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Author: Mike Hockney
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Title: The Last Bling King
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The Last Bling King by Mike Hockney

In The Last Bling King, John Galt is a member of the ruling elite. He and those like him see all but their exclusive club as nobodies. another powerful fictional book by Mike Hockney. Published on September 15, 2013.

The Last Bling King book. Greg Raslow is disappointed with life. He's envious of the rich. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

How to own the world. Can fame be switched off? A group of revolutionaries called the League for the Liberation of Nobodies have concocted an ingenious plan and they’ve targeted the year’s most glittering celebrity occasion: Oscar Night. The Last Bling King is the.

Requirements: This book can only be viewed on an iOS device with Apple Books on iOS 12 or later, iBooks . 1 or later and iOS . 3 or later, or a Mac with iBooks . or later and OS X 1. or later. More by Mike Hockney. The Millionaires' Death Club. The Armageddon Conspiracy.

This book is the last of a series of books,where the controversial Illuminati expose themselves and their radical ideas. The other books from this series are: "Armageddon Conspiracy","The Millionaries' Death Club" and "Prohibition A",which together,form a great metanarrative. If they got your attention,come down to their rabbit hole:.

Are you envious of the rich and famous? Do you think your life is meaningless? Greg Raslow does. He joins the "League for the Liberation of Nobodies" and finds himself in the midst of a mind-boggling revolution. Soon, the super rich and celebrities are on the run, desperately trying to protect their privileged lives as they find that ordinary people have finally turned against them.

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Author : Mike Hockney. Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. R. 75 on ( Rs. 6. 0 Shipping Charges) R.,168 kart.

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Can fame be switched off? A group of revolutionaries called the League for the Liberation of Nobodies have concocted an ingenious plan and they've targeted the year's most glittering celebrity occasion: Oscar Night. The Last Bling King is the story of how ordinary men and women revolted against celebrities and the super rich, became the people they wanted to be, and changed the world forever. This is the 21st Century antidote to Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged".
Reviews: 7
This is one of the Pythagorean Illuminati's works of coded fiction. The Illuminati also have a series of non-fiction books by this author (Mike Hockney) and two other authors Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust. If you enjoy any of the fictional books by the Illuminati you should definitely read their non-fiction books as well. All of the Illuminati's books have the potential to change your life. You should also check out the Illuminati's website armageddonconspiracy.co.uk and their facebook page Ancient Order of The Illuminati.

The Pythagorean Illuminati are an ancient secret society of rational freethinkers officially founded by the genius polymath Pythagoras. Some of the greatest geniuses in history have been members of the Illuminati. These geniuses include: King Solomon, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Plato, Simon Magus, Hypatia, Leibniz, Weishaupt, Goethe, and Hegel. The Illuminati's goal is to replace the insanity that is increasing everywhere on this planet with a New World Order based on reason, justice, altruism, community, merit, and equal opportunities for EVERYONE to actualize their full potential. If this new world is something that you desperately need to be a part of then these are the books for you.

"The Last Bling King" is the Illuminati's answer to Ayn Rand's disgusting book "Atlas Shrugged". In "The Last Bling King" the ordinary people of the world revolt and show the rich elite that nobody needs them for anything. The rich elite are sent running when they realize that the ordinary people are no longer going to put up with being looked down upon by the them. There is a song by the punk rock band Propagandhi called "Supporting Cast(e)" that goes nicely with this book.

The type of revolt that happens in "The Last Bling King" needs to happen right now on our planet. We are in a very bad situation at the moment and something needs to happen soon. We need to stop being complacent and scared and realize that we, the "ordinary" people, truly hold all of the power. The sooner we all realize this the sooner we will be able to create a better world for all of the species on this planet.
John Galt is the symbol, the legend, the figure head of free market capitalism. He was immortalized in Atlas Shrugged as the harbinger of a glorious revolution to permanently idolize those who can play the system. John Galt is the literary embodiment of free market capitalism.

He is also the enemy, as are the ideals and methods associated with him. In The Last Bling King, John Galt is a member of the ruling elite. He and those like him see all but their exclusive club as nobodies. They force the issue to a degree that those outside the club believe themselves Nobodies, and eventually embrace it. A global movement to end the master/slave relationship occurs which ends in the Age of Celebrity meeting its demise and laying he ground work for Meritocracy.

This book is a page turner. Yes, some of the plot is cliche but the story is amazing. You may or may not feel sympathy for Greg, but I assure you you know some like him...the little guy afraid to take a risk, the guy that is always forgotten and left behind. You will want to follow to the conclusion.

If a movie was made of your life and played on an infinite loop on your headstone, would you be proud?
I thought it a great story. I read it in three days, 10 hrs worth of read. The ending was real intriguing. I almost didn't know who this man was :) what the female character lucinda thought about the male counterpart was spot on, and I quickly realized greg was very beta . Good thing his last experience lead him to the ways of alpha. Now I must read the other books
I had to buy this after I saw it advertised and after reading another book from the same author. It is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. The insights of philosophy and inventions of ideas are revolutionary. The whole book centres around characters or maybe caricatures of the celebrity life with twists and turns that makes it interesting to the very last page. I have to ask myself is this a foresight or prophecy in the evolution of society or is it just a fiction story combined with an imaginative plot of social change and rebellion. The book is a benchmark into the insight of the human condition today and its philosophical morals that expresses mankinds weaknesses and strengths. For anyone that knows of Mike Hockney, this book is a must buy. It will change the way you see the World. It is a book of political, business, social and philosophical acumen.
EDIT: I just found out my friend really was playing a joke on me by recommending this book. He never even read it. I'm so angry.

I'm angry at my friend who convinced me to read this book. It was due only to his recommendation that I actually bought the book and continued reading. Otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have made it past the free preview (Is there one? Not sure.) I kept waiting for some revelation to be revealed that would suddenly make things click and it never came. That was incredibly unsatisfying. I predicted most everything that was going to happen and I'm not a genius. I think most people will, so the reveals were generally very unsatisfying.

This book is trying to be a critique of Atlas Shrugged. I hated Atlas Shrugged. I'll tell you how this book is similar to it and then I'll tell you what's different.

How it was similar is I thought it was poorly written. The characters didn't talk like normal people. They would launch into long speeches when talking to someone and the other person would stand there silently as they ranted. It's not a dialogue. I wish the author would just write a paper if they want to rant. Don't write fiction for that. This book had a few characters that were a bit relate-able but most weren't.

The one thing I didn't mind about Atlas Shrugged was the basic premise. It was just executed very poorly, as was this book. They were both attempts at turning politics into fiction and both were very preachy. But The Last Bling King criticizes the one thing about Atlas Shrugged that I didn't have a problem with and repeats everything that Atlas Shrugged did wrong.