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Author: Mark Terry
ISBN13: 978-1608090280
Title: The Fallen (A Derek Stillwater Thriller)
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Publisher: Oceanview Publishing; 1 edition (August 11, 2011)
Pages: 288

The Fallen (A Derek Stillwater Thriller) by Mark Terry

It was a pose held by many in the ballroom- those alive. Clearly, the gas the terrorists had used had killed some people. Many had military training. Many of the diplomats and bureaucrats in this room were from countries with a long and active history of terrorism attacks.

Books in Derek Stillwater Thriller (8 Book Series). Page 1 of 1Start OverPage 1 of 1. Previous page. From Publishers Weekly. Fans of TV's Jack Bauer who place a premium on action may enjoy Terry's third novel featuring superhuman intelligence operative Derek Stillwater (after The Serpent's Kiss), but those who like plausibility in their thrillers had better look elsewhere. Stillwater is working undercover as a maintenance employee at Cheyenne Hills, a resort near Colorado Springs, Colo. which is hosting the G8 summit

A Derek Stillwater Novel. The Valley of Shadows. Dr. Derek Stillwater was an expert in biological and chemical terrorism and warfare. He had come out of Army Special Forces, the Green Berets, spent some time with the CIA, then the . and most recently had been a troubleshooter for Homeland Security before being borrowed by the Secretary of State for a few special projects. Hammond and Stillwater were dropping covertly into the Syrian civil war to determine if the Syrian government had used chemical weapons on the Syrian rebels. The President of the . in a manner Derek thought was enormously naïve, had warned publically that the .

Mark Terry has created a likable and engaging hero in Derek Stillwater and, while this is the 3rd book in a series, it truly stands on its own as a highly entertaining, political action thriller that any reader would thoroughly enjoy. rated it really liked it. Derek Stillwater's past has finally caught up with him. A former friend, now deadliest enemy has taken over a secret conference and holds the most powerful people in the world hostage. Stillwater must endure pain and hardships to stop a group of terrorists called The Fallen

About book: Nearly blinding pain blasted through his head from Coffee’s blows, and blood seeped from inside his mouth. He didn’t think Coffee had broken his jaw, but he’d definitely done some damage to a couple of teeth. Probing with his tongue, he was pretty sure a couple of molars had either been shattered or knocked out. They felt jagged, the gum swollen and raw. The body nearest him was the female Secret Service agent, Sarah Macklin. She was crumpled halfway beneath the third agent, Joe Snyder, and he couldn’t get to her pockets without a lot of work  . Agent Bill Creff had cuffed Derek’s hands behind his back. Creff was farthest away. Oh screw it, Derek thought, and rolled onto his knees, then awkwardly struggled to his feet.

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Derek Stillwater is that ma. orking undercover as a maintenance man at the resort, Stillwater will wage war on the world's deadliest, most sophisticated terrorist organization, picking off the terrorists one by one-until he comes face-to-face with an evil force from his past, Richard Coffee, The Fallen Angel himself.

Derek Stillwater is that man. Working undercover as a maintenance man at the resort, Stillwater will wage war on the world's deadliest, most sophisticated terrorist organization, picking off the terrorists one by one-until he comes face-to-face with an evil force from his past, Richard Coffee, The Fallen Angel himself. Отзывы - Написать отзыв. Не удалось найти ни одного отзыва. Mark is the author of the Derek Stillwater series, which includes The Devil's Pitchfork, The Serpent's Kiss, The Fallen, and several standalone novels

Derek Stillwater is that man. February 2008 : USA Paperback.

The Fallen" by Mark Terry is a suspenseful novel that packs more action into its 279 pages than an entire season of the TV show 24 and whose hero, Derek Stillwater, is reminiscent of a less angry Jack Bauer. The G8 summit is getting ready to begin in Colorado Springs and with 20 of the world's leaders planning to be in attendance, no expense has been spared to make this gathering as safe and secure as possible. But despite all the precautions, a terrorist group called The Fallen Angels, manages to infiltrate the summit and take everyone hostage. Terry has written a true thriller that has an intriguing plot filled with action and interesting characters. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 8 years ago. THE FALLEN is a textbook example of how to pace a thriller.

Twenty world leaders meet for the G8 Summit at the beautiful Cheyenne Resort in Colorado Springs. But an ugly plot lurks beneath the surface: a terrorist group, The Fallen Angels, plans to wreak havoc on the Summit.With the Secret Service, the FBI, Homeland Security, the military, and security from twenty different governments on-hand, shouldn't the resort be the safest place in the world?It seems impossible that a terrorist group could infiltrate the Summit. And yet they do. Within minutes, twenty world leaders are taken hostage, and Richard Coffee, the group's leader, makes his first demand: release twenty detainees from Guantanamo Bay, or he'll execute one leader each hour until his demands are met.Only one man can disrupt this plot. Derek Stillwater is that man.Working undercover as a maintenance man at the resort, Stillwater will wage war on the world's deadliest, most sophisticated terrorist organization, picking off the terrorists one by one-until he comes face-to-face with an evil force from his past, Richard Coffee, The Fallen Angel himself.
Reviews: 7
There really wasn't much of a story here. A group of terrorists hold the G20 leaders hostage, and threaten to kill them if their demands aren't met. Law enforcement groups, of course, try to free the hostages.

