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Author: Edwin Thomas
ISBN13: 978-0553815153
Title: The Chains of Albion
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Bantam Press (September 5, 2005)
Pages: 439

The Chains of Albion by Edwin Thomas

Random House Audiobooks. If you would like to try another Edwin Thomas Audio Book I have uploaded, the titles are listed below. ABOUT THE BOOK July, 1806.

The Chains of Albion is a cracking book. Fast paced, exciting, and funny. -Conn Iggulden, author of the bestselling Emperor series. This is a great book, exciting and utterly unique. Edwin Thomas's portrayal of the eighteenth century is spot on, from his depiction of the smugglers' underworld to life aboard a small British navy man-of-war. Thomas has created in Lieutenant Martin Jerrold someone whom the reader of nautical fiction has never seen before--a character we love despite ourselves, and despite his many faults. For the lover of naval fiction, historical fiction, and mysteries, this book has it al. - -James L. Nelson, author of Reign of Iron and the Revolution at Sea Saga series.

The chains of Albion. Publication date 2005. Topics Great Britain. Royal Navy - Officers - Fiction. Napoleonic Wars, 1800-1815 - Fiction. Prisoners of war - Fiction. Prison hulks - Fiction. Great Britain - History, Naval - 19th century - Fiction.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. July 1806. Commanding a prison hulk full of French captives, Lieutenant Martin Jerrold thinks his war can't get much better. He's far away from the more life threatening aspects of naval service and he can keep his mistress close to hand. It all seems too good to last. When one of the prisoners goes missing, Jerrold's comfortable world is suddenly turned upside down.

GENERAL INFORMATION Book Title:. The Chains Of Albion Series Name:. Reluctant Adventures of Lieutenant Martin Jerrold Series Number:. Edwin Thomas aka Tom Harper Narrator:. David Thorpe Unabridged:. Random House Audiobooks. FILE INFORMATION Source:. 10 Hours 15 Minutes Encoder:. Fraunhofer (JetAudio . ABOUT THE AUTHOR Edwin Thomas aka Tom Harper was was born in West Germany in 1977 and grew up in Germany, Belgium and America. He studied history at Lincoln College, Oxford, worked for a while in the glamorous world of pensions services, and now writes full time.

Ships from and sold by RAREWAVES-IMPORTS. Jerrold swashes his buckles and splices his mainbraces to good effect.

Reluctant hero Martin Jerrold returns in his second swashbuckling adventure in the vein of Flashman and Sharpe. July 1806: Commanding a prison-hulk in the Medway, guarding French captives, Martin Jerrold thinks his war can’t get much better. He is far away from storm, battle and the other disagreeable elements of naval life. He can even keep his mistress, Isobel, close at hand. It seems too good to last.

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Edwin Thomas was born in 1977, and grew up in West Germany, Belgium and America before returning to England to study history at Lincoln College, Oxford. Transworld Publishers Ltd. Date of Publication.

Commanding a prison hulk full of French captives, Lieutenant Martin Jerrold thinks his war can't get much better.

Reluctant hero Martin Jerrold returns in his second swashbuckling adventure in the vein of Flashman and Sharpe.July 1806: Commanding a prison-hulk in the Medway, guarding French captives, Martin Jerrold thinks his war can’t get much better. He is far away from storm, battle and the other disagreeable elements of naval life. He can even keep his mistress, Isobel, close at hand. It seems too good to last. And so it proves.When one of the prisoners, Dumont, goes missing, Jerrold’s comfortable world is turned upside down. He is ordered by the First Lord of the Admiralty to recapture the Frenchman at any cost. Jerrold doesn’t know it but the pursuit will take him clear across England: from the slums of London to the wilds of Dartmoor, to the newly fashionable resort of Brighton. But who is the mysterious Monsieur Dumont? Everyone is curious about him, from his old friend Mr Nevell to politicians of all stripes — even the seductive Princess Caroline takes an unexpected interest.As Jerrold, with his usual mix of bad timing and bad behaviour, closes on his quarry, he begins to uncover an extraordinary tangle of deceit and treachery stretching back twenty years, which reaches to the most exalted levels of society on both sides of the Channel. And which some men will stop at nothing to conceal.
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Most first commands are relatively modest. A schooner, brig or perhaps a corvette for a real go-getter would be normal. Lt. Martin Jerrold gets a big first command. He gets a ship of the line, a prize normally going to senior captains. There is a catch. His command is a prison hulk and does nothing more than house prisoners and swing with the tide. That suits him just fine. It keeps him out of danger and conveniently close to his mistress. It's a nice little racket for a lazy bumbler.

