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Author: Chet Cunningham
ISBN13: 978-0843925180
Title: Slaughter at Buffalo Creek (Pony Soldiers)
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Publisher: Leisure Books (August 1, 1987)

Slaughter at Buffalo Creek (Pony Soldiers) by Chet Cunningham

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Slaughter at Buffalo Creek Comanche Massacre by Chet Cunningham. Only with the help of Pony Soldiers, some of the vilest people in existence, will Captain Harding be able to avenge the deaths of his wife and son and rescue his daughter from a life of servitude. Library descriptions.

Apache Rampage (The Pony Soldiers Book 12). Chet Cunningham. Sioux Slaughter (The Pony Soldiers Book 6).

Book in the Pony Soldiers Series). Select Format: Hardcover. Mass Market Paperback. Format: Mass Market Paperback. ISBN13: 9780843925180.

Slaughter At Buffalo Creek. 1987) (The first book in the Pony Soldiers series) A novel by Chet Cunningham. December 1953 : USA Paperback.

Slaughter at Buffalo Creek (The Pony Soldiers Book 1). Captain Harding takes it upon himself to see that this savage be fed to the scavengers. Download Slaughter at Buffalo Creek (The Pony Soldiers Book. Download and Read Free Online Slaughter at Buffalo Creek (The Pony Soldiers Book 1) Chet Cunningham.

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Books by Cunningham, Chet. Outlaws, Apache ambush, Cheyenne blood storm, The macular degeneration handbook, The frogmen of World War II, Bloody gold, Cripple Creek Bonanza, Pony Soldiers. Slaughter at Buffalo Creek.

Only with the help of Pony Soldiers, some of the vilest people in existence, will Captain Harding be able to avenge the deaths of his wife and son and rescue his daughter from a life of servitude. Chet Cunningham, Is Proud To Present Pony Soldiers: Slaughter at Buffalo Creek A Novel. Com! Cunningham Books ChetCunningham. Com 8431 Beaver Lake Drive San Diego CA 92119.

When White Eagle, a renegade Comanche warrior, kills Captain Colt Harding's wife and son, and kidnaps his daughter, the bitter officer vows revenge
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A tragic tale of life during the settlement of the west. Soldiers and Indians inflicting unbelievable acts of violence on each other. As the search for a captured child give way to a hunt for a thief/murderer the author draws the reader into a story that builds excitement and leaves one anxious for the next book. What lies ahead for this company of soldiers? Will the little girl respond to a Father and a way of life she has forgotten when that time comes? This book is a great beginning for a series of stories that will delight those that enjoy tales of the unsettled West.
I'm a big fan of western books and this book was well written. The story was good to a point and the characters well developed. I was a little disappointed that the plot winds itself into the second book. The first part of this book was compelling but it fell flat when an officer stole the gold shipment and hid it in his quarters. I could buy that but it fell flat when he shows the gold to the cleaning woman knowing she's a whore and he has to leave the post on a patrol for a few days is a stretch of the imagination and is something no man that I know of would do. But that aside I liked the way he described the action of both the Indians and the Troopers. Cunningham has a nice style to his writing and I'll read the sequel.
I have read another book by Chet Cunningham before and enjoyed it very much so was looking for another good Old West novel and was not disappointed. The author gives excellent detail and maintains good flow with just enough re-hash as to who's who if you have set the book down for a while - never a repeat unless a previous quote.

Why am I still writing?! There is a sequel I need to go buy and start reading!
Can't believe how much I enjoyed this book. This book had a great story and when I finished it left me wanting more.
Indians and Pony Soldiers..who would have thought that s 75 year old woman would enjoy this book so.much. looking forward to reading the next book!!
I didn't enjoy this book as much as previous books by the same author. For mine, there was too much use of modern language. Maybe I'm wrong, but were Indians really referred to as "hostiles" and not "Indians" "natives" "Comanche", or "the enemy"? I found such language grating, but the story itself was ok.
As I began to read The Pony Soldier/Slaughter at Buffalo Creek, the many western movies I’ve watched with my husband over the years came to mind – the ones starring John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. It was typical in that it was a western with cowboys/soldiers and Indians and of course the story couldn’t be complete without taking someone captive. I don’t want to say too much and spoil the story, but looks like the rest of us will have to wait until the next book to see what happens as the book ends with a cliffhanger. Overall, I enjoyed the book. I recommend you read this book if you like westerns and I recommend you read this if you’ve never read one before. The author kept me turning the pages to see what happened next – a good sign of a great storyteller.
This book did not end it is continued on. There is 12 books in the series. I will not be continuing this book.
Interesting read. Rather graphic in describing torture and rape. Good description of how war ponies were trained. The army realizes that the native Americans ways of doing actions in war needed to be studied and used.