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Author: Judith Stacy
ISBN13: 978-0263831238
Title: The Heart of a Hero
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Mills & Boon (2002)
Pages: 300

The Heart of a Hero by Judith Stacy

The Heart of a Hero is a darling new Western by Judith Stacy. Judith Stacy is the pseudonym for Dorothy Howell, who has written numerous historicals for Berkley and Zebra. Here, a bad boy turned rancher returns to his small Wyoming hometown and has thirty days to prove that he’ll be a good father to his niece and nephew. And in Burke’s Rules by Pat Tracy, book two of THE GUARDSMEN series, a Denver schoolmistress falls for the protective banker who helps fund her school Don’t miss this fun, sensuous story! Rounding out the month is Pride of Lions by award-winning author Suzanne Barclay.

The Heart of a Hero book. In a departure from romantic fiction, Judith signed a multi-book deal with Kensington Books for a mystery series that launched in July, 2008 in hardcover, under the name Dorothy Howell. That was followed this year by PURSES AND POISON. The series has the same strong, sassy heroine, a hot hero, and the laugh-out-loud humor that readers love in her romantic fiction. Judith makes her home in Southern California with her family that now includes a grandson, who is the light of all their lives.

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A new life, a new love. Jess Logan knew his life would change when he returned to Walker, Wyoming, to raise his late sister's children. But after meeting pretty schoolmarm Sarah Wakefield, he found out he had much to learnnot just about child rearing and housekeeping, but also about love. Sarah Wakefield arrived in Walker hoping to start life with a clean slate. The Heart of a Hero - Judith Stacy.

The Heart of a Hero ~~ Judith Stacy. But after meeting pretty schoolmarm Sarah Wakefield, he found out he had much to learn - not just about child rearing and housekeeping, but also about love. Sarah Wakefield arrived in Walker hoping to start life with a clean slate

by Judith Stacy ) A new life, a new love. Sarah Wakefield arrived in Walker hoping to start life with a clean slate

Select Format: Mass Market Paperback. Format: Mass Market Paperback. ISBN13: 9780373290444.

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The last thing Jason Kruger needed was a city woman and her catalog of love! He ran a lumber camp, not a lonely hearts club. She could read between the lines, and Caroline Sommerfield knew at a glance that business mogul Stephen Monterey had written off any prospect of joy for himself. with Stephen! Given the choice, Stephen Monterey would prefer to remain tied to his desk, hard at work, rather than spend his time with frivolous amusements.

Reviews: 6
Jess Logan has a deep sense of responsibility and family and wants to do all he can for his sisters' children.
I loved the way Maggie turned to her unknown Uncle Jess and gave him her unconditional love. But Jess sure had a lot to learn about little Jimmy and ended up needing Sarah Wakefield to show him how to understand the little one.
Ah, but then Jess fell in lust with Sarah and began a slow burn for her. This caused oh, so many complications! He wasn't even aware when lust turned to love and poor Sarah was afraid of becoming a wanton with dire results.
Wonderful angles to the story to keep it interesting [especially Jess's little secret] and moved along with enough gentle tension that it became hard to put it down.
I am still a bit confused on how easily these characters give into temptation given the age they live in. Not that it is an impossibility but I still think they had a much stronger moral fiber [or fear] than is portrayed.
Still a great story and will definitely recommend it for a good read.
I enjoyed the story even if a whole lot of nothing really happened. The characters were likable and the story moved along at a good pace. I would recommend it as a good library or used bookstore read.
This book is also the first Harlequin Historical I found to be a keeper. I've enjoyed many, but thought this one was better than most. I almost didn't buy this and left it at the used book store because the cheesy cover, but glad I remembered the old saying about not judging a book by its cover.

Anyway, the book is well written and great about a man who has overcome many hardships and turned out to be a great man, yet the town hasn't seen it or accepted him. The new school marm does, and a friendship soon begins. Yet the new schoolmarm wants to be accepted in the new town and has to be careful of getting involved with him due to how the town sees him, plus any man because she was ran out of her hometown due to gossip basically and the fear that she did something wrong, too. She innocently goes to dinner and gets introduced to a man expecting to be set her up with her and he assumes they're courting after that and is near relentless. I'm glad she finally showed some backbone and excused herself at one town event because if she didn't, this would have been a 4 star for her just going along with it and not ever taking action.

I loved the character developement and how the hero fell for her. It was nice to see that she helped him to show the town folk that he was capable of taking care of the kids, when nobody else but an old friend of his thought he could. I enjoyed them finally getting together and the whole story. It was a great read & hope you give it a try.
This is a really good story for an older historical romance novel. It was an old paperback that I probably got in a bundle and I'm very glad I read it. Recommended.
I've read books by this author before, and was delighted to see another wonderful story by Judith Stacy. This story, of a man returning to his small western hometown which did not appreciate his returning, shows us a touching story of redemption and forgiveness. Jess, basically a good man, struggles against great odds to save his sister's children. The heroine, Sarah, has come to town with secrets of her own, and her struggles against her attraction for Jess make this a compelling story. Judith Stacy gives us people we'd love to have as friends, and a setting we'd like to visit. This book was a delightful read. Thank you, Harlequin!
THE HEART OF A HERO is another great read by Judith Stacy! The storyline will keep you engrossed and the characters are endearing!