the "noble liar", Plato's can of worms.

The plot suffers a nuanced flaw. I'm reading about the feasibility of a business plan, involving a village bookstore,--- from an ebook on my Kindle, having discovered the storyteller by electronic means not possible a decade ago, while making quick reference checks using the Wiki application on my ipod Touch thinking: "I doubt it, ladies.",---although the complimentary wine gave me alcohol abetted pause to reconsider. Yet, the struggle was grand, and, thus, the romp was still on.

Finally, I really liked the beyond the Epilogue part of the book, set up nicely for discussion groups, including an intriguing interview with the authoress. In sum, we've got the shadows of Kierkegaard and Dostoevsky, three likeable characters, a pacific Atlantic village, a curious cottage, a wonderful list of mentioned books, and Anne, the t-shirt philosopher. Buy the book: enjoy the romp.
Summertime is perfect for reading, longer days, slower pace and vacation time. More daylight hours and hot weather doesn't mean that books have to be "lite." In fact a good read may have a summer setting but still can be considered literature. Patti Callahan Henry's Driftwood Summer is an exceptional example with well-developed characters inspiring empathy, an interesting location along the seashore (Palmetto Beach), a struggle to save the family bookstore and a storyline that keeps the pages turning.

Ms. Callahan Henry will be reading from and signing Driftwood Summer at two Atlanta area locations. On Wednesday, August 5, 2009 she will be appearing at 6:30 p.m. at the Book Exchange (2956 Canton Road, Marietta, GA). Fox Tale Book Shoppe will host the author on August 8 at 1:00 p.m. (105 East Main Street, Woodstock, GA). For a full tour schedule please visit the publisher's website [...]

Sister fiction and memoirs are proliferating faster than corn and peaches reaching maturity in the summer. Driftwood Summer's protagonists, Riley, Maisy and Adalee Sheffield have the usual love/hate relationships but are bound together by their mother, Kitsy, the manipulative sort who tells her daughters everything that is wrong with them under the guise of love. When grown-up Riley, a single mother, asks Kitsy to "quit talking to me like I was 12 years old." Kitsy responds with, "God, sometimes I wish you were. Then I could change so much about what happened."

As the novel opens, planning for week of festivities to fete Driftwood Cottage's 200th anniversary is in the works to raise awareness and funds to keep the bookstore in business. Kitsy has had an accident and is bedridden while all the planning goes on around her much to her dismay. After all she is the only one who knows how to do everything absolutely perfectly, at least that what's she tells her daughters.

Maisy and Adalee, who have escaped their overwhelming matriarch by leaving town and creating their own lives, are on their way home (albeit not with much enthusiasm) to help Riley plan the events. The cottage was the family home of Mack Logan, the love interest of both Riley and Maisy when they were teenagers. Kitsy turned Driftwood Cottage into a cozy bookstore and Callahan Henry's description of the reading nooks, multiple book groups and the well-read staff make one want to venture out in search of this independent bookstore, snuggle up into one of the mismatched arm chairs and get knee deep into a great book. The bookstore is populated with customers whose hilariously quirky ways lend to the overall story and contribute to the raison d'être for keeping the store alive.

Each sister's character unfolds psychologically and with respect to jobs, boyfriends, and relationships between each other. The author moves seamlessly between the present and the past causing no confusion for the reader and the time frames spur the story line along with not a wasted word.

Mack Logan returns to Palmetto Beach for the anniversary party and to resolve his relationships with the sisters. The reader is cheering the characters along for a much deserved romantic outcome. Love moves in and out in the present day much as the snowbirds pack and unpack their homes annually. Let's just say that the end is deliciously satisfying.

Reading Driftwood Summer inspires one to dip back into Callahan Henry's previous novels for additional eloquent and rewarding stories. This reviewer eagerly awaits the author's next book and hopes it will be out before next summer.

About the Author

Patti Callahan Henry ([...]) lives along the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta, Georgia. Nominated for the Southeastern Independent Booksellers Fiction Novel of the Years, she has also been short-listed for the Townsend Prize for Fiction. Her previous nationally bestselling novels include Losing the Moon, Where the River Runs, When Light Breaks, Between the Tides and The Art of Keeping Secrets.

Driftwood Summer
Patti Callahan Henry
Penguin Group USA
ISBN # 978-0-451-22688-4
Great read.
I enjoyed the characters in this book. I wanted to follow them further, so I hope there is a sequel.
Last night we slept through the night with no barking! Do l need to say more?????????????????