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Author: Miriam Wakerly
ISBN13: 978-0955843204
Title: Gypsies Stop There
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Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: Strongman Publishing (March 26, 2008)
Pages: 236

Gypsies Stop There by Miriam Wakerly

Gypsies Stop tHere and No Gypsies are both books written by Miriam Wakerly. Whilst they do following on from each other they can be read as a stand alone, my recommendation would be that you read them both as the stories flow together. I really enjoyed this beautiful story, and I will now go straight on and read Miriam next book No Gypsies Served. Feb 20, 2014 Naomi rated it it was amazing.

Miriam Wakerly's blog about her life, views, novels, Gypsies Stop tHere, No Gypsies Served, Shades of Appley Green. English village setting. For anyone who stumbles upon my Ramblings for the first time, I should explain that my blog has been going strong since 2009 soon after Gypsies Stop tHere was published. Of course, the initial rhyme and reason for it was to lure people in and raise awareness of my books. Now I put no effort into promotion.

4 English village novels: drama, love, conflict and much more! plus 2 Kindles of short stories. Columnist/ feature writer for Surrey Life. Loves books too much!. It saddens me, nothing has improved, in fact situation worse, since I wrote Gypsies Stop tHere to try and spread awareness of the problem and face.

Miriam Wakerly appears on BBC Surrey to talk about and. Miriam Wakerly appears on BBC Surrey to talk about and

Miriam Wakerly has had short stories and articles published in magazines. Her first novel, Gypsies Stop tHere was launched the day after she retired in 2008; No Gypsies Served followed two years later. These two books are also set in Appley Green. Her career history includes teaching, public relations and marketing in the IT industry; and community work. However, Miriam worked around this brilliantly! Not only is there a list in the beginning of the book that lists the characters and their relation to one another, but in addition she gives the reader enough time to get familiarised with the people of Appley Green. I really enjoyed Steph’s character. Although challenged by obstacles and difficulties along the way, her strong personality constantly shines through. Miriam creates a perfect atmosphere in this book and keeps an electric suspense throughout.

This interview tells the stroy of Miriam Wakerly, author of Gypsies Stop tHere. She decided to skip the traditional route of proposals and rejections and set up her own publishing company.

Gypsies Stop tHere by Miriam Wakerly Paperback Book The Fast Free Shipping. FREE US DELIVERY ISBN: 0955843200 Quality Books.

Miriam Wakerly – a new day dawns and a new title. It’s a Book launch! September 17, 2015September 17, 2015 Miriam WakerlyBook Launch.

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With a fearful gut-wrenching tragedy in her wake, Kay Brackenbridge has it in mind the sleepy village of Appley Green will be the answer to her prayers - peace and a new start in life. Unfortunately, estate agent spiel is often deceptive, and Kay soon fears she's relocated to Hell. The village it seems has a dilemma - that of a Gypsy encampment - and the first person to welcome Kay to Appley Green is a self-professed advocate for the Travellers. Intrigued as to why a well-spoken young lady should be so passionate about the Gypsies plight, Kay feels compelled to attend a public meeting in the village hall. Where better to gauge neighbourliness?

Soon petitions for and against the unwelcome invaders become the topic of conversation, along with pressure to sign on the dotted line. But, whilst Kay sets out to weigh up the pros and cons of both sides of the divide, she becomes embroiled with the Gypsies through two simple acts of selfless kindness: hers and another's. Heart at odds with head - present and past - she errs in favour of those in dire need, and with a little detective work, sheer stubbornness and will to see moral justice prevail, can a wrong be righted? As with all village communities there are hidden gems to be unearthed, mysterious persons who may or may not reveal secrets, and Kay knows all about keeping secrets. Gypsies Stop tHere is a delightful and thought-provoking read, in which NIMBYism is shamefully exposed -in Appley Green's case - as prejudice against Travellers.
Gypsies Stop tHere and No Gypsies are both books written by Miriam Wakerly.

Whilst they do following on from each other they can be read as a stand alone, my recommendation would be that you read them both as the stories flow together. Because of this I am reviewing them together!

Miriam had touched upon a subject that some could find controversal with a very skilled hand and care. It is extremely clear that she has conducted a large amount of research on the subject matter and often includes the actual words used by the travellers (thankfully a conversation into English is included in both books at the back!). Over the years this has been a subject that has been highlighted in the media with a lot of negativity and I feel that whilst these are just stories, Miriam has really helped me understand the Gypsy community a little bit better with some compassion.

These books are not just about Gypsies, the main focus of the story is about the widowed Kay and her struggles to restart her life after the death of her husband and her children grown up with lives of their own. What she thinks will be a quiet existence turns into a very busy life in the picturesque village of Appley Green. You get what you'd expect from a Village community - the local shop owner, the nosy neighbours and the rich man in the large house!

Miriam has beautifully written a fabulous pair of books which are gentle but whilst both just over 220 pages in length, packed full of substance that will keep you wanting to read on. Kay is a wonderful leading lady for the books who is a strong woman, maybe is a little too trusting but you can't help but admire her strength and positive out look on life and those around her, gorgeous connections between Kay and her daughters. Dunstan the gardener sounds like the perfect Gent! All wrapped up with a will they won't they get together!!

Thank you so much Miriam for sending me a copy of both of these books. Really enjoyed them both very much!
After a family tragedy, Kay Brackenbridge moves from London to live in the country, in a village called Appley Green. Kay soon discovers all is not peaceful and quiet, in this rural setting.

Kay soon finds herself involved in the local dispute involving the community of Romany Gypsy Travellers. Kay helps out a young girl called Lena, and her two small children. Will helping Lena out with her problems not only help Lena, but help Kay come to terms with her emotional past?

Gypsies Stop tHere is just a delightful story about different people's attitudes. The issues covered in this storyline very much still happen a lot in today's society, and these issues are covered in a sensitive and thoughtful way, that show both points of view, and make this book a very interesting read. Author Miriam Wakerly has really done her research and presents the story really well. I really enjoyed this beautiful story, and I will now go straight on and read Miriam next book No Gypsies Served.