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Author: John Irving
ISBN13: 978-0552995733
Title: Trying to Save Piggy Sneed
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Language: English
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Publisher: Transworld Pub; Reprint edition (February 28, 1994)
Pages: 224

Trying to Save Piggy Sneed by John Irving

Home John Irving Trying to Save Piggy Sneed. Gunter Grass: King of the Toy Merchants. A portion of "The Imaginary Girlfriend" first appeared in a fall 1995 issue of The New Yorker. My Dinner at the White House" first appeared in Saturday Night (February 1993).

A treat for John Irving addicts, and a perfect introduction to his work for the uninitiated. In his spirited opening piece, Irving explains how he became a writer: A fiction writer’s memory is an especially imperfect provider of detail; we can always imagine a better detail than the one we can remember. The correct detail is rarely exactly what happened; the most truthful detail is what could have happened, or what should have. There follow six scintillating stories written over the last twenty years. The collection ends with a homage to Charles Dickens.

Here is a treat for John Irving addicts and a perfect introduction to his work for the uninitiated. To open this spirited collection, Irving explains how he became a writer. A collection of one dozen short works includes the title piece, a loving portrait of the author's grandmother, and additional stories, including "The Pension Grillparzer" and "Dinner at the White House". Here is a treat for John Irving addicts and a perfect introduction to his work for the uninitiated. I gave this book a three star only because I truly enjoy reading John Irving. This book however was somewhat of a letdown. It just seemed like a mish-mash of writings and thoughts that would have been better done individually.

About book: A collection of one dozen short works includes the title piece, a loving portrait of the author's grandmother, and additional stories, including "The Pension Grillparzer" and "Dinner at the White House". There follow six scintillating stories written over the last twenty years ending with a homage to Charles Dickens. This irresistible collection cannot fail to delight and charm

Trying to Save Piggy Sneed is a collection of short works by John Irving, first published by Arcade Publishing in 1996. It features twelve writing pieces divided into three sections: Memoirs, Fiction, and Homage. The titles of the pieces are as follows: "Trying to Save Piggy Sneed" (short story). The Imaginary Girlfriend". My Dinner at the Whitehouse". The Pension Grillparzer". Other People's Dreams".

Those who have followed John Irving's writing career will delight in his newest, Trying to Save Piggy Sneed. Readers will leave this book feeling as if they have had a terrific conversation with Irving about why he writes and how he goes about i. ; USA Today. NEWEST BOOK IS A FIRST FOR IRVING: a collection of memoirs, short fiction, and essays. Trying to Save Piggy Sneed features tributes to Dickens and Gü nter Grass, whose novels percolate with a political and moral courage Irving admires  . John Irving published his first novel at the age of twenty-six. He has received awards from the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Guggenheim Foundation; he has won an O. Henry Award, a National Book Award, and an Academy Award.

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The late Mr. Bennett was then Chairman of the English Department; he was my first critic and en-courager - I needed his help demy for an unprecedented fifth year; yet I qualified for a course called English 4W - the W stood for Writing of the kind I wanted to do - and in this selective gathering I was urged to be Creative, which I rarely managed to be. In my memory, which is subject to doubt, the star author and most outspoken critic in English 4W was my wrestling teammate Chuck Krulak, who was also k. .

Published within two years after John Irving’s eighth novel, A Son of the Circus (1994), Trying to Save Piggy Sneed assembles bits and pieces from Irving’s literary career, together with end pieces appended to each excerpt as the collection was assembled for publication. Divided into three sections, Memoirs, Fiction, and Homage, the collection opens with the short title piece, in which Irving reflects perceptively on the interweaving of truth and fiction as it relates to the writer’s art and craft. As Irving recalls in his endnote, Mrs. Winslow died shortly thereafter, just shy of her one hundredth birthday.

