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Author: Rosalind Laker
ISBN13: 978-0451096647
Title: Warwyck's Choice
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Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: New American Library (March 3, 1981)

Warwyck's Choice by Rosalind Laker

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Publication date 1983. Topics Large type books. Publisher Boston, Mass. Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by PhanS on June 18, 2010.

All Titles by Rosalind Laker. The covers shown are the original published versions and may appear different to the republished versions online. Warwyck’s Choice Doubleday . A 1980, published in the . as The Warwycks OF Easthampton, Methuen 1980. The third generation of Warwycks are still subject to old hates and rivalries of the past. Claudine’s Daughter Methuen . 1980, Doubleday . The daughter of Daniel Warwyck’s mistress comes seeking her late mother’s past. Warwyck’s Wife Methuen UK 1979, also by Doubleday . 1978 as Warwyck’s Woman. This is the first book in my Warwyck trilogy.

Book in the The Warwycks Series). Select Format: Hardcover. Mass Market Paperback. Tom Warwyck and Nicolette Radcliffe, the young heirs of two rival Easthampton families, reach out to one another across a chasm of scorn, family hatreds, and vindictiveness. ISBN13:9780385156493.

Warwyck's Choice Doubleday . Claudine's Daughter Methuen . The daughter of Daniel Warwyck's mistress comes seeking her late mother's past. Warwyck's Wife Methuen UK 1979, also by Doubleday . 1978 as Warwyck's Woman. This is the first book in my Warwyck trilogy

Daniel Lombard falls in love with Louise de Vailly on the day she arrives in New York, a refugee from the French Revolution which has destroyed the lives of Louise, her sister Delphine and so many other French aristocrats. Though unsure of what they will find in the New World, Louise is a brave and determined young woman, not one to wallow in self-pity. Soon she has found work for Delphine and herself in a millinery, where she uses her innate talent and French flair for fashion to make herself indispensable.

ROSALIND LAKER is the author of many novels, including ""To Dance with Kings"" and ""The Golden Tulip,"" She lives in England.

Warwyck's choice Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Warwyck's choice from your list? Warwyck's choice. Published 1983 by . Hall in Boston, Mass. The animosity and rivalry between Warwycks and Radcliffes was as legendary as their wealth was immense

Find nearly any book by rosalind LAKER (page 2). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. ISBN 9780749301408 (978-0-7493-0140-8) Softcover, Arrow (A Division of Random House Group), 1989. Find signed collectible books: 'Claudine's Daughter'.

Reviews: 7
If I had not enjoyed so much and been fascinated by the first book of this set (WARWYCK'S WIFE) and enjoyed, although more moderately, the second (CLAUDINE'S DAUGHTER), I might not have finished this last entry of the trilogy. The storyline is, IMO, much less compelling and did not have me as glued to my chair, turning the pages in anticipation of what was coming next. Instead I kept turning pages to see if something more interesting and less dreary was to come and also to see if I was getting closer to the end.

The story advances quite slowly and I spent a great deal of time wondering which characters Laker planned to make more miserable or to kill off. You can't count on her to let your favorites live or, if they do survive, you can't count on her to give them an HEA. Fortunately, most characters here do survive and a few will even be happy, so there's that. In many respects it can be a bummer of a slow tale, but since I had invested so much of my time with this Warwyck family I had to find out what would happen to the third generation.

Daniel Warwyck, the gentleman boxer/resort developer of Book 1 is now in his mid- to late-70s, doing OK physically but emotionally missing the love of his life so much that all traces of her have been removed from his house to be locked away in the first house they had shared together. "Out of sight, out of mind" isn't really working for him but he keeps that house locked up, not only uninhabited but also never even entered.

We also meet up again with Daniel's 50-something son Richard and daughter Donna, who both played such a large part in Book 2. Are they happy? What's going on in their lives? (I can't say, of course, The reading of this book requires as many little surprises as possible.) But the story here revolves mainly around the third generation: Daniel's grandchildren and, in particular, his youngest grandson, Tom, who wants to be a yacht and ship builder, in conflict with his father Richard's wish that he join the family business.

The Warwycks have been in a feud with the Radcliffes since Book 1 and a big part of this book is a Romeo-Juliet or Hatfield-McCoy romance between Tom and Nicolette Radcliffe. It's sweet and, because you can't depend on Laker for happiness for anyone, the outcome of this relationship may not be a sure thing. Well, nothing is a sure thing in this Laker trilogy. Don't expect to find eternal love, fidelity, long lives, etc. You name it, it's in these stories. That's a good thing if you enjoy complexity in relationships. Not a good thing if you read historical fiction for a romantic fairy-tale fix.

One more reason to read this trilogy is the historical aspect. Laker takes you from 1820s England to the 1870s. You get a feel for how the country is developing and modernizing. For how the role of women is changing, yet still staying the same in many ways. Lots to think about here. I do not, however, recommend reading this third book without having read the first two beforehand. You won't enjoy it half as much without having developed a previous relationship with this Warwyck family.
boring, more like a book for a teenager.
adventure time
Good 'escape' fiction.
Could not wait to get my hands on the third book of the Warwyck saga. Excellent read. Highly recommended. Rosalind Laker gets better and better with every book she writes!!!
The Warwycks of Easthampton is the last title in the Warwyck trilogy. I was anticipating a dud, but I liked it much more than OLT.
I liked the sweet young couple. I thought their love affair was very well drawn - and Tom was particularly gorgeous (that rush to the end of the pier was just what a H should do).
Once again, I felt for easily betrayed, poor old Donna. Laker gave her a lousy life. Even those who mourned her didn't, in my view, make enough of her final act of heroism. (And how did she work out how the fire started?)
Meg was brilliantly depicted. What a tortured life. Sad. But also revolting - the grip of the alcoholism was very realistic. As was her terrified snobishness and jealousy. Because I liked him, I gave her bad marks for being such a rotten mother to Tom. (How did he end up being so lovely?)
Constance was a good baddy, but the ending for her was somewhat unbelievable. The old grandmother was another good meanie.
I can't believe it, but I quite liked Richard in this one. Yes, he was unfaithful, but he was no Charles Dickens (who hid his affairs by throwing his wife out of her home and publicly deriding her). Richard took responsibility for having hurt Meg and, rather than shoving her in an institutiion, he cared for her - to a degree. He did cruelly replicated his dad's behaviour by forcing Meg to make her home in the place that reminded him of his sister Lucy, the woman Meg hated and he truly loved. (Of course, Richard was also repulsed by Meg, which doesn't in any way excuse his affair with Constance. In his own home? Inexcusable! Somewhat like the contemporary film stars who shag the nanny.)
Even though Richard and Daniel become enamoured with Helen, it's hard to see why. She is the let-down character. She is bland and didn't resonate much with me except for being a good sister..
Finally - Daniel. Evidently, he truly mourned Kate and was guilt-ridden for over 20 years! Good. But not good enough. And I bet he wasn't celibate, even though Laker is silent on the matter.
It is interesting that these 3 romances are over 30 years old, but stack up well against modern competition. That's mainly because Laker can write, can tell a good tale, is ruthless with her characters and delivers a good dose of melodrama every few pages, in a manner that allows the reader to shrug and move on, waiting for the next dose of angst with trepidation, and even with glee.
A good finale to a good trilogy.