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Author: Tom Knox
ISBN13: 978-0007342617
Title: The Marks Of Cain
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Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: Harper (2010)

The Marks Of Cain by Tom Knox

The Marks of Cain is a work of fiction. However, it draws on many genuine historical, archaeological and scientific sources. In particular: The monastery of Sainte Marie de La Tourette stands in the forests and vineyards of central France. Designed by Le Corbusier, the building was constructed in the 1950s. Five years after completion the building was threatened with closure, as so many of the monks were suffering mental problems. For an hour David sat there, reading a book. Then his grandfather woke, and coughed, and stared. The dying patient gazed with a puzzled expression at the window, at the blue square of desert sky, as if seeing this last view for the first time.

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The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. The Marks of Cain is a work of fiction.

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About book: Maybe less. It was an exciting adventure story, but there was a rather virulent strain of anti-Catholicism throughout (though the author tried to exorcise it at the very end), and the ending left a lot to be desired, with at least one thing still up in the air. The author also used a lot of arcane terms, and I often had to check the 'net to find out what was spoken of. A glossary would have been nice. This is basically the story of two men. One is a journalist who is called out to a mysterious murder of an elderly woman. Her corpse shows signs of torture.

The Marks of Cain book. The Genesis Secret-already in its fourth hardcover printing and appearing on several bestseller lists-immediately established Tom Knox as a searing, brilliant new voice in commercial fiction. The Marks of Cain dares to raise the bar even higher and promises to be an even greater success.

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I first found Tom Knox in an airport in the form of "The Genesis Secret". Since finishing that book, I had been eagerly awaiting Knox's second novel. I was no disappointed. Having taken a Creative Writing since reading "The Genesis Secret", I can say for sure that Knox has found the formula for a truly suspenseful, yet thoughtful thriller. I'm sorry to say I hated to see such a promising writer go the direction he did.

Reviews: 7
Like in The Genesis Secret: A Novel, "Knox" (pseudonym for British journalist Sean Thomas) weaves together an exciting plot with sympathetic characters and adds in some history and a beautiful setting to create a very entertaining and readable novel. It starts off a bit slowly, but once the action begins, it hardly takes a break as the characters are flung into one dangerous situation after another. Still, it is a less impressive sophomore novel than I had hoped for. The "revelation" at the end of the book hardly took me by surprise and at least in the hard cover edition, there is not an "acknowledgements" page with sources used or anything to support any of the "research" done. Which is fine - this is a fiction novel after all, but it would have been nice to see something either giving credit where due, or making a note to those interested in the Basque people and region what resources to begin reading on their own for more (factual) information. I know I would have enjoyed a "Suggested Reading List" or something along those lines, because as soon as I finished the novel, I started looking into the history of the Basque people and region on my own. And while this was not his most impressive work, it wasn't so terrible that I won't continue to watch out for his new books. He certainly has a flair for coming up with unique ideas!
I first found Tom Knox in an airport in the form of "The Genesis Secret". Since finishing that book, I had been eagerly awaiting Knox's second novel. I was no disappointed.

Having taken a Creative Writing since reading "The Genesis Secret", I can say for sure that Knox has found the formula for a truly suspenseful, yet thoughtful thriller. Knox seems to thrive off several themes in his novels: hideous, gory, torturous murders; questioning the religious authority and the validity of their statements; mental insanity as the true villain; and the interweaving of storylines and information. "The Marks of Cain" contains all these elements and then some.

As a narrator, Knox has the uncanny ability to move the plot forward. Furthermore, he manages to keep us tuned into his main character's thoughts and emotions without putting on the brakes to do so. The revelation of information is executed in a manner that kept me from sleep in the night between the middle and the end of the book. Rather than tell us everything at once, he has us become a character in his story by giving us the bits and pieces the two main characters have. The audience must attempt to construct the solution until the very end, so much so that the need to know the answer becomes the kind of hunger eats away at you until you can stand it know more.

Knox develops his characters appropriately, introducing us to a character's past in a manner that is meaningful to the story but also natural. Flashbacks, revelations of past events and relationships fit within the realm of Knox's book flawlessly, as reactions to emotional triggers or probing questions relevant to furthering the plot. But most of all, "The Marks of Cain" provides deeper motivations for the characters than "The Genesis Secret" did. In his second novel, Knox managed to clean up one of the few weak spots in his writing.

Knox knocks it out of the park again. But buyer beware. This book is not for the faint of heart.
Tom Knox is a superb writer. He creates great plots, has good character development, has a marvelous use of the language and keeps the reader on the edge of his or her seat following all the action. A much better read than Dan Brown in my book.
felt boot
Love, love Tom Knox! Fascinating read. Mysteries not 'done to death' as is common in so may of this genre. Stellar character development - normal people with normal thoughts & feelings facing horrible situations with true human reactions. Mr. Knox's ability to immerse you the ancient thought processes is pure talent. I crave reading his books. Don't change a thing, Mr. Knox & keep 'em coming! I look forward to much more from you.
This one was just not as taught as his other works. Something about this rhythm of outrunning, being found, out running....I just started to get bored. I have loved his other 3 books and I will continue to buy them. I just wouldn't start with this one if I were you,
I read an earlier Tom Knox work and was absolutely enthralled with it. The story line was mesmerizing the writing style was crisp and I couldn't wait to read the next chapter, so I ordered The Marks of Cain, expecting to find the same caliber of talent. The Marks of Cain was riddled with unecessary street language, filth and crude visionry. It seemed that his editors had told him that he would need to make his writing much more earthy in order to sell more books. I'm sorry to say I became tired of the filthy language and did not finish the book. Tom Knox has an ability to tell a story that is inteligent, entertaining and exciting without crude language. I'm sorry to say I hated to see such a promising writer go the direction he did. I cannot recommend this book, unless you prefer the base entertainment that is being forced on the public of late.
This is the second book I read of his and I am pleased. The only problem is some typos the story was great.
I haven't finished reading the book yet because it skips pages at random. For example, I finished chapter 2 and when I "went" to the next page I was sent to the contents page. Forwarding from there took me to chapter 8. Just a couple of examples.
This is the second time I have had effects such as this.