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Author: William W. Johnstone
ISBN13: 978-0821719473
Title: Wind in the Ashes
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Language: English
Category: Action and Adventure
Publisher: Zebra (December 1, 1986)

Wind in the Ashes by William W. Johnstone

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Johnstone started his writing career in 1970, but did not have any works published until 1979 (The Devil's Kiss) and became a full-time writer in 1980. He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres, including suspense and horror. He also authored two novels under the pseudonym William Mason.

The Rebel dream is to rebuild this nation. To build something for future generations. But until reinforcement arrives, Raines is forced to wage a one-man guerilla war against the enemy.

But until fresh troops arrive, Raines wages a one-man guerrilla war against the enemy! Reissue.

Fury in the Ashes by William Johnstone A readable copy. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. In The Ashes Series Lot of 11 Pb Books battle, survival, death William Johnstone. Author: William W. Johnstone. Ashes Series Book Out of the ashes, two would-be nation states rise. Published: April 1994.

Book in the Ashes Series). by William W. Now, an army of invading Lybians, headed by Khamsin (Hot Wind), are threatening the shores of America. Ben must finish the Russian Striganov, deal with Hartline, and still make sure that he has enough forces to deal with the new Lybian Leader who has threatened to make America the new seat of Islam. Riveting and frightening, which makes it that much better to read.

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Wind in the Ashes picks up from Alone in the Ashes as if it was a brand new chapter. This time, Ben is dealing with Sam Hartline, the Russians, a bunch of religious freaks, Biker gangs, and now the Libyans of the Islamic Peoples Army. Ben is on a quest to continue trying to eastlish new outposts however is sidetracked once again by a series of events dealing with his vendetta against Russian General Stiganov and Sam Hartline. Biker gangs begin working with Sam Hartline but then get smart and leave him only to be dealt with in the same fashion as Hartline near the end. The book is an excellent. either way, I adore this series.

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In post-World War III America, legendary soldier and freedom fighter Ben Raines orders his rebels to make one last desperate assault against the Russian invaders and the mercenary turncoat San Hartline. But until fresh troops arrive, Raines wages a one-man guerrilla war against the enemy! Reissue.
Reviews: 7
Mr. Johnstone has taken the big balloon going up scenario and made the after the big war trials and tribulations of America a believable story line. With the way the government appears to be going today, the story line seems more buyable than ever before. His character, Ben Raines is the type of man most men of today wish they could/would be if this were ever to happen. The supporting characters are real believable people. Being ex-military, I feel I know some of his "Rebels". Alas, Once you start reading one of the books of "The Ashes" series, you will be hooked! Sorry!Fire In The AshesBlood In The Ashes
I love William W. Johnstone's books & this is one of the good ones in this series. The action is fast & furious, the character development is complete & exceptional & the descriptions are full but not long. As always it is a very good book by one of the best storyteller's of our time.
As with all the books in this series there's never a dull moment. You can really tell Johnstone has serious hate in him against punks, child molesters and other trash that plague our lives in the real world. His books are great. Would have loved to see him as a president. He tells it like it is and really hits home as to what the future may hold of America doesn't wake up and come to its senses.
No matter what direction ... No matter what season ... No matter how hard they try ... There is a fanatic who actually believes they are stronger or smarter than God ... Oh, sorry - than Ben and his rebels.
I love this series and Wing in the Ashes is no exception. I absolutely love these books and it's very difficult to put them down...but a guy's gotta go to work!
I love the entire ashes series. I have kept all of the books of this series for years and now re-reading them on my kindle. I have read this one and all of the others more than once over the past 20 years and they have not lost my interest. I wish the Tri States philsophy and Ben Raines was real. We could really use that now. I enjoy his adventures and once I complete the series on my kindle, I will start reading the adventures of his grandson in "The Last Survivor"
William Johnstone always writes in the manner of things that are true and going on in this world, we can only hope that when something of this nature does happen that there will be a Ben Raines out there to lead the survivors, If the world would live by what is written this world would be a better place.
Johnstone cares for this leading man like his brother or maybe alter ego... either way, I adore this series. The creepies are gonna lose this war. General Ben Raines WILL put order into this land of the former USA and he will make enemies and friends along the way. He'll also kill a crapload of people.