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Author: Michele VanOrt Cozzens
ISBN13: 978-1932172263
Title: A Line Between Friends
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Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: McKenna Publishing Group (August 31, 2006)
Pages: 244

A Line Between Friends by Michele VanOrt Cozzens

Michele VanOrt Cozzens brings the emotion home with the settings and the characters’ inner dialog.

A Line Between Friends book. Michele VanOrt Cozzens' first work of fiction. Michele Cozzens' A Line Between Friends captures-in heart-wrenching detail-the bittersweet passage of time, the memory of teenage love, and the necessity of growing up and accepting the choices we've made. I found myself cheering for Joel and Noelle, but I also wanted to slap some sense into them.

No current Talk conversations about this book. Was it because once in their long friendship they had crossed the line between friends and had a night of passion. more).

Michele VanOrt Cozzens is the author of I’m Living Your Dream Life: The Story of a Northwoods Resort Owner, The Things I Wish I’d Said, A Line Between friends, It’s Not Your Mother’s Bridge Club. McKenna Publishing Group). Irish Twins is her third novel and was released on August 15, 2010.

Award winning novel by Michele VanOrt Cozzens Can a man and a woman remain friends after each has married someone else? Award winning novel by Michele VanOrt Cozzens.

Michele Vanort Cozzens. A Line Between Friends. Sorry! This item is currently out of stock, but we’ll have it back soon. Her prior books are I'm Living Your Dream Life and The Things I Wish I'd Said.

Michele VanOrt Cozzens is the author of "I’m Living Your Dream Life: The Story of a Northwoods Resort Owner," and "The Things I Wish I’d Said. Book, Literary Fiction. Michele VanOrt Cozzens is the author of "I’m Living Your Dream Life: The Story of a Northwoods Resort Owner," and "The Things I Wish I’d Said. Invite friends to visit your profile on Booksie.

Paperback, 244 pages. This is author, Michele VanOrt Cozzens’ first work of fiction and is the winner of the 2006. McKenna Publishing Group Fiction Contest. A Line Between Friends is the story of a friendship spanning more than twenty years, until the day Noelle Moncada receives a terse, three-line letter from her friend, Joel Rolland, asking her to end all contact.

Can a man and a woman remain friends after each marries someone else?This is the story of a friendship spanning more than twenty years, until the day Noelle Moncada receives a terse, three-line letter from her friend, Joel Rolland, asking her to end all contact. Perplexed and hurt, Noelle recounts the details of her relationship with Joel and tries to determine why he feels the friendship must end. Was it something she did or said? Was it because of his wife, the beautiful Anita Dambra? Or was it because once during a night of passion and release, Noelle and Joel crossed the line between friends? But this is not just Noelle's tale to tell. In alternating chapters, Joel tells his side of the story as well. Ultimately, the reader will decide whether or not Joel and Noelle can or will remain friends.
Reviews: 7
It is a tale of friendship, a story of growing up, and a nostalgic glimpse of the past through the eyes of the present-day characters.

Noelle and Joel were high school and then college friends. Theirs is a relationship of near-misses, bad timing, and immaturity. But for some reason, they each hold onto their friendship, which they describe as like an interrupted sentence.

Then one night, they cross a line. And nothing is ever the same again.

They move onto different pathways, choosing different locales for their adult lives, as well as marital partners. But they pick up the thread of that interrupted sentence in their occasional phone calls and letters.

Looking back and deconstructing their relationship, we come to know the past as it unfolds toward the present in the alternate voices of Noelle and Joel, as they seek to understand the aborted friendship--something that happens when Joel writes a letter to Noelle, cutting off all contact.

It is in the reexamination of this relationship from beginning to end that we come to fully know these characters, and it is this process that strikes a chord of familiarity for the reader. For don't we all have past relationships that we still remember, still cling to in our minds? And understanding them is essential to closure.

That is the final feeling I had in this story--closure. A very satisfying book that almost feels like a memoir, A Line Between Friends is unforgettable.

A definite five-star read.
This is a story of attraction, missed opportunities, indecision, and clinging to the past that evolved over nearly thirty years involving two high school and college friends, Noelle Moncada and Joel Rolland. Though Noelle, low-keyed, smart, and a striking beauty, intrigued Joel, for various reasons he was unable to establish a genuine romance with her, despite repeated chances. They both moved on to marriage with others, yet wanted to remain friends.

Certainly a key component of the book is an exploration of that possibility - can past loves be part of one's life as friends. Naturally circumstances and the individuals involved, especially spouses, are key to that possibility as is reinforced in this story.

The book is more broadly a keen look at the social complexities and positioning in transitioning from high school to college. Though set in the late 1970s, the same challenges exist today. The book is of modest length, yet the main characters are well-drawn. However, perhaps the one scene between Noelle and Joel that would most interest readers is merely suggested and not described - too bad. This is a very good first novel; however, since this one was autobiographical, it will be interesting to see if more are forthcoming.
I've read and enjoyed Ms. Cozzens's non-fiction books, I'M LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFE and THE THINGS I WISH I'D SAID, so I had to try A LINE BETWEEN FRIENDS even though I'm not into romance novels. I can relate to the subject, I'm a happily married guy who has a few friends of the opposite sex that sometimes make me wonder what could have been.

If I could just get that Vulcan Mind Meld down, I want to take a stroll in the author's head, sounds like a fascinating place! The book is really good, awesome attention to detail and the sense of story is very real. This is incredibly easy to relate to, it's not only very realistic, but the breadth makes it difficult for anyone who's grown up (at least physically) to not find something that stirs a memory or more of your own.

I enjoyed the book very much, easy to read (hard to put down) and excellent quality, the author has impressive talent. I can't wait for the next book!
I do not read many fictional books--I am big on spiritual-based books. But I was drawn to read this book by friends. I now have the same report they gave me to share with you: I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! This author has a world class gift for character development and story telling. I felt like I was there right inside each scene and I didn't want to leave...Great book, Great writing and I look forward to more from Michele VanOrt Cozzens!
For this of us that are in our late 40s/early 50s the college days and times before are distant memories. But after reading Michele's book - those times of high school friendships and college romances - as well as the stress of leaving home for the first time, adjusting to college and meeting new friends are brought back to life. Michele has the ability through her writing to jog back those memories. Her descriptive prose - brings back the sights, smells and feelings of those formative years. I will even ask my teenagers to read it....This was an excellent book!
this book is a nice read. it took me back to my college days and i revisited my life from the outside looking in.
the author's way of writing makes me love word description. i recommend this book for a delightful read thru time.

s. neely