Jerrold's world is upset when a prisoner escapes. This is not unusual except that everyone seems to be interested in this particular prisoner. Both political parties are adamant that his future depends on recapturing the escapee and the dangerous papers he carries but they will not tell him why this prisoner is important. When the crown prince's cronies and the intelligence service get involved, life gets positively dangerous, not to mention uncomfortable, as he chases after a prisoner he doesn't really care about.

This book is about on par with the first book of the series, THE BLIGHTED CLIFFS. It is reasonably well written and tells an interesting story. The character is not the cad some portray him to be. He is merely a bumbler and a strangely likeable one at that.
Tired of the dashing hero that always gets the girl, kills the enemy, travels in the best circles of society, gets promoted, and all the while keeps his clothes immaculate? You won't find him here! I am a bit of a history buff, so I especially enjoy the detail of this series. A good adventure story too!
This continues the hapless adventures of Lieutenant Jerrold. Imagine a less swashbuckling Flashman (by the late Great George MacDonald Fraser) with as much humor. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself hooked by the mystery and found the ending particularly clever.
The book ordered arrived in short order and was in terrific condition. I would buy from this store anytime.
Martin Jerrold is now a Captain... of a stinking prison hulk full of poor French prisoners of war. This wild adventure opens even more hilariously than the last one, with Jerrold quite happy to be safe from bodily harm and in possession of a large cabin where he can entertain his "cousin", the very capable Isobel. During such a visit, Jerrold is called away to see to a possible escape attempt, and then a true escape when his French translator is found missing. Also missing is Isobel's dress. And the razor blade Jerrold had loaned the privileged prisoner. And then an imperious Major of the Horse-Guards arrives, urgently wanting to see the escaped man--and he gets Jerrold's superior to demote him and order him to find the prisoner or face getting drummed out of the Navy.

Not that Jerrold doesn't think leaving the Navy would be a bad idea, but the humiliation and the problem with actually making a living at something else leaves him with little choice other than to chase the prisoner. He faces the First Lord of the Admiralty (who keeps Jerrold's uncle too cowed to rip into Jerrold), and muck and mire with only one set of clothes and one boot, and mysterious ladies and men of Carlton House and politicians of the opposition--all who want the prisoner, but none of whom are exactly sure WHY the prisoner is so important.

Fortunately, Jerrold has a friend in the Post Office!

As before, Jerrold is mostly on land, around Plymouth, Dartmoor, Brighton and London, and aside from his habitual state, only occasionally at sea. The politics and historical detail are very good. And Jerrold provides the comic relief without being a total buffoon. As before, he is not stupid and actually has curiosity that not only leads him into hazard, but is good in a sleuth. And he truly does not want the crazy adventures that he falls into, but Jerrold is definitely a man who will often not receive what he desires!

Although, he's survived, and he's got the unflappable and intelligent Isobel, so perhaps he is not quite as hapless and luckless as he seems.

I enjoyed the adventure and the mystery. I could guess at what the secret was towards the end, since I was somewhat familiar with the period, but it was all good fun and quite an enjoyable read.
crazy mashine
I fell in love with Lt. Martin Jerrold in THE BLIGHTED CLIFFS, where he bumbled his way from catastrophe to reluctant, day-saving hero, and his escapades continue in this clever, well-written second installment of his rather unfortunate adventures. What's not to love about a self-depracating hero whose bad luck is surpassed only by his intelligence, courage (yes, Lt. Jerrold, you *are* courageous by any definition of the word!), basic humanity, morals, and attention to duty? For anyone who wants a fresh (and amusing) twist on what it means to be a naval hero, Martin Jerrold is for you; I can't recommend this fast-paced, well-written trilogy highly enough ... highly entertaining, witty, and GREAT fun!!
Finishing the second installment of Thomas' Misadventures of Lt. Martin Jerrold left another smile on my face as I closed the last page. I enjoyed it just as much as the first book Blighted Cliffs and eagerly await starting the last in the series Treason's River. These books are nothing but pure fun and adventure with a nice blend of all ingredients loved by readers who just want to sit back and enjoy the ride. One has to love Martin Jerrold, he's a hero with human flaws and failures known to us all but still manages to come out ahead in the end after a merry long chase of madcap mischief and mayhem. Another standing ovation for the author in my eyes, it's nice to see authors still writing a good old fashioned yarn of adventure on the high seas that keep you glued to the pages without looking up but once!