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Author: Russell Thorndike
ISBN13: 978-0953372621
Title: Doctor Syn on the Highseas (Doctor Syn Saga)
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Publisher: Romney Bookshop (November 1, 2010)
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Doctor Syn on the Highseas (Doctor Syn Saga) by Russell Thorndike

It looks to me," said Dr. Syn, "uncommonly like a King's Frigate". DOCTOR SYN. A SMUGGLER TALE OF THE ROMNEY MARSH. BY. RUSSELL THORNDYKE. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1924.

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Book 2 of 5 in the Doctor Syn Series. This is the first, in chronological sequence anyway, of Russell Thorndike's seven highly entertaining novels about the Reverend Doctor Syn, the apparently harmless vicar of Dymchurch in Kent who led a secret life as a pirate and smuggler.

Dangerous Waters: Modern Piracy and Terror on the High Seas. Doctor Syn, A Smuggler Tale Of The Romney Marsh . .

Published by Thriftbooks. The full series is: 1) Doctor Syn on the High Seas 2) Doctor Syn Returns 3) The Further adventures of Doctor Syn 4) The Courageous Exploits of Doctor Syn 5) The Amazing Quest of Doctor Syn 6) The Shadow of Doctor Syn 7) Doctor Syn This first book tells the story of how Doctor Syn, the vicar of Dymchuch, resigned his living and.

This book follows The Return of Dr Syn (also titled The Scarecrow Rides). I highly recommend this for history and adventure lovers. One person found this helpful. Interesting story,the Indian,the pirates,the winch and the Englishman. Anyone should makes an adventure of this but Russell Thorndike does it with class. Most enjoyable reading. I recommend this book heartily.

Текст добавлен: 31 октября 2016, 00:41. Текст книги "Doctor Syn on the High Seas". Автор книги: Russell Thorndike. Жанр: Исторические приключения. Meanwhile the sun, gathering strength, had dispersed. the mist from the hills, and above him he could see his objective-the. grim, frowning walls of Lympne Castle. He was on his way there to. oblige Sir Henry Pembury, who had sent a Castle servant the night before. to the Dymchurch Court-House, bearing a note requesting Doctor Syn to. wait upon the Lord of Lympne at his earliest convenience.

Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh is the first in the series of Doctor Syn novels by Russell Thorndike and inspired a Disney movie called the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh starring Patrick Patrick McGoohan. In this story we are introduced to the complex Christopher Syn, the kindly vicar of the little town of Dymchurch. Dr Syn seems pleasant, but is he much more than he seems? Although published first, this book is the last of the series chronologically. The town is located near the Romney Marsh, an ideal location for smuggling operations.

Syn is a mild mannered Doctor of Divinity, until tragedy and fate lead him to a life on the high seas as the bloodthirsty Captain Clegg. The first book in the Dr Syn Saga he we meet the brilliant young theologian Christopher Syn whose life and destiny is changed forever when his beautiful bride is stolen away by a jealous rival. Syn gives up the cloth to hound the errant pair across the seven seas. I first discovered these books while holidaying in Dymchurch aged 10 or 11 and have loved them ever since.

Reviews: 7
The setting of this atmospheric romantic adventure novel, the author immediately informs us, takes place in the seaside village of Dymchurch-under-the-Wall, between the villages of Hythe and Romney, in the southeast corner of Kent, England, during the reign of King George III (remember him?). In this seemingly tranquil parish lives Doctor of Divinity Christopher Syn, vicar of Dymchurch. By all appearance Syn—get it?—is a typical small town cleric whom everyone there respects, but we soon learn that he has a malevolent past: he was once the notorious pirate Captain Clegg; and now the masked leader—known as the mysterious Scarecrow of Romney Marsh—of a gang of local smugglers. Eventually, the British government sends a certain Captain Howard Collyer of the Royal Navy to unmask the smugglers’ leader and break the ring, but Syn evades capture time and again. Among the intriguing characters in this engaging novel is a mute who was a former pirate crewman whom Captain Clegg left to die on a desert isle, but has returned with a sharp harpoon to seek revenge. Although "Doctor Syn" is not classic literature, it nonetheless is an enjoyable read with, I dare say, a style reminiscent of Robert Louis Stevenson or Daphne du Maurier. With flair and skill Russell Thorndyke renders in "Doctor Syn" some flat but amusing characters, witty dialogue, knee-slapping humor, mysterious deaths, harrowing escapes, fun-filled action, a foggy Kentish backdrop—ah, I can still see masked, glowing riders dashing along the Romney Marsh in the dead of night.

