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Author: James Sorel-Cameron
ISBN13: 978-0241128008
Title: Mag
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Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton Ltd (January 1990)
Pages: 320

Mag by James Sorel-Cameron

Sorel-Cameron's powerful writing makes the vileness all the more vivid, but his idiosyncratic way with words yields overlong sentences abounding with phrases like fondling a great, black bottle that was as big as her head and from which she pulled mouthfuls. rolling it about her gums before swallowing loudly and gasping and belching as it bulged down her gullet. Where Patrick Suskind's Perfume succeeds with a somewhat similar premise, Sorel-Cameron's first effort is a painful example of talent misdirected

Books by James Sorel-Cameron, Mag, A Generation of the Dark Heart, Storm-blind, Storm Blind, Mag, Mag, Mag, Ma. Created April 30, 2008.

Used availability for James Sorel-Cameron's Ma. March 1991 : UK Paperback. Science Fiction Fantasy Horror Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Young Adult Fantasy.

A first novel about a little girl, born deformed, who spent her life in the squalor of the kitchens of an inn in Victorian times. It is an underworld story of Dickensian proportions leading to an upbeat ending.

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Sorel-Cameron is the author of three novels: Mag (1990), A Generation of the Dark Heart (1991). He has enjoyed reading and writing English literature all his life, and before writing these novels he aspired to do so. He wrote all of his three novels while living in the Lake District. He retired at the end of the last school year so he can continue to write more books. Mag. A novel about the survival of a hunchback mute against appalling odds. It is rumoured that James Sorel-Cameron may work on a new book after retirement. It is thought to be about a group of facetious school pupils who constantly misbehave. The main character is thought to be a very stupid boy named "Joseph". Nicholas Wroe (Saturday 19 February 2005). Profile:Kazuo Ishiguro".

James Sorel-Cameron is a English author and former school teacher. He is the author of 3 novels and plans to write more in his retirement from teaching at the end of the 08/09 academic year. A Generation of the Dark Heart. Cameron was educated at Pangbourne Naval College and University of East Anglia where he studied English Literature and completed an MA in Creative Writing. At the University of East Anglia, Cameron became friends with Kazuo Ishiguro. In school, he attended the Isle of Wight Festival where he became a fan of rock music. He used to smoke but stopped due to health concerns. He used to teach English at King Edward VI School Stratford-upon-Avon, England, but retired in 2009.

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James Sorel-Cameron is an English author and teacher. He teaches English at King Edward VI School Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Sorel-Cameron is the author of three novels: "Mag" (1990), "A Generation of the Dark Heart" (1991) and "Storm Blind" (1993). Mag" is a novel about a little girl, born deformed, who spent her life in the squalor of the kitchens of an inn in Victorian times. A Generation of the Dark Heart"

Book by Sorel-Cameron, James
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