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Author: Pat Frank
ISBN13: 978-1417734078
Title: Alas, Babylon (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Harper Perennial Modern Classics (Prebound))
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Language: English
Category: Classics
Publisher: Turtleback Books (July 5, 2005)

Alas, Babylon (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Harper Perennial Modern Classics (Prebound)) by Pat Frank

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Alas, Babylon (Perennial Classics): ISBN 9780756958688 (978-0-7569-5868-8) Perfection Learning, 2005. ISBN 9781417734078 (978-1-4177-3407-8) Turtleback Books, 2005. Founded in 1997, BookFinder. com has become a leading book price comparison site

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. The survivors of a nuclear holocaust are forced to rely on their own resources as they join together in the struggle for survival amidst the ruins of Fort Repose, a small town in Florida.
Reviews: 7

So many typos I couldn't count. There were so many I found myself angry as I came upon each new typo. I enjoyed the original print version of the book but this kindle version is atrocious.
Hǻrley Quinn
Loved the book, hesitated to purchase it because I thought it would be terribly dated, but I did not find that to be the case. Reminded me a lot of One Second After, which of course was written much more recently.

As much as I loved this book, I do not recommend buying the kindle edition at all. There are a LOT of errors. It looks like they used OCR to scan a paper version of this book, and the original font didn't take well. I have seen this before in other Kindle books, but this is the worst I have seen. Very distracting and confusing to have to go back and try to figure out what was said. One sentence started with "We Ye...." after reading a couple of times I realized it was probably supposed to say "We've...". Even the last sentence of the book "The engine started and Randy turned away to face die thousand-year light". "Die" should of been "the". There are so many spelling and flat out misinterpreted words it is very distracting to say the least. Really wish I had read s hard copy of this one... or better yet, that the Kindle version wasn't so overrun with errors.
I thought Alas Babylon was a very engaging and interesting book that has held up very well considering when it was written. There seems to be a current fascination with dystopian novels and movies, one that almost romanticizes a world decimated by war, famine, disease, etc. I suspect this is the case because we no longer live in very real fear of global annihilation that we did when books like Alas, Babylon or On The Beach were written, so a scorched earth is the stuff of fantasy now, and that's a good thing.

Alas is more about resiliency, survival, and rebuilding following a nuclear war than the war itself. It is a good story with characters I enjoyed, and actually somewhat optimistic given the dire circumstances of a global nuclear war. I recommend it.

One word of caution: The Kindle version of Alas, Babylon is full of typos. And I mean full. It's really, really bad; probably the worst Kindle "translation" I've ever read. If I did it again I'd order in hard-copy.
This is about a group of people who survive and continue living in a rural area of Florida after nuclear war.

Years ago I saw the 1983 movie about life after nuclear war called “The Day After.” It was terribly depressing. Things were hopeless during and at the end. Everyone was a victim. Alas, Babylon was not as depressing. There was “hope” as people found ways to survive. There was creativity, perseverance and community.

I enjoyed the characters. I learned things. It was interesting to see how modern day people adjusted to surviving without electricity, gasoline, matches, etc. The many uses and importance of salt surprised me. It’s not the kind of book I like to read. I was depressed for the few days I was reading it. But the ending was good. I require happy endings and it was happy enough for me.

When I went to the drugstore and grocery store after reading this, I felt grateful. I didn't mind things that sometimes bother me.

There was one occurrence of the n-word racial slur.

Will Patton is great! He is one of my favorite narrators. I think I would listen to almost any book he reads.

Narrative mode: 3rd person. Unabridged audiobook length: 11 hrs and 14 mins. Swearing language: none. Sexual content: none. Setting: around 1959 fictional town Fort Repose, Florida. Book copyright: 1959. Genre: apocalyptic fiction.
I purchased this from an Amazon Marketplace vendor. I've actually purchased this several times - yet I can never find my present copy because I seem to give it away. It's that good.

This is a great novel, although it's not, in many ways, constructed the way a novel would be today. Instead, we learn the backstory of all the main characters as they are introduced. Much of the story is via description - although it does a great job of driving the story forward. Most readers wouldn't notice.

Having worked in USAF SAC during the early 70's, I can attest to the general posture of nuclear weapons and delivery systems during that time - very well said, and accurate.

Lastly, our 'leaders', beginning with Bill Clinton, spouted how nuclear war was unsurvivable. This is a gross falsehood, because nuclear war is indeed survivable - unless you happen to be at ground zero.

In short, I think Mr. Frank crafted a fine novel with much truth of the 1960's era. I highly recommend this book.
This is the first book I ever bought using my own money (95 cents, back in the day) and I've worn it out, and a replacement, with re-reads. It is, as another reviewer put it, a "classic" novel, not really science fiction per se. The three stars is not for the book itself (five stars, easily), but for the Kindle Edition which is rife with typographic errors. My guess is that a copy of the book was put through an OCR scanner but that nobody could be bothered to proofread the thing after. Incorrect spellings, words run together, capitalization problems and broken sentences litter the book. One would hope in this electronic age that a cleaned up version would be made available to those who've paid a lot of money to be able to carry a favorite around wherever Kindle roams. One could hope.

But if you can overlook the errors - and there aren't any that alter meaning, they're just distracting - then it would be worth having if it ever goes on a highly-discounted sale. I do not regret buying it, now that it's out, but I also do not believe I received anything close to the value that Amazon places on the price tag.