Although "Doctor Syn" was followed by six other thrillers in a series, Wildside Press is the only reputable publisher with enough pluck to have released at least this one. The original first editions are available, but difficult to find, overpriced or as yellow as an old phonebook. Also available are those slipshod, overpriced, print-on-demand publications that do classics and noteworthy books a grave injustice by their sheer presence. Pity; we’d like to enjoy more good Syn.

-Victor Rodriguez, author of Taíno Sunrise.
This was absolutely fantastic! I am seriously impressed with The author's skill. This is the first book in the Dr Syn chronology but it is actually the final story which makes for a great desire to read the other books.

However, it seems that the other books are no longer in print, nor do they seem to be available electronically. So I can only say that for those who read this book, do not lament that the other stories are not available, as this story carries enough of everything to be of great literary value.

One reader commented that his download was missing the last chapter but for me, the story is perfectly complete.

Very highly recommended!
An excellent story. Made a mistake though. This is the last book in the series. I read most of these books 50 years ago and would like to read them all again, but they are not available for my kindle.

I am now partially sighted and cant read books. My kindle allows me to read with enlarged print. Perhaps you could consider getting the whole series put on kindle. That would be very nice.
I was looking forward to reading again some of the Dr Syn stories from my misspent youth (too many hours in libraries and not enough time in the fresh air and sunshine), but this is not one of the ones I had read back in the 60's, so I was looking forward to learning something new about the characters. I did learn a lot of new background information. The daughter was a new character to me,as was Jerry Jerk (who gets quite a lot of print) and I enjoyed learning more about the exploits of Mr. Mipps, but on the whole, the book was a disappointment because it ended so abruptly. The daughter is off on a quest and we never learn the outcome. The mulatto is still on the loose and no one seems interested in finding him. We never learn why everyone hated the schoolmaster, and when Syn beats him up with a broken rum bottle in full view of the Captain and Jerry Jerk, he makes up a story that the mulatto did it and no one contradicts him. Finally, the last page says that Dr. Syn is leaving that evening for his "mission" and sometime in this last chapter, he is supposed to be killed, but the story ends very abruptly before the departure ever takes place. It is possible that my copy of the book is defective in that it is missing several pages of the last chapter, because other reviewers have noted misprints and other problems, but missing several pages is quite a big problem to go unnoticed by the printer's quality control people. Can anyone tell me if their copy ends with more information. Mine ends in the middle of page 161 and then there are three blank pages after that.
Russell Thorndyke was an entertaining storyteller and this novel--the first of a number featuring pirate/preacher Dr. Syn--is a lot of fun to read.

But, gee whiz, this edition is missing the last few chapters!!!! At first, I thought maybe I'd just gotten a defective copy, but I've noticed other reviewers complaining about this and the page count matches up to what is advertised.

This edition just seems to leave you hanging without resolving any of the several ongoing plot threads. I have no idea what Wildside Press was thinking of when they published it. Someone either made a sloppy mistake or a really bizarre and annoying editing decision.

Fortunately, this book is old enough to be in the public domain so I was able to access an electronic copy via Google Books and finish reading the story.

4 stars for a fun adventure story written in a quick, witty prose. 1 star for leaving off the gosh-darn ending!!!