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Author: Sandra Heath
ISBN13: 978-0451200228
Title: Counterfeit Kisses
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Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: Signet; First Edition edition (May 1, 2000)

Counterfeit Kisses by Sandra Heath

Counterfeit Kisses book. Sir Gareth Carew was quite smitten by the attentions of London's. Sandra Heath is the ever-popular author of numerous Regencies, historical romances, novellas, and short stories. She lives in Gloucester, England, and can be contacted at sandraheathy onder. Books by Sandra Heath. Mor. rivia About Counterfeit Kisses.

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Counterfeit Kisses Book Summary and Study Guide. Sandra Heath Booklist Sandra Heath Message Board. Twins Stephen and Susannah Holland arrive in London to prepare Susannah for her wedding. Stephen unfortunately falls under the spell of card-games, and loses their heirloom, the ruby-encrusted Holland tiara.

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Stephen Holland was gullible and certainly no match for the Duke of Exton who was a proficient cheat at cards when there was something which he wanted. In this instance what he wanted was the Holland Tiara and despite all that Sir Gareth Carew could do, Holland, in his cups to the point of being unable to get himself home, lost the tiara. When Carew took the drunk home Holland blamed Carew for the loss and Susannah Holland swore that she would regain the tiara and have her revenge on Carew

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Download Counterfeit Kisses book in pdf, epub, mobi. Also, you can read online Counterfeit Kisses full free. Author: Sandra Heath. Publisher: Signet Book. Page: 217. View: 6807. Sir Gareth Carew is quite taken with Susannah Leighton, the comely newcomer on the London scene, until he recognizes her as the woman who had accused him of ruining her family. Author: Elsie Strother.

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Sir Gareth Carew is quite taken with Susannah Leighton, the comely newcomer on the London scene, until he recognizes her as the woman who had accused him of ruining her family. Original.
Reviews: 7
I do not know what possessed me to read this book. It must have been the promise of an amusing animal companion. Even with Chatterjee, I really couldn't like this book very much. First, the hero and heroine have no basis for a romance other than physical attraction. She's a lonely widow, I understand why an attractive, fit, male with a whiff of danger would be appealing, but I did not find him an interesting hero. The story is told from the third person omniscient, making it difficult to know what the characters are thinking and feeling without being told. This makes for a difficult time understanding the characters. The secondary romantic pairing are so juvenile and ridiculous that I had a hard time being convinced to believe in them. The plot premise has potential to be a screwball comedy like Georgette Heyer or Barbara Metzger, but for me, it never really got there. It was very silly and unbelievable.

In the first place, I gather than gentlemen took cheating at cards as a serious offense, so why didn't Carew say something, especially after the tiara was lost? I am certain he could won a duel easily and he was leaving soon for St. Petersburg anyway so he would have been able to flee the country quickly. Was it that he was worried he would loose his government post if he fought a duel? We don't know. The plot gets crazier and more unbelievable as it goes on. I figured out quickly who the man in the woods was. Yet I couldn't put the book down. I stayed up far too late. I did not even like Chatterjee, whom I found annoying and spoiled. He should have been left free in India where he belongs and never made into a pet. The best part of this novel is the descriptions of life in India and Indian customs. The other best part is the descriptions of the clothes worn. It's obvious the author did research, though I can't say as to whether her description of life in India at the beginning of the 19th century is correct. I would not recommend this story to those who appreciate a well-written, believable story.
Susannah Holland, lost her family tiara when her brother Stephen bet it while in a drunken stupor. For some reason she blamed Sir Gareth Carew, a stranger who was in attendance when Stephen was betting. She is unaware that Stephen was warned to stop by Carew and her brother is lying to save face. Never showing her face, while not listening to the good Samaritan who assisted his brother home, she calls the gentleman a rude name. They end their brief meeting with bitterness.

Three years later, Susannah is widowed and returns home from India. An unhappy marriage is behind her and who should she bump into but the mysterious gentleman from the past. Determined to make things right she uses Gareth while he is unaware of who she really is. Falsehoods abound and even though Susannah is given the chance to redeem herself on several occasions she continues to avoid the truth.

A monkey, poodle and mystery are part of the plot but if you read closely you can guess who the 'unknowns' are. For some reason the lead characters were on first-name basis early in the story. This did not ring true for this time period. The romance was clean but some of the comments about 'bedding' sounded contemporary. It just didn't sound like the language you would hear if you could go back to the time when the events took place. It was OK and I'll try Sandra Heath again, I just can't give the story more then three stars.
When Sandra Heath set out to weave a tale of tangled tiaras, she let her splendid imagination have free rein, and we're the winners! COUNTERFEIT KISSES is a delightful romp with an assortment of characters -- and animals -- playing, tiara, tiara - who's got the tiara?
Twins Stephen and Susannah Holland arrive in London to prepare Susannah for her wedding. Stephen unfortunately falls under the spell of card-games, and loses their heirloom, the ruby-encrusted Holland tiara. Of course, the doyenne of the stage, Fleur Fitzgerald thinks it should be really be hers, although no one in her family has ever been able to prove legal possession. The Duke of Exton wants the tiara because he wants Fleur, in spite of the fact that he is shortly to be married to the plain Jane. Sir Gareth Carew is in London from his home in Wales waiting for his next assignment as an under-cover man.
Several years later, Susannah is a widow and returns to England from India, along with her ayah, Anjuli, and a small monkey. Chatterji is one of the more delightful characters to be found in this season's Regency novels, and the charming scamp finds a friend in Minette, a poodle belonging to the Duchess. It is impossible to summarize the plot without giving it all away.
The story is good clean fun, full of laughs and even a few chills here and there. You'll laugh out loud at the antics of the myriad inhabitants of the London scene, as well as the those at Exton Park. Don't let the echo get you!
Prince Persie
Delavel Harmon, fifth Duke of Exton, virtually stole the Holland tiara from the too innocent man known as Stephen Holland. Stephen blamed it all on Gareth Carew. Stephen's soon to be married sister, Susannah, believed it too. Fact was, Gareth had tried to stop Stephen from gambling the tiara away to Delavel. So Gareth washed his hands of it all and left for his waiting government assignment.
After three years, Susannah returned to London from Bengal as a widow. She brought her maid, Anjuli, and her pet monkey, Chatterji, with her. Susie's one goal was to steal back the tiara and put a paste fake in its place. Gossip told that the Duke planned to sell the tiara so the switch had to be done soon. However, more than she had that same idea!
After three years of marriage to the Duke, Jane had finally met the man she loved. However, her husband was always keeping a close eye on her. Jane brought Susie and Gareth into her husband's suspicious gaze in hopes of keeping her real love's name secret. But the Duke's jealousy was a dangerous thing and may end up claiming all their lives!
*** This one is more than just a Regency Romance! This one will send chills down your spine as the plot thickens! Very entertaining reading within these pages and highly recommended to all Regency fans! ***