Explains how the author became a writer. This title also contains six stories, including "The Pension Grillparzer".
Reviews: 7
This is an interesting memoir and it is entertaining as well. Although he always insists that his fiction is purely fiction and not autobiographical- his life sure does shine through in most of his novels!
He does tend to go on a bit too much about wrestling- great for wrestling fans but a tad tedious to the rest of us. But it was interesting to hear about the rest of his life and the influences of other people and authors in particular. I was surprised to learn of his connection with one of my other favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut.
My opinion of John Irving is enhanced by his memoirs- he has a subtle sense of humor and is amazingly enough, still quite humble and and able to make fun of himself.
John Irving is a master at taking a snapshot of a town and its populace and making it relevant and meaningful, with some of the most artistic writing in literature. Just reading the title story reminded me of what I always loved about this American literary legend. Return to what is best about quality books - get this one.
Some stories were more entertaining than others but Irving's talent makes it worthwhile. Lots of emphasis on wrestling matches. I was aware he had been a wrestler but did not realize it played such a big part in his life, even as an adult.
I gave this book five stars in part for the way it was organized. Virtually all short story collections have 10-12 stories, and that's it, which may be one reason that short story collections generally don't sell as well as novels. There is nothing to break up the stream. After finishing one, you're confronted with the next, with new characters, a new plot, new themes. Short stories require more concentrated effort than a similar number of pages in a novel, so I apprecitate the way this book helped give me breathing space.

Trying to Save Piggy Sneed began with John Irving's memoirs, which covered about 160 pages. I found it quite interesting, except possibly for some of the extended descriptions of wrestling matches. Nonetheless, it personalized my reading experience in a way that simply reading one short story after the other seldom does. Knowing something about John Irving's growing-up years put the stories in context, and trying to relate the themes of the stories to his life enriched the whole experience.

Also, following each story were notes on the story, again giving further insight that you rarely get from the standard short story format.

The third section of the book, after the memoirs and short stories, contained essays on Charles Dickens and other subjects. I enjoyed getting inside John Irving's head to see what sort of literature he likes and why, then comparing it with my own opinions. I felt like I was having a conversation with him.

I bought the book originally because of the short story called Interior Space. I was curious because I knew it had won awards, plus I'd never read an Irving short story. I enjoyed that story but after finishing the book, found myself liking the book for much more than just that award-winning story.

I hope other authors planning on publishing a short story collection take note of the format of Trying to Save Piggy Sneed as a way of "mixing things up" to create more interest.
Fine if you want a writing style analysis. Otherwise, stick with John Irving's novels.
my introduction to the works of john irving was through his novels. having read a half dozen of his novels, my impression was that he did not write in other forms. TRYING TO SAVE PIGGY SNEED sounded like the name of pretty good novel to me, one i looked forward to reading. when i got my hands on PIGGY SNEED, a collection of short works by irving, in three parts, memoirs, short stories and homages, i experienced some disappointment.

the memoirs were informative, irving writing about the disturbing outsider from his youth, piggy sneed, and the importance to his writing of a tragedy he experienced, and the inspiration for recurring surreal themes in his fiction, and the memory of his introduction to works of literature at exeter and his detailed experiences as a school wrestler and wrestling coach, which would become crucial to his novel, THE 158 POUND MARRIAGE.

his stories are diversions and exercises for themes to be included in lengthier works. always the writing teacher—writing teachers and writers, another of his fictional themes—he remarks in one of the memoirs about the creative writing students who select as narrators for stories animals and inanimate objects, and situates in his story INTERIOR SPACE a tree as central and as dominant as the characters without having the tree utter a sound.

each one of the three HOMAGES is a treat. THE KING OF THE NOVEL, is an in-depth critical appreciation of the novels of charles dickens, no surprise he’s irving’s major literary influence. AN INTRODUCTION TO A CHRISTMAS CAROL shares an endearing anecdote of irving in india, living with a circus troupe, a must read for lovers of the CAROL and irving’s wild extravaganza A SON OF THE CIRCUS. another anecdote figures in GUNTER GRASS: KING OF THE TOY MERCHANTS, as irving shares his meeting with thomas mann’s daughter on an airplane, a story intended for another one of his influential literary heroes, one he had the fortune to meet and befriend, gunther grass.

fans of irving curious about the man behind the books should like this one.
eh. I love John Irving's fiction. Even though the story about Piggy Sneed was very good, the rest of this book wasn't as interesting as its title.
Interesting stories but not exactly what I was expecting. At times he tends to go on and on about some little detail you just couldn't care less about. But if you are a fan of John Irving's writing it is a good way to see inside his head. I just wish it was more interesting in there.