That's it. In between, the author takes us in depth through what happens on both sides. The problem is that the focus is on intricate technical details about everything. By technical, I mean not only descriptions like the types of weapons and how they work, or how an elevator shaft looks, but also descriptions about how the characters go from point A to point B. Instead of saying, for example, "he was barely able to walk across the room with his injured leg," we get something like "Every bone in his body, every fiber of his being, cried out in pain. He looked across the room to see if his bloody, shattered leg would hold up long enough to get to the other side. He fought off the excruciating pain and decided he had no choice. Slowly, he inched his way along. A bolt of lightning shot through his leg and made him almost pass out. He took another step, grabbed his leg, his head started spinning, then...black. When he came to, five minutes later, he tried again, even though the pain was worse."

Those are not quotes from the book. I made them up, but you get the point. The whole book is like that. Way too much minutiae, and not enough background on the characters and their motivations, especially those of the terrorists. The human element takes a back seat to the physical details.

Overall, it was okay, but could have been a lot better.
The leaders of the world are at a G8 summit hosted by America in the secure Cheyenne Mountains facility. Dr. Derek Stillwater, retired Special Forces colonel, is there undercover because of a possible attack by Richard Coffee, a terrorist known as “The Fallen Angel.”

Sure enough, Coffee and his compatriots are there. They subdue the 500 attendees of the G8 conference including the world leaders, with gas. They lock explosive vests onto the world leaders and wire the entire building is wired with explosives. A few leaders are killed. Can Stillwater save the day?

After reading this book, I learned that this is the third book in a seven book series, but reading the preceding two books are not necessary to enjoy this one. I really liked this book, and the character of Stillwater so I plan to read the other books, starting from one.
What better location to plan a terrorist attack than a G8 Summit were all the world leaders and their staffers are attending the summit at the Cheyenne Resort in Colorado Springs? This is exactly what Richard Coffee of The Fallen Angels is planning to do and it's up to agent Derek Stillwater to stop them.

The story follows Derek who has been undercover at the resort posing as a maintenance man as he tries to stop the terrorists. Their plot is sophisticated and extensive and appears to be infallible, but they did not take into account that Derek was on the site. He manages to pick off one terrorist at a time, but not without a number of attacks against him. He gets shot, stabbed, punched, falls down elevator shafts, and yet, he carries on with the mission to stop this attack. The action is non-stop in this heart-pounding political thriller. The secondary characters, especially Maria, are well-fleshed out. I loved that Maria was a strong, savvy woman who didn't cower in the corner when the terrorists attack.

While I had to suspend belief that any one man could sustain so many injuries and still carry on, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. After all, how many times did James Bond get in tough spots and yet managed to save the world? The author gives us snippets of Derek's life, enough to make me read the other Derek Stillwater novels, and that's the highest praise for any author. Fans of political thrillers will certainly enjoy this.
I enjoyed reading this book. Good story line and characters. One thing I didn't care for was that Derek was shot, stabbed and blown up several times and still managed to save the world almost single handed. Reminded me of the horror show scenario where the bad guy keeps getting killed and then keeps showing up again. The most realistic part is when the dumb politicians can't figure out if Derek is a good guy or not. Overall it was a fun read.
I agree with a couple of other reviews, the action in The Fallen is very similiar to Die Hard. Which works for me, as I consider Die Hard as my all-time favorite movie. I have even read the book that the movie is based on: Nothing Lasts Forever (The book that inspired the movie Die Hard) by Roderick Thorp. That being said, I did enjoy The Fallen. Loved the pacing and the action. The best action book ever? No, but it met my expectations and it delivered on its' product description. I picked up this exciting Derek Stillwater book for free back in 2011 or so and finally got around to it. It is the 3rd book in the series and they make numerous references to characters & events from the earlier books. Not this books fault. I plan to go back and read this series in order. I believe the first Derek book is: The Devil's Pitchfork (Derek Stillwater thrillers) and The Serpent's Kiss (Derek Stillwater thrillers) is the 2nd book.
I really enjoyed the main character, Dr. Derek Stillwater. Each chapter in this provided high anxiety excitement. I loved that Maria brought a little levity to this fast pace story. I look forward to reading about Derek's future adventures.

I highly recommend this book. I read it in two days, I could not put it down.