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Author: Lissa Brown
ISBN13: 978-1466497795
Title: Family Secrets: Three Generations
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 11, 2011)
Pages: 232

Family Secrets: Three Generations by Lissa Brown

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Where does a young girl turn to survive family turmoil? Reading into a past she never knew, young Ellen Brodsky establishes a transformational relationship with Grandma Hannah. Family Secrets: Three Generations << Return to book overview By Lissa Brown. lt;< Return to first page.

Family Secrets: Three Generations is her first novel. Lissa Brown offers an intriguing look into the dynamics of a dysfunctional family circa the 1950s, told through the eyes of a young girl struggling to understand the reasons behind her parents' actions. Baby boomers most especially will identify with this book due to the author's skillful portrayal of the time and culture.

Read "Family Secrets: Three Generations" by Lissa Brown with Rakuten Kobo. An ordinary, extraordinary relationship.

An ordinary, extraordinary relationship. Where does a young girl turn to survive family turmoil? Reaching into a past she never knew, young Ellen Brodsky establishes a transformational relationship with Grandma Hannah. ISBN13:9781466497795. Release Date:November 2011.

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An ordinary, extraordinary relationship. Where does a young girl turn to survive family turmoil? Reaching into a past she never knew, young Ellen Brodsky establishes a transformational relationship with Grandma Hannah. But who is this dead grandmother, and why is their connection so crucial to the survival of three generations of women?
Reviews: 7
Unlike the previous reviews, mine is only in regards to the excerpt.

Overall I think the premise is inviting and has potential.

Grammar wise I think the author did a great job. There weren't any huge areas of poor grammar that just shot out at me as some of the others I've read.

However, (as a means of objective, constructive criticism)in the very first few pages Ellen definitely had the feel/voice of a 9 year old. But the further I read on the more I felt like she was at least a teenager. I don't know of many 9 year olds who refer to their mom as a [email protected]*, or at least none of the ones I know (which are most of my daughter's friends) I suppose it is possible Ellen may be a bit more advanced or mature than most as she is clearly taking care of her mother instead of the other way around. But it still doesn't feel natural.

I also felt like there was way too much telling and very little dialogue. The author spent too much time explaining the characters and scenery than actually showing her readers these things.

The other problem I had was that it seemed a bit too predictable and/or cliche'. Obviously her grandmother is going to tell her all about her mother's secrets and there is probably a heart warming ending. But I think there should be a bit more mystery to the storyline than that.

Despite these things, as I stated before, I do believe there is potential here. Well done.
A friend turned me on to this book and was hesitant at first. I am a 52 yr. old male and the story matter did not seem that I would be interested in but I have to say once I got into the story I was hooked! The story is captivating and the author had a way of in ingrossing the reader to see them selves through the happenings of the main character on a level that surprised me. The author had me laughing out loud at times and concerned what would happen other times. I highly recommed this novel. It is a fast read and i had trouble putting it down as I wanted to know what would happen. As with some authors it is hard to visulize settings but I had no problem transporting myself to each location and found myself as a fly on the wall looking into the lives of the characters. I look forward to author Ms. Brown's next endeavor! (would love a sequel!!!)
I had a hard time putting this book down. It was compelling and so real to life I just fell into the story. Lissa does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of that era, how people supported each other through a network of family and friends. This book is also very appropriate for young adults and/or tweens. I have already recommended this book to friends and plan to give the book to my nieces as holiday gifts.
This tale of growing up in Newark,NJ during the 1950s and 60s struck a nostalgic Chord for me. With the help of a Grandmother's unconditional love Ellen Brodsky navigates her way through a less than ideal childhood and not only survives its trials but is strengthened by them. There are some unexpected twists and turns and I found some humor in the work although it has some darker aspects. I had a difficult time putting this one down. I found it to be well constructed and very readable.

-John Morrone Anchorage, AK
I still wish that I'd had a more nurturing childhood, remembering so vividly my continuing wish for someone to talk with, but no such individual appeared until I was well past my teens. The author captures that longing in Ellen, who finds in the mysterious appearance of her long-deceased grandmother such a supportive ear. Brown expresses in intimate detail the way her grandmother helped her to understand and deal with her dysfunctional family. Brown enters Ellen's mind and heart lovingly and beautifully, creating a character that I hope she presents in a sequel!
This is the sensitive tale of a young girl's relationships to her dysfunctional family and her secret relationshi to her grandmother.

Her is a story of real drama told by an author with remarkable insight into the personalities of this complicated family living in what was then the less complicated world of post WWII Newark, New Jersey.

Lissa Brown's previous writings have made me laugh out loud. This, her latest work, brought a tear to my eye.
Lissa Brown's first novel is a fascinating read. Young Ellen finds a friend in her deceased grandmother. She is able to tell her secrets that she can't tell to her mother. The longing in this young girl reminds me of my own young life growing up in the 50s and 60s wanting to be independent, go off by my self and have a life outside of my family, much like Ellen. I really enjoyed the Yiddish references sprinkled throughout the story. Such an interesting surprise at the end. Thank you, Lissa, for an outstanding novel.
Family Secrets is very well written and a great representation of the time. The book was told through the eyes of young Ellen and shows the various relationships within her family. The secrets of Ellen's family were well woven through the story. I was able to visualize the scenes because of the colorful and expressive language. The story reminded me of my youth and I found the ending quite unexpected! Enjoy.