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Author: Victoria Clayton
ISBN13: 978-0752825168
Title: Running Wild
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Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: Orion (November 16, 2000)
Pages: 400

Running Wild by Victoria Clayton

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by. Victoria Clayton (Author).

Welcome to the web site of novelist Victoria Clayton. Here readers can find out more about the books and the author, and see occasional news. I hope you find these pages useful and interesting. News: I am reissuing my early novels as e-books. Blog I started a blog a while ago as somewhere to jot down my thoughts about the things that interest me day to day and occupy my thoughts when not writing a novel. A year on it developed beyond the first entry.

Victoria Clayton, née Walker (born 1947) is a British author. She began writing at her parents' house in Cambridgeshire (after a couple of years living a bohemian lifestyle in London). When dining one night in London she sat next to Bill McCreadle of publisher Rupert Hart-Davis who agreed to look at her manuscript, and in 1969, when she was just 21, he decided to publish what became The Winter of Enchantment. Its sequel, The House Called Hadlows, was published in 1972. In 1997, she returned to writing books: Out of Love was her first adult's book. Both of Victoria's children's books - "The Winter of Enchantment" and "The House Called Hadlows" - have been reissued by Fidra Books. She is married and has two children.

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Elfrida Swann, a struggling portrait painter known to everyone as Freddie, is about to marry Alex Moncrieff, a successful barrister. Preparations for the great day, arranged with magnificent extravagance by her smart stepmother, are on schedule. The bridesmaids' bouquets are made up, the cake is decorated, the altar is adorned. Then, two days before the wedding, Freddie - a byword among her friends for common sense and dependability - decides that she cannot go through with it. Unable to face the fury and anguish of Alex, her parents and, it seems, almost everyone she has ever known, Freddie runs away to Drop Cottage in Dorset, lent to her by a friend. At first sight, its state of dilapidation is so extreme that Freddie feels she cannot possibly stay. But events conspire to detain her and rapidly she falls under the spell of its idiosyncratic charms. The attentions of the son of the 'big house', the friendship of the eccentric and beguiling Prim, a family of neglected children, a naked hermit, a clergyman with 'doubts' and the ravishing beauty of the countryside are just some of the elements that combine to reveal to Freddie the truth of her own mind and heart.
Reviews: 7
I am a huge fan of Victoria Clayton's books, and have gone to great lengths to get all of them. I love most of them although one or two I wouldn't bother to read again. This is the third time I've read RUNNING WILD and it is the favorite of the lot. She is a brilliant writer and the descriptions, dialog, characters, plot -- well the whole thing is so well done. It may be British chick lit but it is chick lit of a very elevated degree, as well as suitable for old women (not your teen bopper or millennial soppy stuff) and extremely literate as well. I am really disappointed that STORMY WEATHER seems to be the last book, and that was only available on KINDLE. Kindle is OK I guess but I get frustrated reading from a device, particularly in bed at night, and I think that one misses a lot of little details which we absorb almost without knowing it -- it sort of osmoses from the page in a weird sort of way.

There are some memorable characters in this book; in fact I cannot think of a single dud with the exception of Alex -- who Elfrida ("Freddie") is more than generously kind to, at least in her thoughts.

I wish her books weren't so hard to get in the US. I wish she would write another................
I really enjoyed "Out of Love" but am puzzled how to describe "Running Wild". It is an odd book, part parody, part undergraduate discussion and part romance, filled with odd characters. Quite apart from an abusive lover, there is the nudist witch, the neo Nazi group, the rural yokel s speaking a semi-obscure dialect, the posh folks from the manor, and various star-crossed lovers.
Set in 1977, this novel is a peculiar mix of dated and contemporary. I can't help thinking it was written in the seventies and revised for publication later. Nonetheless it is extremely well written, and despite some quibbles kept my interest throughout. The heroine, Freddie, has a few flaws but has the strength to stand up to an abusive lover and learn from the experience. I found her quite appealing, even though she seemed hopelessly naïve in the beginning.
Like anything of Victoria Clayton's that I have read, there are lots of allusions to art, music and literature, and various philosophical discussions on the nature of love and faith. But not all is culture. A very real love of gardens and country landscape also shines through. So, for romance, an appealing heroine, and eclectic characters, try this one.
It's rare to find a romance that's literate, complex and wise but this is that book. Full of descriptions of a beautiful countryside, a variety of characters, and lots of humor, this is a book I've read and reread. One of Clayton's best -- and that's really high praise!
The usual cast of hilarious characters who exchange sparkling dialogue, and a plot with a satisfactory ending make this novel well worth reading.
I'm a fan of V.C. The peculiarity of the characters alone will draw me back. I so enjoy the atmosphere and characters.
Love Elfrida, her disrupted life and descriptions of the cottage and country life. Lots of literary references to mull over.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's like traveling to the English countryside and making new friends. Victoria Clayton is a great writer, and her books tend to be more 'intelligent' than those of other writers of the same genre.
I just finished this book and I found it to be extremely literate Brit chic lit. Good heroine, interesting secondary characters (orphans, witches, drunk doctors, fascists, just to name a few), and great sense of place. Good laugh out loud moments too.